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The Previously Unrecognized Costs of Booze, Women, and Movies


The Previously Unrecognized Costs of Booze, Women, and Movies

Ezra Rosser

Thank you Sen. Chuck Grassley for xxplaining why people are not rich.

"Putting aside my qualms about a conservative male politician once again deflecting attention from social problems by blaming women, however much it cost us to buy my wife’s used 2009 Toyota Camry really, we could have gotten by with the 2006 Corolla that I found), I have a hard time blaming her for our inability to accumulate wealth."


Grassley has been in the Senate and therefore out of touch since 1981. We need term limits badly in this country. Let’s remember that George Washington left office (to not become a king) and retired to mind his business. Professional politicians are a blight on society and have become whores turning (legislative) tricks for (campaign) money.


Chuck Grassley is serial liar. His two main concerns are:

  • Staying in the good graces of Iowa racists
  • Making corporate donors even more wealthy


Given the low box office of the last couple of years, I doubt people are blowing all their hard-earned cash on movies. Given the current situation, I could see needing to drink, though.


While I tend to agree with the last line in your essay, and the experience of my parents was much the same, I think you exaggerate. Surely your grandparents MUST have seen a movie from time to time during their lives, unless they had some rigid religious beliefs.


Still, renting of videos is still an extravagance, according to Grassley. And before that, they obviously blew money on a television set.


This was the exact reasoning slave holders presented for supporting slavery “now and forever.” The investor class is the slaveholding class of today and clearly views anyone who works for a living as inferior animals. Both DNC and RNC are investor class institutions.


Actually we do not NEED politicians at all.


Except for fertilizer.


According to the Heritage Foundation (on Fox News), if you have a refrigerator or air conditioner YOU’RE RICH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al5E3KbIfeo


How very hedonistic and frivolous along with indoor plumbing, a land line, and heat in the winter.