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The Presidential Election: 'A 200-Pound Sack of Concrete' vs. 'The Orange Menace'

I am SO glad that I live in the least-swingiest of swing states – Cafirloonia – where my refusal to hold my nose and
vote for the SLIGHTLY lesser of two GREAT evils will not hinder the removal of the Orange Pustule.


Meanwhile, just to make it three in a row starting in 2012, I’m going to write in “Bernie and 'Beth” one last time.


I’ve known this since the 1960s…how about we all wake up?


If you are talking about doing the hard, long-term work to build a an alternative to D and R, then I am all for it. That is how the republicans managed to virtually take over this country – they worked for it over many decades (remember Richard Viguerie?). I think the far-right were smart-they took over one of the two major brands and so had the advantage of not having to sell a different brand (even though the contents are unrecognizable compared to traditional republicanism). It may be viable to build a coalition outside the d’s and r’s, or, “subvert and conquer” the d brand. But, given that neither party represents more than 25% of the electorate, third party may be the way to go. If Biden can defeat Trump, complacency is NOT a strategy that will get us back to FDR. In any case, that fight may be entirely futile if Trump has another four years to complete the destruction of our institutions. To save what’s left of this country Trump must be removed.


That is a lie, a rationalization that is at odds with reality and a way to justify national suicide with the utter destruction of our courts and administrative agencies at the hands of Trump and his enablers. There’s no denying that the d’s are just as much a minority party, and represent many of the same abysmal interests as the r’s. They are, but not uniformly, “lying, profiteering, gas-lighting, war-pig motherfuckers”, but they will keep a status quo, not rush at at warp speed back to the 1800’s and a total lack of regulation over anything. Trump is erasing 150 years of hard-won of progressive protections in labor, environment, civil rights, name it, across the board. The parties are NOT equivalent in many vitally important ways. Biden is NOT the answer to anything except to stop the regressive tidal wave that will ultimately destroy ALL governmental protections for the little guy, up to and including Social Security and Medicare. I get your anger. I share your anger. But declaring false equivalencies takes us all down a nihilistic path from which, given the destruction Trump wreaks, there may be no return.


It’s so brave of you to do what everyone else does year after year. Such courage.

Bernie said it. He said he was pushing for revolution.
Then he was too polite to point out the neoliberal pandering over Biden’s career during the primaries.

So who gives a damn about what a polite revolutionary has to say at this point?
Revolutions are not polite.


I haven’t voted for one of the duopoly’s pResidential candidates since 1980, you twit.

I dearly fear that the most potent “pushing” will be out from under the “big tent”, of those precious few unwilling to be co-opted by that “sack of concrete”

(Although another substance comes more immediately to mind).


I both love and hate this article. Of course Solomon and Hightower are right about our need to get rid of Trump. If we don’t want civil war between fans of saving civilization and Trump’s armed yahoos, ditching the Orange Fascist is an ABSOLUTE necessity.

But about the other part, successfully pressuring Biden to do the right thing, neither Solomon nor Hightower (despite good intentions) seems terribly serious. They seem attached to the same popgun progressive strategies–and rhetoric–that have failed constantly over decades. I think, like Chris Hedges, that we must organize revolt against our whole rotten system, starting with denouncing the election itself in no uncertain–and even vulgar–terms.

I’ve just written an article called “Shithole Election 2020: Choosing the Lesser Tyranny,” where I deeply explore my thoughts on making Solomon’s “Reject and Elect Biiden” a reality. Common Dreams won’t let me link, but it’s currently published on OpEdNews, Reader Supported News, and Medium.


“Hey, Norm! There’s nothing in the sandwich!”

The form looks fine, itemization suggests talking points of some sort, but nothing.

Biden does have an actual record in politics. Norman Solomon even mentions it here, if only to say that he won’t discuss it. But neither he nor apparently anyone wanting people to vote for Biden wants to go into detail. Come on. who’s kidding whom?

