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The Poverty-Fighting President of My Dreams


The Poverty-Fighting President of My Dreams

Greg Kaufmann

In my dream, the next president is an anti-poverty president because he or she knows deep down that the way we think about poverty in America is wrong, the way we treat people in poverty is wrong, and therefore what we do about poverty is more off the mark than need be.


With most of the media ignoring her, lets thank Greg for shining a positive light on Green Party POTUS candidate Jill Stein, a candidate who will reverse the corporate control of gubmit that pushes more Murkins into poverty each day.


The president of my dreams is the president who once elected, immediately stands down and permit people power to exercise democracy.


2 weeks before the election, stop playing word games already ...
... and NAME the candidate who comes closest to your ideal!

... sounds like Stein to me.