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The Pragmatic Left Is Winning


Oh, I don’t know. Might be fake news. Where’s the remote? Ah! Next to the beer. NASCAR’s on…


I’d have to disagree vehemently with your take on Democratic Socialism. Never at any point have any of the leaders like Mr. Sanders made any suggestion or implication that classical socialism is their objective. You seem to have picked this statement out of thin air for whatever motives you may have.


Was it Kimmel whose people tried to get passersby to name five countries on a map of the world? The video showed some really, really ignorant people who couldn’t even recognize the US although at the end one kid went through and got almost every country in the world.


Now that many years have passed since the McGovern and Mondale debacles the left is testing the waters again in the Democratic Party. Perhaps with the middle class now shrinking and economic problems increasing in the lower economic levels there be much greater success then when the middle class was increasing but the left was mainly concerned about those near the bottom of the economic latter. However, concurrently there is sort a political vacuum in the center right. With the Republicans having shifted far right to white supremacy and fascism no major political party really represents the center right at all. This has led to some movement toward a center right third party. However, it also represents an opportunity for the Democrats to expand into the center right. The party would then be stronger on the left and stronger on the center right, with the center left losing some its influence that it has maintained for years. Given he shift of the Republican Party toward autocracy it would seem that some sort of political realignment has to take place. The old Republican conservatives versus Democratic liberals paradigm just doesn’t really exist anymore. It would seem to be a fluid situation that some people will be able to take advantage of.


And so?


I think Clinton followed your reasoning. Unfortunately.


That’s why we don’t even touch a NYT newspaper. Yuck.


I would be a bit more optimistic if the “left” actually stood for a fundamental change in the economic structure of society rather that will o’ the wisp hopes of passing legislation to regulate the excesses of capitalism and transform it into “compassionate capitalism”.

Eugene Debs explains it a bit better than myself

“You do not need the capitalist. He could not exist one second without you. You would begin to live without him. You DO everything. Some of you imagine that if it was not for the capitalist you would have no work. Really he does not employ you at all. You employ him to take from you what you produce, and he sticks faithfully to his job. If you can stand it – he can – and if you don’t change it – he won’t.” - Eugene Debs


The GOP and its media shills regularly conflate Socialism with Communism, which has no representation in any western democracy. So let’s stick to basics. Democratic Socialism is Democracy + Capitalism + universal health care. Even our close neighbor Canada runs on it. That’s not fake news.


“Pragmatic” “dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations” - sounds like political weasel talk…

Hows that “pragmatic” BS workin out for ya Ms Goldberg? Its NOT workin out for me and millions of others who have been stabbed in the back too many time by the “pragmatic” DINO establishment sellout scum! back to the drawing board Michelle…maybe this time you can come-up with more than BS propaganda for the DP!

The DP elite roll-back of their commitment to ban fossil-fuel corporate-cash bribes proves once again the DP “leadership” cannot to be trusted, or voted-for, or given ANY goddamn respect! Gee, trump pulls-out of Paris and nuke deals, and the DINO’s pull-out of their “deals” - so much for integrity and moral commitment!

The Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, et al, wing of corporate whores and a corrupt DNC led by Obama’s chosen whore Uncle -Tom Perez are utter failures, promoting more of the same loosing “strategy” they adopted over the last 20 years! “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”…stupidity, seeking personal wealth, corruption, and arrogance are the answers to the “why”…nowhere does integrity or moral compass, or concern for the Common Good enter into their perfidy!!

ALL progressive, 99%, earth-saving issues betrayed and sold-out by these “pragmatic” swine…enough!


Independent green socialists are glad when any candidate who campaigns for peace and justice wins.

Greens have worked 30 grueling years to reach ballot access in forty-five states. Democrats and republicans have united to fight independent green socialists in every state.

The time has come for tens millions of unregistered citizens to register as un enrolled and non partisan. Vote for anyone who is green or might as well be green.

And if you don’t have a green candidate from any party; write in None of the Above. Laws will be written to stop the tens of millions of new voters from finding out what they did. Polling places will be closed. Stand in long lines designed to stop you from voting. Talk to each other for hours.

How many branches should the new real democracy have? Should one branch remain outside government as a guardian of liberty, freedom and reality? Talk it over while democrats and republicans unite to keep you from voting.


Republicans have not opposed the Green Party’s access in elections. They have on occasion promoted GP candidates. In fact, recently arrested arrested Chris Collins created a fake GP candidate of his own to undercut a Democratic opponent.


Democracy and capitalism are absolutely incompatible. This definition is historically and linguistically inaccurate.


Misguided people like you will lead us to ruin if enough follow.


Bullshit. Capitalism that allows great inequality is the problem. It does not have to be that way unless people don’t care or are too ignorant or stupid.


Yeah, I was a San Francisco Giants fan and most of my friends were for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


And so, it appears, you’re comfortable with the D/R duopoly violating our Constitutional rights of speech, association and due process in service to empire and oligarchy.

Got it.


Meanwhile, in the real world, here’s what’s happening:

Let’s keep yelling at Democrats because millions of Americans don’t want their local bases closed. Every time the BRAC proposes closing bases, let alone comes to visit them, it was and is met by swift opposition, which is why Congress basically defunded it.

It sucks, but the reality is a lot of social spending in this country is through the “defense” moniker. Only time can change that, if it can. In the meantime, there is a congressional election coming that matters a ton if you want to preserve Medicaid expansion and care about real, actual corruption. Otherwise, let’s continue finding reasons why we should keep the hard right in charge of our country, letting them set the agenda, while we squabble over things they are happy to watch us argue over.


Who are you registered under now?