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The Pope's Lunch


The Pope's Lunch

Seeking to make real his vision of "a church in the streets," Pope Francis - having visited Cuba, blasted economic inequality, suggested churches that don't act like churches should pay taxes, insisted climate change is a critical issue, and made his first appearance here in the back of a Fiat - will blow off Congressional leaders Thursday to have lunch with 300 of D.C.'s homeless. Thus does he fulfill his role as "a walking, talking parable."


I wonder when the Pope is sitting with the 300 D.C.'s homeless, will he think about the mega-billion palace he lives in, the one filled with treasures beyond price, and feel just a little bit guilty?


Perhaps you should consider he doesn't own it or that is has many uses beyond being where he and 800 others live http://www.vatican.va/news_services/press/documentazione/documents/sp_ss_scv/informazione_generale/sp_ss_scv_info-generale_en.html. If American Republican want to create their own religion that worships greed and money, fine, just stop pretending to adhere to other religions. "In God We Trust" is on American currency because that is the God of Americans the God they truly do worship, money is the only thing Americans have faith in (if that were not true, they would be shamed into changing the currency, it is just awful to put that on there).


Seems he is trying to be a Christian. I wonder when he will be crucified for his efforts.


So scientists have been providing studies and evidence about climate change for decades and they are ignored.

But some guy who believe in a make believe sky friend, who reads from a book that hates science, promotes slavery, rape, homophobia and genocide, who's church invests in corruption and environmental destruction, HE is the one people admire!

Also, he tells people to continue to have large families and ignore birth control. But he is the one who is the leader on climate change!

Also his information on climate change is wrong. He says there is still time to fix it. No, the CO2 is already in the atmosphere and there is not still time to fix that, especially if people keep having more kids without regard to resources.

Homeless people? yeah, that's ironic since the Vatican creates them.


Never. They have the best spin doctors in the world. This guy promotes large families, invests in corrupt corporations, ignores civil rights and suddenly he's the darling of progressives.

His information about climate change is wrong, and he never actually says what to do about it. He just mumbles a few words and everyone swoons.

He is a patriarchal leader who thinks women, gays, and other religions are less than him. He never did end the abuse of children, and once again mumbles a few words about "never again' and people believe him.

And on and on.... Commonndreams is pathetic for joining the bandwagon.


Christians believe in a book that supports slavery, rape, incest, misogyny, homophobia and all kind of other atrocities.

The history of the church is horrendous.

This guy supports having larger families, then condemns homelessness.

He mumbles about climate change, and never talks about what causes it.

I would say yes, he is being a Christian. Now can we stop admiring them?


Perhaps you should consider that his Vatican invests in corrupt corporations that destroy the environment.

That the pope supports larger families while condemning homelessness.

That he believes in a make believe friend who tells him that heterosexual Christian men are better than everyone else.

Perhaps you should actually read the bible and see all the atrocities it promotes.


It is a bandwagon, Discover. Ugh.
Thanks for trying to help those being carried along to connect some dots.
Supporting an imaginary worldview that keeps real women barefoot and pregnant is somehow consistent with eliminating poverty? Give me a break.


I cannot understand how Francis, who in Bolivia apologized for the Catholic Church for their legion of crimes against humanity committed on indigenous peoples, could then a few months later come to the U.S. and canonize the man native people hold most responsible for the genocide of entire tribes in California.

Rightly, Francis should have asked forgiveness of native peoples, on his knees in sack cloth and ashes, for the sins of Junipero Serra. By beatifying this horrible man, Francis, has rendered meaningless his words in Bolivia: “I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offense of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.”


VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis has decided not to move into the papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace, but to live in a suite in the Vatican guesthouse where he has been since the beginning of the conclave that elected him, said Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman.

"That he believes in a make believe friend who tells him that heterosexual Christian men are better than everyone else." Now, that is a convincing argument for atheism if I ever heard one. He never said such nonsense.


It wouldn't surprise me if he did feel guilty as a human being. Many foolish people see only the surface of things. The Pope is a temporary resident of the Vatican which is many centuries old. He like the president in the White House lives there but doesn't own the place. It is mainly a headquarters of course but it is also a museum.

Is this petty and mean spirited comment the only thing you could come up with to add to the discussion? I


Do you mind? You are as bad as the fundamentalists with your Old Timey Atheism. Maybe people like you should be called Fundamentalist Atheists because you keep trying to impose your beliefs on others.

You are insulting and rude not because of anything this person has said but because he is Pope (a priest in effect). You don't like religion and think that gives you the right to insult and demean anyone who has their beliefs. That is exactly like fundamentalists who are intolerant of others and always trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

Moreover you are a fatalist (maybe a defeatist?) in that you deride believing that the end is not at hand...lol. Geeze you really are a fundamentalist at heart...lol. The end is not near! There is time to fix it (before it becomes catastrophe).

You just spout sourness nothing more.

Man, you fundamentalists are really something. Try believing in freedom of religion and try remembering just how many progressive people (MLK and so many others) have been people of faith (and who had tolerance and respect for other people's beliefs... including yours).


