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'The Price of Failure Is Just Too Great to Imagine': In DNC Speech, Sanders Urges Popular Front to Defeat Donald Trump

The “not fighting for anything” isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.


I don’t know that the pandemic is the only reason. Many oppose Trump and his out and out fascism. I agree about the continuation of arrogant, deaf DNC democrats but I think the multiple crises we face and the increased activism along with a growing number or elected progressives will push things to the left. Assuming Trump is defeated, it would buy us some time to work toward a Progressive People’s Party that will allow us to abandon the Dims – but we’re not there yet.


Interesting points. The democrats seem to be holding the bar very low once again, putting in as little effort as possible. This way, if they win, they can claim a mandate without even trying, and should they lose, they can once again play the victim card and blame those unreasonable pie in the sky progressives.
Oh, I think the democrats want to win. They just want to do it as cheaply and easily as possible.
Let’s face it, if the Democratic electorate got to actually choose their candidate Biden would have never been in the conversation. The big money democrats have spoken. They would rather lose with Biden than win with a progressive. And the funny part is that, despite the fact that Joe is clearly the worst candidate for POTUS since Dukakis, he stands a good chance of winning.


This is psychological warfare. This is the neoliberal establishment trying to crush a political revolution. It is humiliation and frustration being thrust onto the most energetic group of youth the unDemocratic party has had the pleasure to suppress in decades. And it is despicable. Surprise, surprise.


I still believe we could change the Democratic Party tomorrow, just like the Tea Party did to the GOP. They walked into the Republican offices in 2009 and told them that, unless they do exactly what they are told, they would abandon the GOP, making it impossible for them to ever win another election.
That’s what we progressives need to do now. Tell Joe Biden and his big money Hampton’s puppet masters, that we will refuse to vote in November. That we are willing to burn the Democratic Party and the nation down to get what we want. We need to be willing to risk four more years of Trump in order to not only change the Democratic Party, but America as well.
Too many of us keep putting off the progressive revolution. Now, without decisive action, it may be too late. Come 2024 we may find our cause rationalized out of existence.


Not the same JFK who engineered the Bay of Pigs, I hope.


Great middle paragraph! Mixed message indeed! I get the feeling that Bernie really does want to beat Trump, but the DNC - not so much… or they wouldn’t have foisted on us such weak alternatives. With all that, Biden/Harris can have my vote if they simply irreversibly promise to bring us M4A in the first year. Hmmmm, just thought of another way - they can have my vote to beat this current worst-POTUS-ever if they promise to conduct another Presidential election within the first year - using ranked choice voting, open to all current candidates, allowing no outside money and with equal media time for each candidate.


I think the CIA engineered that - starting planning in the Ike era. JFK may get the credit for its failure though, by disallowing air support (a blatant act of war even more blatant than hiring,training and delivering mercenaries).


Dr. Jill, and she’s a fine doctor or so I’m told, says to take your medicine while holding your nose and swallowing.


Keep in mind, it was Eisenhower who planned the Bay of Pigs invasion. Unfortunately, JFK didn’t have the sense at the time to tell the CIA no.
That debacle led to Kennedy’s distrust of the CIA and may have been the first fatal step He made towards his assassination.


All this hubbub about Bernie pushing Biden to left is a perfect example of naive optimism at its finest. On paper as the Presidential Nominee of the Democrats I can push anything as far to the left or right as I want. When I get elected and actually do things is when it matters most. Bernie, you cannot be this naive at your age. Biden and Harris won’t do jack to fix this country. A 2.5% tax cut here, some tax incentives there, and viola amazing progressives saving the day folks! Look at how amazing this progressive party is.

Sooner or later we have to face reality. Unfortunately that reality is ugly and is painful to look at, but we created by electing scum like Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama. This is our doing, and we need to face up to the fact that neo-liberalism is feudalism disguised in choice. You get the choice of giving up your autonomy and live to A or B. You don’t have any freedoms in this system. You don’t have any say, you are constantly told to sit down and shut up. So, at what point do we just protest our lives away instead of this charade that is voting?


I am curious what you like about her? And that is not a rhetorical, judgmental question . . . I have such an averse reaction to the Obama’s (literally my stomach gets queasy thinking about them) I want to learn from others what I might be missing.