I do like the “sack of concrete” metaphor. I have an idea what material Solomon would have considered before arriving at concrete, but this is probably better by way of being more individuated. It does convey something of Biden’s empathic nature. I have myself long thought of Biden in terms of comedian Jeff Dunham’s dummy Walter. But metaphors wear thin, finally. The man is not inert, just unhelpful.

He has not been inactive, though age and arterial blockage might render him so. He has been active for decades. That is the political record that Solomon apparently regards as inconvenient to his intentions here. In fact, we have no guarantee or even strong suggestion that he will lay like a lump, and we are clearly looking for one.

Don’t believe it. This is not a matter of competence, and Biden does not have to be clever. Power delegates, he has been an inner-beltway player for decades, and there will be people happy to run things anonymously. If they can fill him with oxygen or whatever and prop him up for the odd oddly surreal PR spot, that will likely be better than expected.

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Yet you sure are eager to criticize others anyway, aren’t you, dumbass?

While I agree we have no hope but to launch a political revolution under Biden (Trump and his gun-toting personality-cult base are FAR too dangerous), I agree that Bernie is too polite and is no model for how WE leftists should speak. Bernie has to walk on eggs because of his delicate position, but WE should angrily be telling taboo truths. For example, paraphrasing Trump, we should be calling this a “shithole election,” where our only choices are fascism and extortion. (Democrats are using Trump’s dangerous fascist-leaning craziness as electoral extortion and offering us NOTHING.) We should be angrily denouncing the election even as we vote in it to stop Trump.

This is just the beginning of how we must sacrifice politeness for brutal truth. I have many more thoughts in an article “Shithole Election 2020: Choosing the Lesser Tyranny” available on OpEdNews, Reader Supported News, and Medium. (Common Dreams won’t let me link to it.)

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That’s your view as a noseholder, not mine. I’ve voted my conscience since 2008.

If you’re in a swing state and not voting for Biden, you’re helping make the fascist choice a reality. And how is staving off fascism NOT voting one’s conscience? People who don’t think realistically as adults when voting have no right to play holier-than-thou.


The Democrats already made the fascist choice a reality in 2016.
Or did you forget that part?
And now they’re running Hillary 2.0 – did you forget that part?

Or is it only the voters fault and never your party’s fault?
Is noseholding the choice you’ll back in perpetuity?


The only modification you need to do is put a ~ immediately before the first h in the link. Other characters may work but that’s the one most of us use.

It seems to me you’re simply denying the complicity of voters in swing states who KNOW their vote for a third party helps elect Trump. Of course Dems are guilty as hell; I take that as a given. But, knowing the facts, voters who consciously help elect Trump certainly bear their own share of responsibility. Collective guilt is NOT an either/or phenomenon.

You said the exact same thing I was thinking. I still remember Obama saying to progressives “make me do it”. Yeah, I also remember how he wouldn’t budge an inch when people tried.


Collective guilt? I don’t feel any guilt in the least.

My vote for a third party does not help Trump any more than it helps Biden, or vice versa.
That’s mathematical reality.

And again, I’ll ask:

And one more question: Should all parties other than R and D be outlawed?

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If you live in a swing state, voting for a third party obviously takes a vote away from Biden that could have helped him beat Trump. THAT is the mathematical reality.

Whether you feel guilt is irrelevant. All I’m talking about is making yourself part of the causal chain that helps elect Trump. Dems play a bigger, guiltier role, but swing-state voters who vote third party are clearly part of that causal chain.

I don’t know what I’d do in perpetuity; if all Repugs were as crazy and evil as Trump, I probably would–under our CRAZY electoral system–vote Dem all the time. What I’m trying to do–and urge everyone to do–is to launch a mass movement that makes national ranked-choice voting one of its major demands. That way, NONE of us face this insane lesser-evil question (and Democrat extortion) in perpetuity.