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The Power of Beam


The Power of Beam

Joining the techies and pitchers of gizmos at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was Edward Snowden in a surprise "telepresence" appearance - next to the U.S. Army booth - via his trusty robot Beam. Snowden, whose earlier use of Beam has been touted as "a profound response to exile,” praised "the power of Beam, or more broadly (of) technology," to subvert government, noting, "The FBI can’t arrest a robot.”


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Does anyone else notice the inverse relationship between the destruction of the life-sustaining biosphere and the increased focus upon virtual reality and its high-tech derivatives and expressions?


There's a whole subculture of techies, scientists and aficionados who believe we will pretty soon be able to literally upload ourselves and take a new non-corporeal form.


Assuming civilization and technology don't crash soon, we're not at all far from a time soon when ther WILL be robots that look sound and feel exactly like humans. But isn't "Beam" cute?

Instead of Beam, there could soon be a robot that would - from the experience of the audience - be indistinguishable from Snowden.

i'm sure the FBI is working on arrest protocols...


Ya know Siouxrose, I will always read your comments because they contain factual info, and this is no different, except even when the outcome might contain an aspect of support or compassion for a complicated situation, you chose to 'rain on the parade'. Yes, we have phkd over this planet to the point possibly of no return, and if we have, we need to let whatever sunshine fall on the folks that would have a peaceful world. Have a great day.