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'The Price of Failure Is Just Too Great to Imagine': In DNC Speech, Sanders Urges Popular Front to Defeat Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/price-failure-just-too-great-imagine-dnc-speech-sanders-urges-popular-front-defeat


What is happening at the democratic convention/zoom meeting is what I feared would happen. The closer we get to November, the only message the democrats seem to have for a nation in free fall is “vote for us! I mean, we couldn’t be as bad as the other guys.”
They have thus far imparted no big plans. Introduced no major legislative agenda. They have not given progressives any reason to get excited about the coming election. When the best you can do is march John Kasich out to give his best Rodney King impersonation in his pathetic “why can’t we all just get along” speech, or the contrived pandering of Michele Obama, what does the democratic electorate have to look forward to in a post Trump era? It seems they simply want to stabilize a system and a nation that not only created Donald Trump, but placed him in charge.
Thats right folks, the only solution the democrats offer to save a nation in the throws of a pandemic, racial unrest, and goddamn awful recession that our capitalist system created and exacerbated, is to replace Trump.
Unless we see tangible systemic change our current problems will only linger. And the next tribulation, and there will be a next one, will be even worse.
Oh, and shame on Bernie for giving his blessing to this fucking train wreck.


I hope someone is saving copies of Biden’s campaign ads. He’s saying all the right things, e.g. about using the people’s money for the people’s priorities, so it should be very instructive to save them and then show, in the run-up to 2022 and '24 the difference between Dem rhetoric and Dem reality. Maybe, just maybe, some of the “blue no matter who” zealots would feel embarrassed enough to stfu.


Yep, and we have been told why - ‘Nothing will fundamentally change’.
On CNN this morning they are reporting that Kasich told the ‘fans’ not to worry about Biden going too far to the Left. in other words, other than lip-service, they have to programs or plans to change much of anything

“Nothing Will Fundamentally Change”

This apparently includes the suicidal lack of Leadership we have been experiencing. But don’t worry, Wall Street and the 1% will be fine, so there’s that.


The future of our democracy is burning at the stake. The future of our economy is burning at the stake. The future of our planet is burning at the stake.


Great speech by Bernie! All I could think as I watched this was how he should have been the candidate. He has ideas and plans and is an inspiration. On the other hand I could barely watch Michelle Obama. I like her but enough with that BS comment, “when they go low, we go high.” What in the world is she thinking. We are dealing with sociopaths. Not just Trump but Barr and especially Mitch McConnell, who denied Barack Obama the constitutional right to choose a justice for the Supreme Court and in the midst of a pandemic, with unemployment benefits ending and people on the verge of being evicted, sends the Republicans home for vacation. The are totally amoral creatures that just slithered out if a swamp. How in the world do you go high with scum like this? Why would you even want to? You need play dirty and get down there and push their faces into the mud. Taking the high ground as the world crumbles around us is almost like what Bernie said in his speech about Trump: while Rome burned, Nero fiddled. Trump golfed.


Hope someone talks about beginning the process of nuclear disarmament, directing resources away from the military, and ending brutal interventions into the affairs of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba and all of the other countries struggling to empower workers and indigenous people. So far, haven’t heard much about that. Could it be because Democrats are on the other side?


Your boi, Bernie, wouldn’t get down in the mud, now he’s an also-ran sheepdogger. See how that works?

Biden’s poll numbers are already slipping – and Trump’s attacks are just getting started.


We need another JFK.


If this wasn’t a crisis and Trump were not such a danger I might agree but realistically, Bernie is right. He also continues to push things in a progressive direction and to help elect good, anti-corporate candidates.


You lost me at “I’m giving up.”

Goodbye, unDemocratic party.


So damn predictable; a one-trick pony who really doesn’t have a damn thing to say, only repeat, ad nauseum the tear-down crap in support of your “boi” trump, like any good propagandist troll. The trump troll brigade in action, naysaying all while making light of the trump regime crimes and mental illness; ignoring the massive environmental destruction - not to mention the scotus picks coming - we have heard and read and witnessed the weak crap and craven betrayals of the DP stooges over the decades, but still fought for change - your shtick is transparent and destructive and doesn’t fight for anything.



