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'The Power Is Literally in Your Hands': Biden Ties Georgia Runoff Races to $2,000 Relief Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/power-literally-your-hands-biden-ties-georgia-runoff-races-2000-relief-checks


80% of the constituents want medicare for all, the Democrat leadership tells us all to go f#ck ourselves, and the rest of the elected contingent ratifies it.

Why support a party that not only doesn’t fight for your interests, but wont even allow your interests to have a vote?

It’s now clearly a battle between the People’s Party, and the Democratic-Republican uni-party. Which side are you on, yours, or the other one?


Good on Biden. He knows how much even a bare Senate majority may matter, particularly with one side of it featuring Jim Crow aficionados, to successful governance. Democrats will have to do something about the filibuster though. Time to pick up the rules on reconciliation again I guess.

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“Jim Crow aficionados” ?

More like neofeudal or return to slavery “afictionados”.


First you starve them, then you bribe them. $2000 is peanuts.

I still hope the Dems get elected in Georgia, because once they have the Senate majority and then do nothing, they will be exposed as the empty corporate suits that they are.


Joe lying and bribing voters. DISGUSTING. This is so sick and it will get much worse in America from here on out. Complete corruption in politics. The oligarchs won.


Thanks for being the first to mention “bribery.” That’s what it is plain and simple. Symptomatic of the rot in our political system.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it should have been 2K a month to citizens since the start of the pandemic, like other civilized countries around the world. But to dangle it as a bribe to get people to vote democratic, well, that’s worthy of Trump, except it’s Biden offering the bribe. Then again, who knows better than the fine art of taking money for political favors than the democrats.


$2000.00 should be sent out every 2 weeks to every one in Amerika except the 1%. If Thailand can send 50% of those laid off then the suppose richest country in the world can


That works too!

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Hmmm. Why emphasize $2000 relief checks? The effort works.

US federal deficit is 3.3 trillion dollars; it was 580 billion when the trump started. Despite the deficit, the trump found at least 60 billion to bribe rural American farmers, since the trump got snookered on all of his trade deals. Bribery worked for the trump here in Iowa, and he won this state.

Based on my experience, the effort works. The naysayers can give their checks to a charity, if they’re that upset.


Both republicans in this race have committed their support to the $2,000 relief checks. Democrats should be a given, most republicans are not. Remember too, it was democrats that refused the public the $1,200 stimulus checks in October, and they may just do so again next time around–whenever the hell that might be. We’d be on a third stimulus check now if not for democrats.


And if GA elects Republicans no checks?
There you go. Classic Biden. Go to hell you useless ancient grifter.


This is 100% not true. Democrats passed two bills that gave every adult $1200 and an additional $1200 for each dependent. That is $4800 for a family of four. Moreover, they broadened the definition of “qualifying child” from the CARES Act language to the word “dependent” in the HEROES Act to ensure maximum coverage of the stimulus payments (Title I, HR 6800). What they did not do was agree to language in a $1.8 trillion offer floated by the Treasury Secretary. Why? Mnuchin demanded corporate liability protections that would have undermined unemployment benefits in many states while McConnell refused to negotiate at all. This was the right call. As I noted at that time, the same progressive influencers pushing “just take a deal” would’ve been outraged had Pelosi agreed to that language, which McConnell certainly would have demanded in the just-passed Covid relief bill.


Did he say that? And why isn’t he right? If McConnell maintains the Senate, why would he suddenly do what he has steadfastly refused to do for months, bring larger stimulus payments to the floor?


No, that was the rethuglikkkans doing… Memory Check


What??? Only a few days ago, 41 Democratic senators, led by Schumer and Kamala Harris, blocked Bernie Sanders’ attempt to bring the clean House bill for $2K checks to the Senate floor for a vote, and it was clear that Biden was not in favor of the checks.

Millions of people who are going hungry and are facing eviction desperately need those checks, which could have been being rushed out right now, had the Democratic senators not pulled the rug out from under Bernie Sanders again.


that’s just it: the 2k thing a bipartisan bribe going both directions. no one’s especially serious about it except for a handful of decent pols (and they exist in both parties, btw). but every time there’s a chance to leverage the legislative process in order to advance so-called progressive policy, both parties overwhelmingly throw in the towel and then proceed to blame the other.

the NDAA leverage would likely have worked–no way they can override the veto without most Dems on board. That was the party’s moment to prove it actually believed its own bullsh*t. They failed. Again. Spectacularly.


This literally did not happen. Sanders was trying to bring attention to Mitch McConnell’s refusal to consent to bringing the House resolution to the floor. So, Sanders refused consent to bring the defense budget to the floor. He said he’d keep the Senate in session through New Years, which is exactly what he did. What enabled him to do this was the fact that there weren’t enough Republican Senators present for McConnell to adjourn, or file for cloture. Once there were enough Senators present, McConnell filed for cloture so the defense budget, which includes pay raises for military personnel and a provision that forces shell companies to disclose their ownership, could move to consideration. Keep in mind, if the bill didn’t pass, the pay raises are gone and whole new bill has to be negotiated in the new congressional session. That means leverage works the other way—Democrats get blamed for blocking raises for months.

The real leverage wasn’t the defense budget, but the Georgia elections. The reason any Covid relief passed at all was to protect McConnell’s majority. Sanders (and Schumer) even offered him votes on his election fraud commission and Section 230, but McConnell objected. He and his caucus simply oppose additional stimulus checks.


That’s simply not true. The leverage was the Georgia elections. They are why McConnell agreed to pass any Covid relief at all, to preserve his majority. The leverage had zero to do with the NDAA. In fact, any leverage associated with the NDAA was gone on New Years, the last full day of the session. The bill disappears once the session ends if it is not passed. That means the leverage you perceive was on the exact days McConnell continued to refuse to bring the House resolution to the floor.

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You don’t get out much, do you?