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The Press and Bernie Sanders


The Press and Bernie Sanders

Eric Boehlert

On May 26, Sen. Bernie Sanders hosted his first major campaign rally since announcing his presidential candidacy last month. Staged on the banks of Lake Champlain in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, the Sanders rally reportedly drew more than five thousand people, making it one of the largest campaign events of 2015, hosted by either a Democrat or a Republican.


The Main Stream Media (almost entirely owned by huge corporations) will do nothing accept to sideline Bernie, turn him into a spoiler. They did the same thing to Dennis Kucinich, kept him behind the curtains during the debates and he did finally have a chance to speak he was asked if he believed in UFOs. They will use the twisted and corrupt explanation of the word Socialism. Bernie speaks truth to power which in today’s world is definitely a no-no. In the political realm the status quo likes everything exactly the way it is. The rich are getting richer and those elected by the rich and for the rich are very comfortable, not only financially but with their powerful positions. Not one candidate can match Bernie as he has a platform and they only use negativity in their campaigning.


"If that’s the new baseline, why do long-shot Republican candidates such as Carly Fiorina, former Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Bobby Jindal routinely draw steady campaign coverage? Note that The Washington Post published three features on Perry during a recent seven-month span. And when Cruz announced his candidacy in March, the Times marked the event with a 1,500-word, page-one article that described him as “brilliant.”

while the above observation is a good one, it’s either naïve in asking rhetorically why Mr. Sanders is ignored, or not bothering to look beneath the surface.

The corporately owned and content-controlled mass media is happy to present a freak show–particularly if it’s one that portrays the illusion of choice. What it will not do is grant air time to any SERIOUS challenger to the corporate-state status quo.

When Rand Paul or Ron Paul make noise that sounds patriotic, you can bet your bippy that it never challenges the Big Business controls that are to U.S. governance what the MIC is to the control of citizens of foreign lands.

Bernie Sanders is chipping away at the rationales put into place and kept there–from decades of false framing, all of it expertly PR-team directed.

There is a HUGE disaffected majority out there. People fed up with temp. jobs and no benefits. People fed up with sunken home values and ridiculous mortgages. People fed up with the debacle that passes for health “care.” People fed up with the phenomenal sums hemorrhaged on war and the endless killing fields while precious little is directed towards or devoted to the obviously increasing rigors of climate destabilization.

Bernie COULD tap into that gigantic demographic IF he had media granting him a due voice.

The same lockstep press corps that insisted that Saddam Hussein caused 911, or that Putin is the naked aggressor in Ukraine, or that the economy crashed due to low income home buyers… is NOT going to allow honesty to speak about the real calculus (or state) of this nation starting with all checks and balances depleted in service to corporate titans… NOT The People.

The elites would rather waste $ on foreign wars, maintain investments in the very fuels turning nature into a serious threat, format children’s minds, poison our food, and feature sideshows than to allow a seasoned and savvy politician to Say It Like It Is.

The effect could not be controlled. Better to convince viewers that Bernie is nowhere and can’t get anywhere while ensuring that he gain no microphones.

This is deliberate. It’s how the entire election process ends up controlled from start to finish. Illusions R’ U.S. style.

P.S. Ralph Nader is familiar with how this works.


Accept means one is willing to receive something.

Except represents whatever serves as an exception to a rule, common category or practice.


siouxrose 11: Thank you, I do know the difference and it was my mistake. I appreciate you pointing out my error. I have been reading your comments now for a few years and always agree with you including your latest comment.


“The press corps is unsure how to cover him” ?

The press corps knows exactly how to cover him !

Any message not approved by the 1% who own the press corps will not be conveyed to the US mass market. Bernie’s messages that include verboten acronyms like TPP and TTIP will continue to be treated by the press corps like a railroad car with a bad axle bearing…left on an obscure jerkwater siding until it can be fixed.


