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The Power of a Transformative City


The Power of a Transformative City

Sol Trumbo, Nick Buxton

“The local was where democracy was born; it is now where we will recover it.”

“the feminization of politics, beyond its concern for increasing presence of women in decision-making spaces and implementing public policies to promote gender equality, is about changing the way politics is done.”


Consider scales of economy placed upon a Bell Curve. At the far ends of the curve, least efficient, are ‘global’ and ‘local’ economies. Toward the high point of the curve, most efficient, are ‘regional’ and ‘State’ economies. Metropolitan area ‘regional’ economies (cities) are consists of many ‘local’ (neighborhood) economies which alone are too small to take advantage of mass production. At the opposite end of the curve, the global economy loses the efficiency gains of mass production in the longest distance transport. Assuming that motorized transport and travel are at currently unsustainable levels and are degrading to natural environs and human habitation, without the ability to maintain the global economy, the lesser scales of economy must be ready to function with much less long-distance transport including luxury air travel for vacation and business trips considered a part of our currently unsustainable global economy.


Thank you so much for this positive, life changing article. It gave me hope in a world that sometimes feels hopeless.

Thank you.