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The "President" Is A Loathsome Sociopath Who Has Done Even More Damage Than We Knew, So Mueller Please Hurry

The "President" Is A Loathsome Sociopath Who Has Done Even More Damage Than We Knew, So Mueller Please Hurry

It took the White House all day to come up with an ostensible defense for its sick narcissist's claim the Democrats just imagined all those dead people in Puerto Rico - he's responding to "misinformation" - but the uproar came fast and fierce, with many counseling he get help, stop lying, resign or fuck off. Meanwhile, in the wake of his crossing yet another unthinkable line, others cited the often little-noted carnage our inept clown's already done in P.R., Texas, North Carolina and God knows where else.

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Lead, follow or get out of the way. I fear the lack of humility and compassion being displayed. What will happen to us all after Florence calms down to the point where we can start to see what needs to be done? More tax cuts?

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Trump’s youthful exposure to Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” combined with Roy Cohn’s advice to never ever admit to a fault has created his delusional self and behaviors.

  1. Always believe and say great things about yourself and your actions. This will lead to even greater results and people’s belief and confidence in you (Unsung success of response to Puerto Rico, Largest inauguration crowd ever, Stable genius, etc.).

  2. Never admit to being wrong. Always blame bad things on some other person or entity (Democrats, Media, HRC, Jeff Sessions and on and on).

This combination will continue to escalate the damage, injury and death to the common weal and the world in general. His ego demands more and more attention and affirmation each day, which demands bigger and bigger actions with worse and worse results he’ll blame on someone other than himself.

He breaks his oath of office each day in pursuit of his self-interested, egoistic delusions and therefore needs to be removed from office immediately before he can do anymore catastrophic damage to the office, to the USA and the world.


Regardless of Trump’s exposure to anyone’s ideas in his youth or later on, his main problem is that he is a malignant narcissist, sociopath and criminally insane. None of these are either learned behavior or fixable. They can only be addressed by recognition, evaluation and incarceration.

Keith Hernandez sez: “Fuck this fucking fuck and everyone who voted for him and enables him.”

I cannot improve on such oratorical eloquence; only note the latter group includes the entirety of the administration, much of the Hill, and most, if not all, of K Street.


He raised BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Puerto Rico. How? And where are those billions? Why haven’t those Puerto Rican ingrates even bothered to thank him?

Can his base not hear the lies. He just LIES & LIES $ LIES.
Are we all so stupid we just believe his every word?

He is a truly DISGUSTINGLY CREEPILY poor example of a human (sic) being.