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The Power To Do Anything, Because In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/11/power-do-anything-because-patriarchy-no-one-can-hear-you-scream


I wish Solnit had been as tough on Hillary writing off her husband’s accusers as “bimbos” as she is on Republicans. The blue team/red team blind spots are just tragic.


Yet another face in the news that brings revulsion.

Belonging to another twisted individual that ruins lives with only his own pleasure in mind.


“Digustingly inconsequential consequences”
Yup, that sums Epstein’s one year cushy deal perfectly.


Solnit’s article on Epstein and rich male privilege is worth a read regardless.


But, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express “only 4 times” (actually 27 times); so, he deserves no mention within this article; although, Bill Clinton was a “President” also, wasn’t he? – Oh…never mind…me forgets…Billy boy’s a Democrat…how forgetful of me…


I don’t wish Solnit had been as tough.

Because it’s one thing to have extramarital affairs and lie about them.

It’s quite another to rape teenage girls.

They are not equivalent.

But your point is typical of someone devoted to bashing Hillary and Bill at every opportunity.


Someone should compare and contrast the way Epstein was treated by the justice system when credibly accused on pedophilia and the way Kalief Browder was treated when falsely accused of stealing a backpack.


Bill settled out of court for many hundreds of thousands of $$ with women who accused him of sexual assault. And apparently, he flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” many times. In the run up to November, Hillary couldn’t bring up Trump’s “pussy grabber” tape, lest she remind voters of her husband’s exploits.

It’s easy to bash Hill and Bill: just point out the truth…


Ed, the men that do this are straight up sex and power predators.
They have lots of money and more importantly, connections to protect themselves.

The catholic church has, by far, had/has the most sickening record of exploitation of youth predation on the planet. Yup, high profile deacons, bishops and gasp, cardinals on up to the popes.

Clinton? A dumbass mo’fo, but, his sexual (mis)deeds were at least with adult women not children (that we know of so far) …and he was in the company of Epstein and on his infamous private jet numerous times.
Pointing out ‘jewish-ness’ in this matter seems to me to be a special agenda of yours and I find it rather troubling.
Again, the category that describes this disgusting sexual behavior is Sexual Power Predator.


Interesting to say the least. This case against Epstein and Trump was filed just less than 2 months before the 2016 presidential election.

It is pretty clear that the HRC campaign would have known about this case but didn’t say a word about it. This could have sunk the Trump win. Why didn’t HRC use this against Trump in her campaign?

The plot thickens…

Does anyone know what happened to this case? Was it settled out of court or what?


I’ll do some research what happened to this case. As to HRC: They probably have some dirt on her and as it goes with our duopoly, birds of a feather etc…


The cases were pulled because of death threats. It’s in the story below.


I’ve never heard of Andrew Kreig, but Wayne Madsen, his partner, has a reputable reporting background.

The first big question in the Epstein case is who told Acosta to back off, when he bargained the first deal.


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of the death threats.


There’s a story at Moon of Alabama on the 13th that speculates how Epstein made his money. He’s not known by other traders as doing much in the market. So the theory is he blackmailed the wealthy he was able to film with underage girls, and had them make “investments” in his hedge fund as payment. If the theory is correct, it will sit there gaining interest, until he gets out.
Sorry for no link, but for some reason MoA’s site never works for me. The story is in “the week in review” section.
There are some alt. theory’s in the comments, with links, if anyone’s interested.


Plaintiff dropped the case, and her lawyer claimed she did so because of receiving death threats. It all sounded pretty outlandish at the time, but now seems quite credible.


Yes, there is a difference between a consensual affair and a rape. But Bill Clinton was also credibly accused of rape, which was the rocket fuel behind his impeachment.
Also, and I know I will anger people when I say this, that the Democratic Party presaged the Trump phenomenon when they cut Bill Clinton a pass on his sexual behavior. By turning a blind eye to the sexual abuses of a popular president, the party effectively lowered the bar for what would be acceptable from a president. That made it easier for so many Republicans to now stand by Donald Trump.
Back in the 1990’s, when President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton attended the wedding of Trump to Marla Maples, I was incensed. As the mother of a small girl, I was concerned with the moral laxity manifested by this tacit endorsement of Trump’s adulterous affair with Maples, which everyone knew had commenced while he was still married to to his first wife and the mother of his 3 oldest children. For the president of the United States to attend that wedding seemed to be telling the country that this behavior was OK. Lo and behold, twenty-odd years later when we wring our hands over Trump and his pals, we should remember how we got here.


You are not responding to my point, which is as follows: extramarital affairs and pedophilia, at least in my book, are not equally abhorrent crimes.

The former involves questionable behavior among adults, perhaps even consensual behavior. The latter involves adults abusing children in the worst way.

By your response, I assume you make no distinction between the two. Sin is sin?

Now if Bill actually committed pedophilia, then he and J Epstein are part of a very evil club, in which Epstein may eclipse Bill insofar as Epstein actively trafficked the victims. What is more likely is that Bill cheated with adults on those planes. You may know from reporting that Epstein gave his friends a menu and that under-aged girls were one of several options, albeit Epstein’s primary option according to Trump’s “on the young side” quote.

Of course many famous and powerful politicians have been guilty of extramarital affairs, starting with JFK, still a Dem hero to millions. While I would not excuse the behavior, I would suggest that most people’s condemnations of the Clintons are, at best, inconsistent.

And of course ordinary people seem to excuse this sort of behavior with most celebrities and athletes. I know very few people who boycott “artists” and “athletes” because they do drugs, cheat on their wives, overindulge themselves with mansions and jewelry and cars, etc.

I don’t like Bill. He was a corporate Dem who hurt the working poor.

But I think too many people choose to pile on Bill and Hillary because they can’t admit that they made a historically MAJOR mistake by not voting for Hillary over the most destructive and corrupt POTUS in history.

Another distinction that I make that too many “progressives” seem unable to make.


In my book, there is a difference between raping an adult and raping a child.

Obviously, it is a terrible scale to measure but I would say raping a child is worse.

I would agree that Bill got a pass from the electorate in the 90’s, which included Dems, for his sexual abuses and indiscretions. I would also agree that attending Trump’s wedding to Maples lowered the bar.

That said, the bar is very, very low in America.

Do we need to reference movies, television and youtube?

Jerry Springer and cornerstore porn? Rambo and Chris Kyle? Charles Manson and Ted Bundy? Insider trading and mortgage fraud? Crips and Bloods and hardcore rap? Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart? Gulf War I and Gulf War II? Vietnam and Korea? Death squads in Central America and assassinations in South America? Enron and Worldcom? Emmett Till and MLK? Sandra Bland and Kalief Browder? Sandy Hook and Columbine. Madonna and Kim K? Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson? The KKK and the Tea Party?

Where to start and stop? It’s overwhelming.

The sad truth is that Bill Clinton was more reflection than root, as is Trump.

The nation had a bad choice in 2016 and chose the greater of two evils, proudly.

The choice will not be as gray in 2020.

At that time, the answer to the following question should be clear.

Did a good nation make a bad choice or did a bad nation make a good choice?