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'The President's Obstruction Continues': White House Reportedly Asked Key Witness to Say Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice

'The President's Obstruction Continues': White House Reportedly Asked Key Witness to Say Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice

Jake Johnson, staff writer

At President Donald Trump's request, White House officials reportedly asked Don McGahn—the president's former counsel a key witness in the Mueller report—to say publicly that Trump never obstructed justice.

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Is there such a crime as obstruction squared? To the nth power?


McGahn, is Trump’s "Smocking Gun."

Let’s hope the Democrats empty a couple rounds into the Orange Ogre using it.

And so, the Kabuki continues. The Oligarchy doesn’t care which “party” wins as long as it is one of the two owned and operated by the Oligarchy. What they want to ensure is that no genuine progressives are elected into places of power. People are really pissed at the Republicans, so you may well see Oligarchic support of the Dims, Dumbs Dems. If they gain control, everyone will start claiming victory. A few relatively minor things will be changed (“Democratic Victory! Hooray!”) Then, truly progressive legislation will be scaled back in the interest of “bipartisanship”. Medicare for all will be remanded to several months or years of studies. There will be endless debates as illegal drilling and spills comes from the new authorizations to the Oily ones. New gifts to the MICC by the Repugs will be debated. A small amount will be taken off the top and the Dims will approve it in the name of Nazional Security.
*As it gets close to the end of that first four years of Dim “control,” the machinery will begin run to switching back to the Repugs. Meanwhile, both parties will be doing all they can to discourage any major support of really progressive groups like the Green New Deal, various other progressive groups, conservationists, etc. We’ll be endlessly told that we must pick one of the two sock puppets or we are just throwing our votes away. Enough will probably buy into that and the Oilagarchy’s two sock puppets will go on as always, sucking at the trough of the Oilagarchy, which is making its accustomed profits and all is well with the MICC.
*I hope We the People will finally awaken, but I’ve been beating the bushes since the Bush got chosen by Supremes (5-4 as usual) and it still goes on.
WAKE UP, people and end this Kabuki once and for all!


Equally true, if he were black he would be off to either jail or an early meeting with his maker.

I’m still holding out for an early end to Dolt 45.

Where he’s headed won’t be to meet his maker though.

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We the people of the unite states of America are in a very ugly and dangerous position. Our very own government wants to enslave the whole nation. Yet, most of us stand by with our collective fingers in our ears. There truly is a war for your mind and soul going on. If (WE THE PEOPLE) do not wake up and wake up fast we will have no choice. They are cluttering our mind and life with smoke and mirrors while they take total control of every aspect of our life’s. I say …STAND UP TOGETHER AMERICA!.


Yea, verily Yea!

There we go with those “anonymous sources” from the NYT again. Have you people forgotten what happened the last time they tried that? They ended up issuing an apology.
Asking McGahn to get rid of Mueller isn’t obstruction of justice. The investigation would continue without Mueller except with a replacement that didn’t have the baggage of conflict of interest that Mueller has.