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The Possibility of Escape (A Note from Lexington Federal Prison)


The Possibility of Escape (A Note from Lexington Federal Prison)

Kathy Kelly

Editor's note: The author is currently serving a three-month sentence in Lexington Federal Prison in Kentucky for participation in an anti-drone protest.


This sagacious article proves that they may have incarcerated this peace angel’s body, but have not been able to incarcerate Kathy’s mind. Kathy Kelley has made this Federal prison a place of shame for the puerile people that sent her there.


While the Roman Catholic Church is busy about the canonization process for Dorothy Day (see: “The Catholic Worker”) our own contemporary “Dorothy Day” is found in this very Kathy Kelly - related to the Chicago Catholic Worker, among other affiliations, especially
“Voices for Creative Non-Violence” - which has brought Kathy to Afghanistan and Iraq
over the past several years. I encourage readers to read about and support her patriotic efforts to do things that we hope will help redeem all the carnage we have already caused
in the Middle East - and elsewhere - so we can again be proud to be called Americans.
Kathy Kelly’s work is the real deal as I see it! Cheers to her and all her friends who help
to make some of this healing work kappen. Love/peace, Elizabeth McGauley Sarfaty/ny


We have to be realistic. We have the policies chosen/supported by our middle class. This is a country that throws people in jail merely for the “crime” of being very poor. We’ve sold our souls to the authority state. America demanded, “Get tough on crime,” and in this land of freedom, we imprison a higher percentage of the population than any other nation. People must not protest. It is disruptive. Our duty is to “get up every morning, work hard, and play by all the rules” (and we aren’t the ones who make those rules). Right?