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The Presidency As Grifting and Golfing


The Presidency As Grifting and Golfing

In less than shocking news, the Grifter-In-Chief is still at it with a tawdry vengeance. Not only did he just spend his 100th day at one of his over-priced golf courses - never mind shootings, trade wars, nuclear standoffs - but his feckless minions have ordered dozens of tee markers for the courses emblazoned with the Presidential seal, which is illegal in order to fend off any scumbags who might want to pimp out the Presidency. Oh wait. Too late.


I hope that, once confiscated, these disks will be used to mark the cells at Club Fed for the miscreants for whom Mueller manages the staycation plans.


So this is against the law - does anyone have any doubts whatsoever that no charges will be filed, and this, like so many others, will just quietly be ignored? More and more and more precedents being established that put the President above the law. Hmm…I wonder where this will eventually put the Presidency?


‘Staycation’ - terrific linguistic twist.

I have long thought that ‘vacation’ as something that people are supposed to ‘look forward to’ is a word that flips the bird at collective society by its very existence and use. Think about it… you ‘vacate’ who and what you are and do ‘for a living’ to go somewhere to do something to restore your capacity to go back to it. One of the truly revealing (at the same time veiled) mind-f()@$ of predatory capitalism.


Unless you do the work that you love then it hardly seems like work at all. The trouble is many people are not doing it that way. More like the story of how I learned to love the bomb.