Done now? The Pope is a complex human being running an ancient institution with a mixed record, which he is trying to bring into the 21st Century. The Pope is a major world leader speaking out about the excesses of capitalism, skyrocketing income inequality, and the plight of the poor. The Pope has clout. The Pope influences millions,and he has the power to influence moral outcomes around the world.I'm not a believer, but I like this guy. He's an improvement over Der Panzerkardinal, no? Pathetically yours, Flatman.


"Old Timey Atheism". Very good. Atheism, of course, is a valid position. But in the mouths of jerks like this guy, it becomes a cult, and is indistinguishable from other fundamentalisms. Like Seventh Day Adventism-or some forms of Marxism for that matter. A belief in God isn't required-just a a belief in a system and in one's moral superiority for such belief. We have all heard the same boring attack-dreck from guys like this for ever.Apparently they think they are revealing "The truth behind the lies which lie behind the truth", like the Bad Reporter in the SF Chronicle. What they reveal is their own lack of imagination.They spout their own blinkered scripture, and it sure ain't KIng James.


There is a conflict of interest involved and Francis is caught between the two. On one hand as we all have seen, he is an advocate of indigenous rights. Nevertheless he is also aware that Hispanics (particularly in the Southwest) have been very active in pushing for the canonization of Serra for many years.

To put it mildly, Serra wouldn't be the first saint who wasn't a 'saint'. Nevertheless although Serra's missions did so much harm to indigenous, he actually thought he meant well. Note should be made that the extermination of Native Americans was continuing at the hands of the military and that later these same missions saved many indigenous from the vigilante movement which actively hunted down and exterminated Californian Native Americans throughout the state.

So Francis who sees the (spanish) church in the Americas as a good thing wants to fast track a beatified candidate for sainthood in response to Hispanics.

The reality is that it was a brutal time for Native Americans and typically in an age of slavery that terrible things happened to people.

Serra was a self mortification practitioner which doesn't excuse his flaws but his state of mind was sure to have been affected.

In my opinion he shouldn't be a saint but then I am not a Hispanic and i feel a lot of people shouldn't be saints too ...lol. In fact in history a lot of people shouldn't be who they are (in our minds) like Jefferson and slavery and Washington who probably was better known for lying about stealing cherry trees (misappropriating land from the Native Americans and from veterans of the Revolutionary War who had been promised land that he stole). Richard the Lionhearted massacred cities, Columbus was a slaver and Caesar was not a nice guy!

Serra is a mixed bag as a person in truth. He wouldn't be the first person whose efforts ended up causing harm though that wasn't his original intention... 200 years ago.


They need to remember that freedom of religion is a right for everyone. No one is trying to convert anyone here ... except THEM. They are in fact the only ones who do try to convert, preach and overtly oppose the differing beliefs of others.

I bet they never think of Rev. Martin Luther King as a minister nor the Berrigan brothers as priests. Religion has inspired many progressives and likely far more than many recognize. We just accept people like Quakers and other churches and faiths at protest marches and expect them to be there.

It just bugs me that even though no one is trying to convert anyone (multi-faith interdenominationalists that we are...lol) they think they have the right to insult people's creeds and in fact try to convert others to their belief system.

And they are boring at it too... now that is a real sin in my book. :innocent:


I see, so you can't actually look at what the pope says and does, you are just to believe him because he's a priest.

You can't look at the book he promotes that supports rape, incest, slavery and other civil rights abuses. You can't look at his actual finances and the finances of the church. You can't look at the actual news about how he swept the pedophile cases under the carpet then let PR do the rest.

You can't look at his record on women and gays. Just know that he doesn't hate them as much as other religious leaders.

You can't question how he intends to end homelessness and at the same time tells people to have more children.

No that would make you a closed minded atheist and a fundamentalist.

Instead you should just watch the show and enjoy what you are being told. That makes you open minded and a caring person.

Do you mind? Because this is 2015. This is no magical friend in the sky talking to Frances and giving hi instructions on morality. And his church is corrupt, does incredible damage, but has enough money to put on a great piece of theater to make him look like a prophet.


No one is trying to convert anyone? Please. That is the history of Christianity. Believe or die.

How many gays and women have been abused and bashed because some religious person used their beliefs to justify it? How many wars have been fought in the name of this one true church?

It bugs me that you get swept up in the parade of how wonderful this guy is, but totally ignore the horrible abuse he causes.

But just for fun, how exactly does he intend to end homelessness while at the same time telling people to have larger families?

I have the right to insult an institution that invests in corrupt corporations that destroy the environment, that supports slavery, rape, genocide and misogyny.

But hey, enjoy the show. I'm sure the Vatican made a lot of money from it. Now they can buy some more expensive treasures for the endless orgies of greed they have there.


Yes, the history of Christian abuse. They meant well.

Gay people killed? They were just trying to save their souls.

Women abused, raped and tortured? They were just trying to help them know the true morality.

Other cultures destroyed? They meant well.

Total ignorance of science and the suppression of truth? They were just following their faith.

They meant well.

Please grow up.