Can you imagine if she used her power to connect with people in ways that were genuinely helpful? She is smart and according to most people (I disagree) a GREAT speaker/communicator who could mobilize for real change that actually helps people and the environment.

I’m finding it hard to comment on the where of her taped speech from as I don’t want to sound like Breitbart news or all the other right wing wackos!

But I could not in good conscience speak out for all those suffering in the u.s. from a 14.5 million dollar vacation estate with a massive carbon footprint and feel that is acceptable or believable. It screams duplicity, hypocrisy and oligarchy which dems and repubs will not relinquish without force and mass mobilization.



Nothing in life is as simple as it seems. Trump is perhaps the most narcissistic buffoon ever to live in the White House. But he is not an aberration. On the contrary. He is a natural evolution of a political virus reared its head since the beginning of the neoliberal movement of the Democratic party in the 70s. Trump has merely taken that movement to the next level. His strings are being pulled by psychopaths who make Cheney and Rumsfeld look sane. Yes, this is terrifying. And one reason for such terror is that, unlike in the past, the terror is as obvious as the nose on your face.

That is not an entirely bad thing. Strategically, it is better to know your enemies than to be stabbed in the back by your friends. Trump will go down in history not for any accomplishments, but for ruthlessly exposing the corruption that has been increasingly eating away democracy in recent decades. The establishment Democratic Party has been stabbing its base in the back so often that the patient is on its death bed. It is only a maniac holding a chainsaw over the patient that might cause the patient to scream. The value in that is that the patient might pulled out of a coma just enough to realize that the IV he’s been given is cyanide, and to rip the needle out of his arm.

There are a few Democrats who are trying to pull that needle out of the patient. Bernie tried. And look what it got him. AOC is given a whopping 60-sec soundbite at the convention. The establishment Democratic Party continues to be in severe denial of its impending death. If Biden wins, it is HIGHLY likely that he will accomplish so little that the 2024 election will bring to power a president who will make Trump look like FDR.

Biden will twist another ever-bigger knife in the patient’s back. Trump will continue to hack off more and more of the patient’s limbs. Which is worse? It’s complicated. Until and unless Americans realize that, either way, America is being murdered, I would as: Does it matter?


Speaking of one trick ponies, I see you’re here to shill for your party again.
And I see you have the same messaging as forever:

“We’ll try to be everything to everyone and thereby nothing to anyone.”
“Sure, we’re feckless and corrupt – but at least we’re slightly better than Trump.”
“Vote LOTE, cuz you got nothing else, suckas.”


Dr Jill’s doctorate in Educational Leadership doesn’t quite qualify her to prescribe medicine.
But that doesn’t stop her from telling progressives to swallow.


I’ve been wrong on several fronts this election season:

I said Biden would implode, I didn’t see the d-party establishment going all in for him like they did.
I thought Bernie had both more fight in him, and a better handle on getting his demos to the polls.

But I was correct in insisting that without a crisis or a recession, Trump would cruise to re-election.

And I hate to tell the d-party apologentsia around here, but their memories are mighty short – Hillary had a big lead over Trump just like Uncle Joe does, and it started slipping, and slipping, as Trump’s well-timed attacks got more withering. Biden/Harris is a weak-ass ticket. A sure repeat of the Obama/Biden Seinfeld Presidency – an administration “about nothing” except being placeholders. That’s not only how we got Trump, it’s how we’ll get even worse than Trump someday soon.


Ya know your advocacy for the trump regime is what’s old; couple that with your abusive comments to anyone that stands-up to your BS makes me want to give you a lesson in respect. I wait for the day all the people that know the DP for what it is as a corrupt failure and deceiver, also recognize you for what you are; a voice of division only, advocating no issues or alternative positive path.

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Candidate B Obama said he was going to create “3 million green jobs.”

I was ready for mine . . . I was ready for mine . . . I was ready for mine . . . I was ready for mine . . .

I’m still waiting. They rule by confusion.


Damn, I was hoping she would become the surgeon general.


I’m starting to think the best case scenario will be if trump wins and both houses go democratic progressive.

I don’t think 4 years of stalemate could be any worse than a biden/harris ticket - and we’d have 4 years to remove the corporate scum from the party or create a new party that actually represents the people.