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The Predatory Presidency


The Predatory Presidency

Roy Eidelson

The season premiere of BBC America’s Planet Earth II includes remarkable footage from the desolate Galapagos Islands. In one striking scene, baby marine iguanas race across the sand, desperately trying to elude dozens of snakes eager for their next meal. Although such stark life-or-death struggles are difficult to watch, it helps to remember that they reflect nature’s dynamic balance.


Here - the last decent president speaks:


If Roosevelt had prosecuted the one's that tried this in the 30's we wouldn't still be fighting them now. The problem is that both parties are guilty of succumbing to the corporate overlords.
Trumps rise is no surprise as they say. Until we build a movement to jail these treasonous individuals we will never be free of them and their paranoia.


How about if Bush and then Obama had jailed these pieces of crap? In the 1980s a large group of fraudsters in the savings and loan industry were tried and went to jail. and Reagan was president!


Maybe a large group of the small fraudsters but Neil Bush of the largest savings and loan fraud/scam got off with "community service." The big boys lost neither time nor money...although they may have paid large sums to their attorneys to keep the wolves away from their doors.


Is Neil of That Bush family? I always enjoy hearing from you. BTW, an intern at one of the congressional offices dug up a CNN article that stated that at least 35 bankers from the 2008 crash had gotten major ( over 20 year sentences). I have not found the article. I asked if they had been the big CEOs not the small fry, and he said at least one CEO ( from the Bank of Norfolk VA ) had gotten over 20 years. He could not find info on whether any of the NY bankers had gotten any sentences. Too little and much too late, but at least its something.


Recall that John McCain (R-AZ) was one of the Keating five, complicit with some of the most egregious S and L scandal activities.

During Bill Clinton's 8 years that followed the S & L scandal all the illegal activities that landed S & L era bankers in jail were decriminalized (corporations, their media and politicians called it deregulation) so that the banksters that crashed the economy in 2008 were no longer criminals so Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 trillion in bailout schemes and enabled the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks to control 50% of US bank assets today compared to 25% in 2008.

Trump's predecessors loaded the cannon. All Trump needs to do is fire it.


Absolutely the last decent president!


Reagan was President, but Democrats controlled Congress, and the judiciary still contained many Democratic appointees. Many of the older Republicans at the time were moderate-to-slightly liberal
by today's standards, such as they are!


And fie it he will! Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will help him aim it (at us)!


Correction: And fire it he will.


We have to wonder where did this bunch of pitchfork wielding wing nuts come from? They used to be the laughingstock.


Just got this from my wife - thought I'd "pass it on down":