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The Presidential Election: 'A 200-Pound Sack of Concrete' vs. 'The Orange Menace'

The same way you’ll have a large and dedicated enough population to do this.

I gave you the only GD solution left, STOP the flow of money to the oligarchs, that’s it, there’s nothing left. The system is rigged, it’s been rigged since the first electronic voting machine was rolled out, or perhaps you didn’t notice. We have two republican parties, maybe you didn’t notice that either. Now the people have been rolled again, 8 years wasted believing in a Sanders candidacy, that could have been spent building a viable third party. Lay your Trump guilt trip on someone else, I’m not having it, I’ve despised the SOB since the 1980’s.
So 24 years huh, where’s your viable third party, where’s the result of all this “heavy lifting” you’ve been doing? You’re a bullshit artist who wants to come here and blame others for your failings. You want to sling your snide remarks at someone, find someone else, I’m done with your condescending ass.


Oh, I see, it’s the old “we’ll convince them that in order to win, they’ll have to listen to us or else they won’t be able to garner the vote” strategy.

No shit? That’s pretty bold. Out in future land.

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Hey man, a bucket of piss is not easy to carry. It probably sloshes all around, permeates one’s clothes, and the stale stench would surely have a way of dampening all hope.
So don’t be so hard on Ernestine. The dust that we all bit down south, will end up in Ernestine’s mouth. He only does what he has to do. And now he’s getting old.

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the Democrats have repeatedly shown that they do not support the needs of the majority -kowtowing to the same corporate criminals as the Republicans–serious question—did not Obama do the same thing the Democrats did with the Covid relief bill–that being abandoning the public while voting to transfer massive wealth to the already ultra rich corporations–was Obama pressured into programs that relieved the financial inequity–NO–exactly the opposite(over 5 million people made homeless-kicked out of their homes–as is happening now)–so I have little hope that Biden and the Democrats will be pressured to do anything other than the continued support of the corporations paying them for their mendacity-continued descent into the 6th Great Extinction–continued war and increasing military budgets-increased police misconduct–increased poverty and homelessness–just like under Obama–I submit that until the Democrats understand that they have to actually do something to aide the American people we will continue to be sacrificed on the alter of corporate profits–and our continued support of them only sets the stage for the next round of hurt that will be imposed on Americans for the profits of the corporations buying the politicians

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I often agree with this writer as I find him to be logical and filled with common sense, but he has missed the mark this time. Biden has history, decades of it, and none of it is progressive or socialist. He is a Centrist Conservative with Right leanings and always has been. He is a Hawk when it comes to FP and never saw a country he didn’t want to go to war with. He will not b e moved Left. Harris is a cop lover, also a Hawk on FP, has never been a progressive or socialist. She is also a Centrist Conservative leaning Right. She will not be turned either if she became POTUS. The consensus seems to be Biden will not live out 4 years, will resign and turn the reins over to her. She will never be elected POTUS as we are fed-up with their kind. She would be H. Clinton in disguise as being Black. BS. I want DT gone, in prison along with dozens of other enablers, but this Biden/Harris duo will be doing none of us, or this country, any favors.


That is exactly the crux of the entire problem – that same ‘cabal of elites’ pulled Obama’s puppet strings, now they pull Trump’s, and I would argue that they have been pulling Slow Joe’s strings for all the years he’s been an elected wh0re.
I have been planning for quite sometime now to draw a line thru both parties chosen wh0res and then write None Of The Above, but with the Nebrasky state supreme court deciding we don’t get to vote on legalizing medical marijuana, if our mail-in ballots don’t arrive we will not be voting. And I do realize that could mean the covidiot gets another 4 years, but where in phuq is the sea-eye-aye when we seriously need them? There’s only so much we peons can do – it’s time for someone to step up and deal with this situation.

A 200 pound sack of concrete would have some value. Biden is not concrete.

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