I think I am old enough and wise enough to understand a bit of human nature and that agreement all the time with one person or one group can never be 100%. I read the piece from the blackagendareport and couldn’t disagree more. I admire the site and the writers, but this guy’s hatch job on Sanders is one of those times I part company. To demean a person, a man with a track record of integrity, in his eight decade, of carrying water for Hillary is outrageous. The writer of the piece is associated with the Green Party, way to go Greens. I’ll vote for Bernie in the primaries, if he loses, i’ll sit this one out.


I’d agree with you, if Sanders would call out HRC as the rightist warsow that she is. If he’d say that there’s no way that he will support the Republican wing of the Democratic Party: the wing embodied in HRC.

He doesn’t have to run as an Independent; he simply has to direct his supporters to Jill Stein once the Megathatcher garners the nomination. But he won’t. Hence… theater is, sadly, all that this is.


I voted fringe (Stein) last time, and that is the last time.


So is Jill Stein -


You forgot Stein … More than a match for Bernie …


Sorry - which post pointed out your mistake?


The writer is spot on. I’ve observed the media for years, but I am particular about seeing how they handle the facts on the ground, how they either report or try to persuade the viewers, readers, citizens. It is perfectly clear and I have written to the NY Times about it, only to be completely ignored of course, telling them what I think about their complete disregard for Mr. Sanders’ campaign, and my wishes as a citizen, to see them present the facts about the man, and STOP PUSHING Hillary down our throats. The articles written on Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have become a curse upon our intelligence. You apparently are not intended to read and understand what is really going on here with the US media. Across all mainstream media, we are hearing, reading, and seeing just exactly what the leaders of both Parties want us to. NOTHING ELSE! Mr. Obama has held back nothing, implying that Mr. Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both off their rockers. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has done nothing to promote the voice of Bernie Sanders for the public to become more enlightened. This is precisely why I dropped out of the Democratic Party and I told her so. She and the other leaders of the DNC, right along with Mr. Obama and folks like Howard Dean, need to shut up, and pay attention. Bernie Sanders is going to rock this 2016 election and the likes of those who refuse to allow the VOICES of THE PEOPLE to be heard more easily are going to be shocked by how many millions of people come out and vote for Mr. Sanders. WHY? Because we are SICK of the Leadership, their LIES, their ripping us off, their False nature. We are sick of them. Am I fed up? Darn straight! And so are millions of others, just like me.


Bernie has already made it clear himself that he doesn’t want to be a “spoiler” and that he will support the Dem nominee, “as he always has” -

So, if he loses, you won’t vote for a prog candidate that is better on the issues than Bernie …
Another party over principle person?


LOL! “Fringe” - you do realize that that is how Bernie is being described as well …


So why did those millions of others not come our for Stein, or Nader before her? Did you?


OK - so where was this dude when the press was ignoring Nader and Stein? Shucks it only counts one if the duopoly is being ignored, right? Sir, your slip is showing …


I don’t care what Bernie says in the sense of his recommendation if he doesn’t win. I’ve voted fringe for the last time. I’ll go out and enjoy nature with my trusty camera. Have a nice night.


I don’t understand JonnyJames comment recommending a debate. The writer is simply outlining abysmal press coverage of Sanders by the MSM. It can be I misunderstood JJ’s expression of disagreement.

The comment from HisStory is even more perplexing. I didn’t have a clue as to what the “hatch job” means and at whom it is aimed. As far as Clinton is concerned, I truly believe she is a psychopath. I am a registered Democrat, just to enable me to provide some voting feedback to their follies. I’ll vote for Sanders in the Dem primary, and even if he wins I will vote for Jill Stein in the National election.

I live in Europe and consider myself a citizen of the world. I consider the dysfunctional, major world power the USA a blight on humanity and believe it will play the principal roll in the extinction of homo sapiens and most other species on this Earth. It’s all very sad.


So your are perplexed? I misspelled hatchet, my bad. I was talking about the piece JJ referenced, and I said as much. Below is the article JJ referenced. Was it really that difficult to discern what I meant by “hatch.”