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The President Plays with Matches


The President Plays with Matches

Rebecca Gordon

And the whole world burns.

"The crazy comes so fast and furious these days, it’s easy to forget some of the smaller brushfires." (Photo: Getty)


Ever the conman/showboat, Trump never leads. He ALWAYS says/does what he thinks the audience desires–his audience (base), that is. The voices in his head are in charge and they are fickle as fuck. As one who really doesn’t give a flying flip about what others think of me, I find it hard to relate to his behavior. I do, however, find it extremely dangerous, as do so many others. His election speaks volumes about the Dysfunctional States of America. With its tentacles all wrapped about its empire, the DSA has projected an uncertainty on the world stage to rival all history. Be afraid and try to enjoy today.


The fact that Trump is allowed to stumble around like the diseased, mad animal that he is, playing not with with matches, but with dynamite, demonstrates what little leadership there is in Washington. Opportunistic Republicans are using him to ram though their hateful agenda, while the Democrats put any impeachment proceedings on hold to make sure voters in 2018 have someone to vote against, leaving the rest of us and the world to clean up the mess - assuming we survive.


Ever since its 1996 debut, faux news’ mission has always included the inciting and provoking of violence and war.

The GOP has been faux’s primary Washington DC enabler and Trump is simply taking over the reigns at a time when the audience has been brainwashed to the extent that steady raw meat tossed from Trump that includes provoking war (from local civil war to global nuclear war) is all they need to keep them loyal. “Mad animals”, being lead by the maddest animal of all who deserves to be portrayed with foam flowing from his mouth.


What is truly sad is there are still people, like this writer, who think/wonder if Trump will keep his word about something he said while campaigning.
The answer is NO.
Trump has always been a lying con artist, and always will be.


Yes the imperialist empire that is amerika is the greatest threat to the World!
Yet the deluded masses just bump along. All part of the collapse of the empire!