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The President Is a Ponzi Scheme


The President Is a Ponzi Scheme

John Feffer

In 1993, I arrived one fall evening in the Romanian city of Cluj. The railway station was mysteriously full of people, and the city outside was crowded and frenetic. I was mystified. Why did this rather obscure Transylvanian outpost suddenly seem like New York City?


Right on all counts, Mr. Feffer! We are being swindled by a con man. The long-term effects of our national delusions and gullibility will be very painful, and will persist long after these folks “take the money and run”.


I’ve revisited a 2009 article - a manifesto actually - and seen it in a new light - the “Splinterlands” light if you will.

I urge any who dare - to read it - for it suggests that the real bubble is civilization itself.

“Uncivilization”, written by Paul Kingsworth & Dougald Hine (2009) - link below ~

excerpt - Part III - last paragraph:

“We tried ruling the world; we tried acting as God’s steward, then we tried ushering in the human revolution, the age of reason and isolation. We failed in all of it, and our failure destroyed more than we were even aware of. The time for civilisation is past. Uncivilisation, which knows its flaws because it has participated in them; which sees unflinchingly and bites down hard as it records — this is the project we must embark on now.”



I am reminded also of Fridjitof Nansen’s address to St Andrew’s University, 3-November-1926. Nansen seems to have been a Dark-Mountain writer even then - decades before the Manifesto called “Uncivilization” was written:

“The first great thing is to find yourself, and for that you need solitude and contemplation, at least sometimes. I tell you deliverance will come not from the rushing, noisy centers of civilization. It will come from the lonely places ! The great reformers of history have come from the lonely places… !”


And so now I understand why my friend the Buddhist Zen Master in China thought so much of my seven year sojourn in the mountains of western North America. Finally I understand what I was doing there - on so many solo climbs as well as with my small group of mountaineers.

Now I understand why my mountaineering mentors did what they did - Bill Tilman, Tenzing, Maurice Herzog, Gaston Rebuffat, Reihhold Messner, Ueli Steck and Simone Moro… They were instinctively rejecting civilization - and finding peace, honor, beauty - and real challenge- ‘away from the rushing, noisy centers of civilization’ - just as I was.

It’s why I believe in space exploration - it is our nature.

Politics - endless war - is also our birthright - for better or worse.

But when collapse comes - we will need those men and women who can deal with uncertainty decisively and effectively.

I am not sure that this is something to look forward to for most.

But for me - it is OK - I am not afraid.


And let us not forget all the cowardly Republicans in Congress that know Trump is a fraud and con man, but who are nevertheless working overtime to push through their toxic agenda before Trump is gone. They’re cashing in every bit as much as the rest.


The analogy of a Ponzi scheme is fitting, especially to those who invest in it for really no good reason, but we should expect herr Twitler’s reign of terror to be closer to the standard ‘boom and bust’ capitalism and the establishment of business monopoly control over production, distribution and institutional services. Herr Twitler and his merry band of racist warmonger pigs intend to retain control even as living conditions worsen for the rest of us. To repeat my worst fear, Trump, the GOP and world leaders are planning WWIII. There’s no other way the world’s elite can continue to enjoy life’s most opulent luxuries without addressing over-population in the worst way imaginable. Trump is Hitler reincarnated.


The US empire and western civilization are both Ponzi schemes. Everything we do is turned into a Ponzi scheme because our treatment of the biosphere puts an expiration date on our existence as a coherent society.

We need to insist on a radical change in every aspect of life.


sad we all see it , we cant do shit about it…


Trump, the biggest con since Obama … and it all just goes on and on…


That is right. I have been telling my liberal friends this since this joker announced his campaign. He is not Hitler, he is P
T Barnum.