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The Presidential Race: The West Weighs in


The Presidential Race: The West Weighs in

Robert Borosage

Bernie Sanders is ignored by the media, dismissed by the pundits and the president, but he keeps on rising. Donald Trump continues to outrage, generating well-deserved condemnation in the media, opposition of panicked Republican poobahs and a barrage of negative ads from deep pocket superPACs, but he keeps extending his lead. This campaign is a long way from over.


This election is all about waking up the electorate. BERNIE!


Although Democratic Party primary voters may be able to ignore Bill Clinton’s legacy and citing Obama’s “awful legacy”, Clinton baggage will be better than rocket fuel for Trump’s campaign against her in the general election.

Even the Clinton excuse that he was referring to the GOP Congress was lame when you consider that Bill criticized Obama’s seven years, while the GOP has controlled the House for only 5 years and the Senate for only 1 year. Trump can’t wait to walk all over her after the convention.


If people of color hand the nomination to Hillary, it will be one of the great tragic ironies of U. S. History. The pathetic spectacle of people like John Lewis, et. al., willfully distorting Bernie’s sterling Civil Rights record will go down as one of the great slanders in American political history. In Illinois, the Moonie Afro American Congressman, Danny Davis, said "I would jump off the Willis Tower, which is the tallest building in Chicago, to support Hillary Clinton. Sadly, and so it goes.


You are setting up a racist, “Blame Blacks” frame and it’s dangerous and unfair.

The real villain is the mass media that does not EDUCATE Black citizens on Sanders’ positions (then and now), and doesn’t hold the Clintons’ feet to the fire insofar as exposing their many policies and protocols that INJURED the Black community (and brown persons, worldwide).

The U.S. is really split! And this is intriguing from the perspective of Astrology since this is the END of the Age of Pisces with one fish swimming in an opposing direction to the other.

And the split expresses as a chasm between Yang–all the angry white guys (and their enablers) who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore; but ignorantly see Trump as their hero! And Yin–all those who CARE about a decent society and WANT that society’s riches (in terms of labor, collective intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and assets) to be more fairly shared. Sanders is the sincere embodiment of that sentiment.

It’s classic Mars versus Venus stuff.

Only love can hold together while the hatred will split things apart.

If Trump wins, like a blind giant going about using his club to bludgeon everything in his path, the world will reverberate. Expect BIG earthquakes to follow on all levels.


Seeing how Danny Davis’s support for Clinton is likely to enable a Trump presidency, “jumping off Willis Tower” may prove to be the preferred alternative for Danny and his constituents if Trump moves in to the White House.


I am setting up no such thing. These are the facts on the ground in Illinois. Poor people of all races haven’t the time that some of us do in following the intricacies of politics. My statement is the furthest one can get from being racist, being racist is not calling it like it is regardless of race.


Racism and bigotry have always been a tool of the elite ruling class to prevent unity among the working class.

The elite ruling class wins by causing continuous friction among the working class. As history documents, “Divide and Conquer” works.


There are lots of reasons black people support Bill and Hillary Clinton. Many of them are actually valid from their POV. Whatever the reasons, racism works in insidious ways, and we’re witness to that right now.

Sanders is making inroads into the black community through its youth, which is an incredibly positive sign for the future. Other black leaders of the activist strain are endorsing Sanders as well. It is neither productive nor appropriate that white folks wring their hands over the why. Ours is to find pathways to support black communities in long term, trust-building relationships, and ensure Bernie goes all the way by acting in our own spheres of influence!


Perfect analysis, EnemyofWar, Thanks…


I disagree about the German communists. The Reichtag fire was set by Nazis, who pointed fingers at the communists.