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The Populist Insurgency is Ratcheting Up


The Populist Insurgency is Ratcheting Up

Jim Hightower

What an amazing Democratic primary season it was! And we now have this happy result: WE WON!


Dear Bernie, the youth of this country owe you huge (pardon the pun). Seriously, you have given them a vision for their future and I hope for their sake that they seize the opportunity. The Wolf Blitzers of this world cannot bury the vision for the youth don't care to watch such irrelevant drivel. I pray that they will grow among themselves leadership worthy of your legacy for you cannot and should not be expected to do it all. Thank you for your service, mon ami. You're a mensch!


The article stopped too soon! Hightower should have ended by saying, "Now to prove they mean business, all the Sanders supporters should vote Jill Stein and thus thumb their noses at Hillary and her evil minions."


...but where's Bernie???
I thought he was the leader.. he's now a DNC follower.


Bernie could have been remembered as one of the truly greats in American history, if he had run as the Green's presidential candidate. But now, much to the Democrats delight, he will be no more then a small footnote in history.

Though he might not have won the presidency, he could possibly have broken the two (really one) party system by strengthening the Greens and providing the nation with a viable alternative to the duopoly.

That is not to say that his efforts were wasted, but their effect has been greatly reduced by his endorsement of Hillary.

His future efforts in the senate may provide us with a few more progressive crumbs, but his incipient revolution has ended, unless its leadership can somehow be transferred to another.

Dump the dismal duopoly.
Jill Stein for president.


Any populist insurgency that has any kind of hope for success will have to be one totally free of the Democratic Party. Any suggestion that the Democratic Party can be reformed from within is just plain foolishness.


At least Hightower stops just short of urging readers to follow Sanders and endorse Clinton, but he does attempt a soft sell for Sanders and Sanders websites. Sanders can use any label he wants, but he is functionally a Democrat and he will NOT get my email address.

We can expect a continuing stream of watered-down Democratic party articles like this, now that the primary is over. CD is, after all, still largely dependent on mainstream Democratic liberals for donations and will never cross the line into serious discussions of third party politics outside of what seeps in with the comments section. CD's progressivism extends only to what is possible via establishment two party politics. You will never see authors or articles supporting Greens or any alternative party on this website.

Go Green.


In the interest of keeping my friends close and my enemies closer, I WILL allow the Sanders emails to keep coming.

I need to know what the opposition is doing in order to counter their actions.


Hey, teacher... The statement should read: "You're a mensch."

(Otherwise your represents something that belongs to someone else.)


The statement should read: Democrats' delight.

There is a possessive noun involved here.

"CD reader" (who may or may not be a separate poster) just so happens to post when you do and make the same grammatical error throughout his post:

"...to make the Sanders supporters feel ..."

It should read: Sanders' supporters.

Again, this is a possessive noun.

Jnestra also "just so happens" to make this same specific error:

"..soft sell for Sanders and Sanders websites."

Sanders' websites would be the accurate depiction.

Even Ray Del Camino, who's quite smart when it comes to economics and seldom falls into this trap (presuming it's the actual Ray posting this comment) shows the same mistake:

"I WILL allow the Sanders emails..."

How about Sanders' emails.

Essentially, since this "Progressive Site" features a number of first-up posters only too ready to slime Mr. Sanders (instead of understanding the nature of the power structure he came up against), when different screen names present the same faulty grammar... credence is lent to the premise that ONE poster is really utilizing various screen names to make this particular case.

Mistakes and accidents happen. But probability suggests that this is 1, or maybe 2 posters at most... acting as 4.


Thanks for the editorializing on the cheap. I owe you a coffee or tea...


Thank you Mr. Hightower. It is important that we realize what we've won and who put it all together to make it happen.
I will always love and support Bernie Sanders for his brilliance, bravery, and dedication to the people of this country. He is a hero in my mind.
On to the next hurdle. We can now count on millions more to stand up and get involved. With 13 million and rising.
I think Jill Stein is a great option for a third party although I wouldn't be closed to any third party that held real progressive ideas.
The Greens need help. They need 13 million behind them to shape them into a winning party. This country is finally ready for it. I feel sorry for Nader not being able to pull it off, he is a knowledgeable and devoted worker for the people, it just wasn't the right time yet. But it is now. We need to make it so.


I think Bernie has chosen the right course by sticking with the Democratic Party, warts and all, than endorsing the Green Party candidate. The "best" that the Green candidate can be this year is a spoiler candidate. Jill Stein cannot win. But she can steal votes from Clinton and help Trump get elected. I'm not in favor of that course.


This one poster, acting as one, stands corrected.

Please note that when writing numbers in a sentence it is proper to spell them rather than to write digits.


What we learned with Bernie is that the Democratic Party cannot be reformed. Berniecrats will become Partycrats. The only answer is a new 3rd party. Please don't waste your time and be fooled again, geesh.


Who's we, Jim?

Let's count back, shall we?

The part of all this that Hightower delivers rightly is that there is a victory for the left here, and potentially in the war rather than the battle. Pretty much nobody imagined that Clinton would have to stoop to such transparent fraud and manipulation in order to seal a nomination within a party she mostly owned. Few of us could have imagined the final numbers would render the fraud of the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, or CNN so grotesque and transparent.

Hightower is correct that this is true even though Sanders has goofed or sold out or caved to threats or whatever.

Clinton stole the Democratic nomination by defrauding Democratic voters and violating democratic process. This was not opposed within party officialdom aside from voters and delegates. However, Hightower's "we" manages to miss the elephant while both he and it are standing in the same kitchen. We is not Hillary Clinton nor Hillary Clinton supporters, or else it is not Democratic voters in general or "insistently democratic voters" in particular. Her victory is not our victory. If we are to insist on democracy, our vote is not her vote.

The question that remains is how the energy focused by Sanders' campaign can remain or become independent of the non-democratic Democratic Party that has just consolidated its position as the country's major organ of neoconservative and neoliberal politics.

Sanders has shattered most of what he accomplished by refusing to insist on democracy by being independent of the party, choosing to endorse his usurper instead.

The measure of how much awareness Sanders raised might be roughly taken by seeing how many people bolt to a third party by November.


Actions speak louder than words on a platform and Americans have a short attention span. All of Bernie's work could be lost unless he gets back in the race. Hillary is likely to lose as Bernie voters will not support her. He could get back in, run as an Independent and still win. If he does not, he and his revolution are likely to be relegated to the scrap pile of history by the opinion makers.


David Brock, the Clinton campaign's chief of trolls has received a post-convention budget boost to $6 million to spend trolling left of center sites such as CD. Be prepared for the onslaught.


Four more years of greenhouse gas buildup is about all that's been won, Jimbo.


DNC Hostage.