Doesn’t fight for anything. LOL
That’s the unDemocratic party MO.


I am hearing a mixed message. On the one hand we should be very concerned about Trump because he’s an existential threat to America.

On the other hand the Democrat Party is comfortable enough with Trump that they are running a man, who at his best wasn’t very bright, nor did he do anything but be on the wrong side of every critical issue, while lying about his personal achievements, and plagiarizing the speeches of others, but now is exhibiting symptoms of senile dementia. And they back him up with a woman who polled at the bottom of the Democrat offerings before she dropped out.

So who are we to believe the Democrats words or the Democrats actions? I don’t think 4 more years of Trump is scarier than up to 4 years of Joe and Kamala left in a leadership position.


But we also must remember as November approaches is that, had this pandemic not occurred and dragged the economy down with it, Donald Trump would have cruised rather easily to re election against the hapless Joe Biden. The senate would have remained Republican as well.
The now soulless and ideologically stunted Democratic Party just may come back into power early next year. However, they will do it not on the strength of their convictions. They will back into it merely because the other side fucked up. Sure, a win is a win. But when you don’t earn it you don’t appreciate it.
This election is going to be a shit show. The problem is that, at the end of a shit show, everybody has little on them.


My comment is not good?
Didn’t you see the headline the other day? “Warmest decade on record,” it was. Wildfires on several continents.


While it’s true the DP has not fought for anything really for about 40 years, that’s clear and infuriating, but the 99% must, regardless the labels one puts of them or linking them with corrupt politicians. Its like the stories about militants or other individuals groups linked to this or that - rubbish propaganda - the MO of the trump troll brigade of all Bernie-Bashing, all the time.
And the trump regime? LOL and GFYS


“‘The Price of Failure Is Just Too Great to Imagine’: In DNC Speech, Sanders Urges Popular Front to Defeat Donald Trump”

The price of failure is just to great to imagine:

I urge Sanders to urge the Democratic Party to adopt the binding progressive platform that would galvanize a popular front


Should Biden fail, as Hillary did, to mount a campaign able to win enough states, the failure will be Barry Obama and the DNC’s for trickf#cking the primaries, and appointing a mean-spirited senile old codger with nothing to offer as the candidate. It would be Joes too, but I don’t think he’s competent.

The Democrats haven’t followed through on a promise to voters in decades, they own no automatic support, the entire elected contingent only offers a history of failure to deliver for the People while constantly striving to execute the will of the donor class.

Consider what Barry did to earn the tens of millions he’s banking since he left office. Consider the leadership of Pelosi Schumer, and Richie Neal who had a party for AIG in government offices. We aren’t financial institutions, we owe Democrats nothing. The Democrats don’t even try to fake it anymore, they just try to ram it down our throats.


And he said yesterday in his interview with Cardi B:
“You never have to wonder if I keep my word-----check me out, I’ve never in my life broken my word”

Well . . . we know what his word is and it’s not good.

Re: your comment about the “vote blue no matter what” (VBNMW) people:

I was (socially distanced) with some of these VBNMW what people yesterday.

If I told them I might not be able to bring myself to vote for Biden there would have been a huge fight, perhaps I would have been asked to go home. There are many reasons why I did not get into it with them that I won’t get into here.

For “vote blue no matter what” people to have feelings of embarrassment or remorse after their blind vote for this thing (oligarchic killing machine) would require them to have the desire for the truth and the willingness to think about that truth. They hear the Dem rhetoric but refuse to see the Dem reality even when it is literally killing them (via poor health care, AGW and more).

Many of the VBNMW people I know seem to want to stay solidly in denial. They want to believe they and Dem “leadership” can fix AGW/destroyed ecosystems.
They do not want to see the need for a different system which would include a 3rd party and how destructive the duopoly is.

I get how scary seeing the truth is . . … especially now, at this point in time when global warming tipping points are being crossed.

There really may be no solutions at this point and staying in denial keeps them functioning and it just might keep their 401 k’s/IRA’s intact (most have no clue what evil stocks they have or what evil banks hold their CD’s) until we all can’t breath anymore.