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The President's Attack on Public Broadcasting Puts Him at Odds with the American People


The President's Attack on Public Broadcasting Puts Him at Odds with the American People

Tim Karr

On Thursday, the president proposed eliminating all federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a main revenue source for hundreds of local NPR and PBS stations across the country.

The cuts, part of Trump’s first federal budget proposal to Congress, would zero out the $445 million annual allocation the CPB receives to underwrite popular programming like Democracy Now!, Fresh Air, Frontline and the PBS Kids lineup, and help keep local public television and radio stations on the air.


Trump is making it harder for the poor to be heard. If he wants to get government funding out of public broadcasting he should re-instate the fairness doctrine so we can get balanced news. Oh wait, he does't want balance.


The anti-intellectuals such as Trump and many Republicans in Congress have to threaten to eliminate funding for public broadcasting to prove they are anti-intellectuals. There credibility with the know nothing crowd would take a major hit if they didn't oppose funding public broadcasting.


As a huge fan and ongoing financial supporter of PBS TV and radio, the thought of losing such vital informative and entertaining programming uninterrupted by strident commercials is sickening. I feel fortunate to have THREE PBS TV and radio stations to watch and hear in the area where I live. I have only "basic cable" with one provider (living in rural area) and the decided majority of my viewing time is devoted to those PBS stations. GWB tried the same tactic during his reign and it back-fired. May DJT's tyranny come to a quick and dirty end!

DJT is not a fan of PBS as it does not show porn.

The Koch brothers, fossil fuel industry groups, corporate sponsors and any number of very wealthy patrons contribute to PBS, which makes the move by DJT and his flying monkeys to kill funding absolutely mindnumbingly stupefying.


Trump is not the brightest nor is he the most well read of presidents. Continue to not only call and write congress, but join up with resist and climate action now groups. Also, let congress and the wh know that we are watching- this president has not even acknowledged climate disasters ( like the tornadoes) . Never heard of that. . He once said that he like concrete and nature was his enemy.


Trump is the most Philistine president we've had in my lifetime (born1945), and at least going back a century or more. He seems to have no interest in literature (not a reader and probably dyslexic with no attention paid to the problem). Apparently has no real interest in art, either. Science is certainly not of much interest to him, he'd just as soon go with global warning as a harmless crock. As for world history--it's painful to even think of a recent high school graduate knowing less than he does. THE ART OF THE DEAL? PULEEZE! He's coasted on that despite many times bankrupt, and screwing over others time and time again. He claimed up front that's the thing he's good at. But nothing else? Not even normal human behavior? This man has obviously never had a pet. I've known many people who didn't ever have pets. Some of their kids talked them into it, some didn't, but over many years there's been a White House family bet (Obama did get sucked into it). Trump would obviously never deal with an animal, and any normal animal lover can see that. Does Trump have any interests other than golf: the one sport providing little physical activity?


HIs idea of "communing with nature" is flying (polluting jet aircraft and riding in stretch limousines) to a gated, wealthy-whites-preferred community created by filling in formerly protected environmentally sensitive areas that hosted myriad protected species... with dirt, concrete, and asphalt then planting non-native ornamental vegetation that is chemically fertilized and sprayed with pesticides to keep the flying bugs at bay. He only steps outside his Florida manse to golf on yet another environmentally destructive area or to show his guests his ostentatious grounds of conspicuous consumption. His other residence is a mass of concrete, asphalt, and steel with polluted air. Witless wastrel.


You left out ogling and groping young women at beauty pageants....


I hope those NPR propaganda puppets are shaking in their upscale booties.


Very well put, Seatower. I agree with everything you said in this post.


They're a damn sight better than Murdoch's minions! Or would you prefer Limbaugh and Fox and Friends?


No animal would accept him.


Me too.

If he put these NPR propaganda puppets out of business he'd be doing the country a favor.

These purveyors of misery, meanness, the inconsequential and stupidity are leaders in the race to reduce attention span, depress their audience, and dumb down the USA.

We need an independent, commercial free people's radio supported by taxation of tv sets (or something else) such as the UK has.


A dog would, if he could avoid kicking it. What am I saying? Fergedaboudit.


Your sarcasm edges very close to what too many people actually believe.


Ah but you ignore his dalliance with the sport of golf though I wouldn't be surprised to find him sponsoring a virtual reality golf game. I wonder what his handicap is. The golf one that is. The others are legion and off topic.
Never mind Golf World has a what would seem to be a balanced article on just that.


I agree, I mostly watch PBS and listen to NPR on the radio. Most of the programming is educational, informational, enlightening and enriching. You just don't find this type of programming on commercial TV which is 95% glop. I live in NJ with the basic cable package so I get 4 PBS channels, C-SPAN 1 and 2, a NYC public channel.


A real piece of sh-t.


Do Don and his henchmen care one iota about being "at odds with the American people?"