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'The President's New at This': As Comey Testified, Paul Ryan Jumps To Defend Trump


'The President's New at This': As Comey Testified, Paul Ryan Jumps To Defend Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

As former FBI Director James Comey offered scathing testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) went on the record to defend President Donald Trump and argued that what the director perceived as an attempt to create a "patronage relationship" should instead be viewed as the behavior of a president who just didn't know any better.

"The president's new at this," Ryan said. "He's new to government."


Ryan is SUCH a tool!


This guy is disgusting and needs to be gone from government. I hope his constituents are up to the task. Funny how many people are willing to give him credit for having an intellectual capacity to be admired.


This is the nature of the stupidity of republicans, especially Paul Ryan. Trump and all presidents, will have put into position advisers and staff that must effectively allow the president to operate within guidelines and legalities. By his behavior trump has shown either incapability to properly staff up to or that he understood the constraints placed on him and chose to thug act Comey. This behavior by ryan is indicative of republican's mealymouth actions to cover up trump's apparent cover up and by doing so his traitorous activities.

There are those who don't like what I have to say. I've been blocked at Salon, and other sites, mostly so-called 'liberal' sites, for what I have to say. As I write I am being warned, as those who hate what I say work to censor me. I've donatied to CommonDreams, and hope to do so again in the future. Please, CommonDreams do no allow your moderator to censor what I have to say. Those who moderate are beholden to an outside agency, as I've become aware. These people are dishonest in what they do by censoring me. Thank you for listening.


I find nothing wrong with what you say and it surprises me to hear that you have been censored...must be Republicans making those decisions as they tend to not want to hear the truth, preferring their "alternative facts."


Even as I write this, I am being monitored, I am given warning signs, including as I write this. It is important that this message be out, and I hope CommonDreams will allow me to speak. The following sites have censored me, it is not a complete list: Rawstory, Thinkprogress, Facebook, Truthout ,Salon and others. Truthdig and The Intercept also censored me, but I complained and they listened, and re-instated my ability to comment. They complain about my language, but it is one of my underlying messages they hate: I argue there are no gods. I do so because I am very sensitive to the ongoing imposition of Christian dominionism on Americans. I point out the truth there are no gods in reality, and invite all to discuss. What I get is to be censored. I have a very long history with those who censor me, and I act in accordance with what I have learned. I strongly feel we have an infection in our media, and these acts of censoring are strongly tied to a specific agency.


Another effort to censor puts my comments into a separate thread, so that I am isolated. I continue to believe it's the work of CommonDream's moderators, that they don't have the guts to discuss the real reason they censor me, they are cowards who don't dare uncover their bias.


Trump land suppoters keep mouthing the idiocy: "Trump is doing exactly what the American people elected him to do". The American people did not elect the fool a flaw in our electoral scheme did.. Trump; 62,979,636 popular votes, Clinton 65,844,610 votes and other; 7,8804,213. In a simple run-off most of the 7,000,000 spoiler votes would have broke for Clinton. Trump is one of the worst anomalies of all times and puts an end to the charade of a fair and honest election. Both the "super delegate flaw and the arcane electoral college are clearly meant to circumvent democracy. Those are the schemes and charades that most of our ancestors left Europe to avoid. They are in fact a dictators wet dream.


Meanwhile you've only joined CD two hours ago!

I am afraid that you are either off your meds or need to restrain your paranoia. Doesn't look like anyone censored you over the stuff you wrote. Your stuff is not uncommon either. Please understand that you may need help and calm yourself.


When Trump asked for Comey to be loyal ( January ) he used language in an unusual way.
Comey remarked it was " no language he was familiar with when discussing the law or the Constitution ". Who says this guy doesn't have a gift for understatement.:wink: Or, a sense of humor.


I remember when Republicans said that Obama's inexperience was a huge black mark against him.


This is as crazy as a police commission saying it's alright that a police officer is justified killing 3 people by mistake because he's new on the job.


After many years with CommonDreams where I can affirm donations to CD yours is the response I expect from the moderators, having listened to their lies for so long in so many different locations. Our media is infected by those whose goals are suspect, and they don't like me talking about it. One site I forgot to include another site that censored me, completely banned me for saying 'gods don't exist' was Daily Kos. Again, I believe our media is infected and corrupted, and your response does nothing to dissuade my opinion.


Pssst! Hey Paul baby, he's also new to history, and science. And if there weren't social stigma against it, he'd screw his own daughter. But, keep spraying odor killer on that turd, because, what else can you do?


The smart voters knew he was "new at this" on top of a lot of other unsavory things they knew about him, that's why they didn't vote for him, dumbass lyin' Ryan.


Trumpers don't seem to care if the orange cretin reneged on most of his campaign promises. The only ones they seem to care about are the ridiculous wall, more guns, less gun laws, and the Muslim ban.


If 70 year old Trump doesn't know better, he isn't qualified for the Presidency.

You're Fired!


You are just babbling! If you try, you might remember that this and those other sites are political sites whereas you want to debate (or rant and vent) about religion! Secondly, it seems a disease among some people that they do not respect the beliefs of others. We have freedom of religion in this country which includes atheism. I oppose fundamentalists of any faith from trying to impose their religious beliefs into law or whatever but they are not my belief system even if others put us both in the same labeling system.

However I would rather debate politics when visiting a political site as should you. If you wish to argue religion then there are numerous religious sites and atheism sites to blog to. Many, many progressives are religious and act like it. They oppose war, they want more social services for the poor and free speech etc. you seem to want all progressive sites to be atheistic claiming I suppose that any bit of religion or spirituality means the dominionists are controlling things.

You need to go back on your meds pal.


Perhaps we might imagine what Trump would do with an employee who was continually screwing up and making trouble for him and not even trying to do better. My guess is he would be fired before he could even say "Paul Ryan is a disgrace"


that the best you can do?
you ignore that the freaks have strongly intruded into public life and politics. So stuff that argument, such as it is. This is pure christian supremacist nonsense. As a price to discuss this with me I demand you prove your god, any god, any of the 4100 said to be known. Only then will you have enough credibility to spend my time. There are no gods, don't even try.