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The Post-Trump Era?


The Post-Trump Era?

Doug Henwood

How much longer can this go on? As I write this, PredictIt gives 71/29 odds that Trump will last the year, but it’s mighty tempting to buy the “no”—especially after the revelation that he asked Comey to shut down the Flynn investigation. (Disclosure alert: I bought 100 shares of “no” at $0.28.)


so many liberals and even leftists are taking dictation from the security state and throwing around words like “treason.” We can do better than this, can’t we? – NOPE


well written & documented


The potential for Trump to do harm is far worse than anything Pence would likely do. After all, Trump can be considered to be white supremacist and he has brought people with similar views into his administration. Groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis are wildly enthusiastic about Trump. Since Trump was elected the number of hate crimes has risen and many schools are seeing a large increase in bullying associated with Trump. Trump’s number one issue is immigration which means keep non-whites from immigrating here. He is also trying remove millions on undocumented Hispanics in an inhumane manner and has been succeeding to a large extent. His goal would seem to be to establish a white nationalist apartheid state. When is comes to world leaders his praise is reserved for dictators. The sooner Trump is out of office the better.


Glad you are on Common Dreams just now, Doug Henwood. Very refreshing to hear your take on this; the reanimation of the Cold War, related to the MIC and need for contracts and profits to continue, yes. And the bad reps of the security state conveniently forgotten or put aside for a moment, yes. And Pence could do more not less damage, (though the instability of #45 does cause anxiety). Anyway, Thank you Your comments about Dems and lack of progressive ideas, or any new ones, are similar to some of Robert Borosage’s piece today on CD.


I am not disputing anything you have said but I am curious about one thing. How could “removing millions [of] undocumented Hispanics” be done in a humane manner? Or are you saying that the act of trying to remove them itself is inhumane?


ILLEGAL ALIENS – let’s base any discussion on reality, for a change?


Trump looks like the clown he is, in that picture.
But Pence… now THAT’S one scary pair of eyes.


There’ll be celebrating in the streets

While Pence and party pop the champagne


Excellent article. It needed to be said.

The Democratic Party machine doesn’t seem to care if it loses. The usual suspects still run the show and the Big Money is rolling into both parties while the MSM racks up its “earnings”.

At least the orange one is more entertaining than the scold, less prone to nuclear war with Russia and hated by his own party’s neocons. Pence on the other hand, is the GOP that Chomsky calls “The most dangerous organization in human history”.

Direct Democracy


You and I are illegal aliens.


wow please watch


I haven’t read
your posts since the dem. primaries…guess u r here to stay…


One very effective presentation- Kudos to you icotler! (I understand that you made this video)

We have sat back and watched this nation creep so far to the right towards totalitarian fascism, it is scary to contemplate A future- Especially since the growing trend towards artificial intelligence in robots-When the common man no longer has A purpose… It is just insane…


“illegal aliens”???
I always thought “aliens” were from outer space-
You must be A Cherokee, or an Apache, or Yute, Arapaho, Mexican, or A member of one of the many aboriginal Native Tribes- Because if you are NOT, then you are the worse kind of immigrant!


deleted for privacy concerns-


Yup, I’m glad to see Henwood on here and I hope he will continue to offer his insightful columns. Both of these assholes, Trump and Pence, are appalling in different ways. However, while Trump is a narcissistic, bumbling clown, Pence is a cold, heartless, calculating “Christian” extremist. His tenure in Indiana was so awful that his Republican replacement, Holcomb, actually rescinded some of his regressive political legislation. Pence is the kind of extremist that Sinclair Lewis had in mind when he wrote “It Can’t Happen Here”. He is probably thinking about what he would do as the president right now as he stands in the background and watches the Trump Train go off the rails.


BTW, here’s a fun fact for the Trumpanzees and their $21 billion wall fantasy. From 2009 to 2012 more people moved TO Mexico and Central America than people who came FROM there. I wonder when Mexico is going to out up their own wall to keep the gringos out.


Surprise, Surprise!
Who let this globule of sanity onto the smarmy CommonDreams site???
Good on you Doug!
Have been following this writer’s writing for decades…
He makes most of the rest of the articles on contemporary politics read like junk writing!
Thank you Doug!


The only thing that keeps Pence from being and out and out fascist is his wife.