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The President Isn't Orange. He's Yellow.


The President Isn't Orange. He's Yellow.

Michael Winship

Our president is a coward.

This may not come as news to you.

But as we cascade toward the latter half of his first and, God hope it, only term, Donald Trump’s craven fearfulness is worth a reminder simply because of its vast continuing implications for our country and the world.

Of course, there’s the surface narcissistic indifference and insensitivity to others, in particular his disregard for members of the military and veterans, despite his many tweeted proclamations of support and gratitude.

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Everything in the news relates to Trump’s abuse of power and placing restrictions on the press.

Please take a few minutes to watch this interview between Chris Hedges and the Editor of Consortium News.


Despite all his flaws, Trump remains a leader of the white supremacists in the US.


I agree until the last paragraph; what is the basis for asserting Putin is totalitarian?

What would our relations with Russia and the rest of the world be like if the pentagon did not so desperately need enemies?


I thought the yellowness was because of his hair weave.


Decades of legal manipulation at the will of lawmakers has thwarted any possibility of justice.
We are totally fucked.