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The Price Of Murder: Stop Funding the Israeli Military

The Price Of Murder: Stop Funding the Israeli Military

Huma Yasin

In what many are calling the Passover Massacre, the Israeli military recently sprayed bullets at peaceful Palestinian protestors, killing 19-year-old Abdul Fattah Nabi, as he ran away from Gaza’s fence bordering Israel.

While I can understand why people would want to write such articles, the “US Government must XXXX” type of article misses the entire point.

The US Government is not concerned with Human rights or the cause of Social justice. It will never respond to the genuine desires of the people wishing peace and a better world. The 1 percent makes too much money off the policies of the Government they own. Suggesting what the US Government MUST do is like saying “Jeff bezos MUST use his money to address homelessness , poverty and to provide the poor with an education.”.

It not going to happen. It is not how they tick. The US Government is doing as it was intended to do and that is ensure the 1 percent remain the 1 percent .That 8 men own more of the worlds wealth then 4 billion is a goal the US Government worked towards. They call it “freedom and liberty” .


Israel doesn’t sell a product and cares not what anyone thinks of it. It is all too content to continue to choke the life out of the Palestinians and withstand any objection to said activity. Under AIPAC’s control via a corrupt political process, the Zionist States of America will applaud and run interference at the “United” Nations when needed.



Like it was with apartheid South Africa, the means are BDS.

They too had the full support of the U.S. establishment.

Having witnessed their apartheid ally go down because of BDS is why Zionists fear/fight it so feverishly.

International isolation is an effective tool, which has and can work wonders.


Of 30,000 protester, 773 were shot with live ammunition! That is an amazing 2.5% of those demonstrating being hit by sniper fire. Those Palestinians are incredibly brave and deserve tremendous respect!



While I agree that concrete grassroots efforts like BDS are likely going to be more effective (as they were with apartheid South Africa despite their official US establishment support), I believe the point of her article is that covering for these abuses is actually contrary to establishment long term interests, and that they themselves should act out of a desire for self-preservation.

Exposing AIPAC influence on our elected officials as damaging to our interests (even if done so obliquely) is always a good thing, and if enough people understand that, they can counter it. Bernie Sanders landmark decision to be first major Presidential candidate to forgo kissing AIPAC’s ring and still be able to match/out-raise his opponents is a sign of what can be achieved with organization, information and outreach.

In any event, I definitely agree with the theme of the article: the next blond blue-eyed doe on Faux News (or any US MSM) who asks why “they hate us” should be slapped silly.


In a blatant show of hypocrisy to the whole world, It seems like we will support, to the point of subservience, any action, moral or otherwise, by Israel regardless of the standards we proclaim the world that we stand for.

Why and how are we so corrupted? Cui bono?

Shame on those politicians who attempt to disguise their relentless pandering as something worthy of admiration and support


You are correct. It is called Human Nature, and sadly, aside from certain exceptional human beings, the great arc of humanity since we walked upright has been selfishness, greed, exploitation, violence, and hatred of some “other.” Human history is one long story of it, except for the occasional sparks here and there of justice and kindness and genuine good. Look no further than Trump’s rise to power - and the concurrent exposure and rise of 1/3 of the entire population of America as bigoted, authoritarian, democracy-hating, tribal, selfish, gun-loving filth that would sell democracy down the river for their Orange Mussolini-wanna-be. All that’s disgusting about human beings right there on display in all its naked glory, and simply one small example in one part of the world.


Wow I’m saddened buy the posts on this page. Those of you who have given up, please call Palestine and tell them, sorry there’s nothing we can do.
I demand my tax dollars stop being sent to Israel, to the tune of 20 billion a year, to kill their prisoners.


I haven’t given up. I do what I can - I give to charities I feel will do the most good. I boycott everything made in Israel and the occupied territories. I vote for truly progressive candidates that most represent my ideals. Etc.

But the fact remains that humanity as a whole is not on the “side of the angels” throughout most of its ugly history. One could argue that it is the rich and powerful leaders of nations/tribes/industry that drove the great masses of humanity before them to commit most barbarities, injustices, and evil. Possibly. But in my experience, it doesn’t take much nudging to get most people to go along with something wicked. Crack most any (honest) history book. 1/3 of Americans weren’t forced to worship Trump, and his authoritarianism, environmental destruction, racism, nationalism, xenophobia, hatred, crudeness, rudeness, crassness, support of Israel, and thuggishness - they do so with gleeful, fervent enthusiasm. He IS them. Ditto most other tyrants and despotic regimes throughout history. At a minimum most humans “go along to get along,” shut up, keep their heads and eyes down, and ignore or justify whatever vile travesty is being perpetuated around them.

There are always exceptions. A great many good and honest and truly progressive people visit these forums, and others like them; write letters to their newspapers; call their congresscritters; march in protests, get arrested, speak out, and stand up, and sometimes force change for the better through their perseverance. God bless them all. But the sad truth is that they are a minority - which is why they stand out against the vast milling masses of the rest of humanity. Sorry if that sounds negative - it is just the truth as I see it. Doesn’t mean we should stop trying, or give up. Just pointing out the odds is all.


Yeah…as I read the headline, I thought that I’m so f’n ashamed of this country and am tired because I’ve been ashamed since I was a young kid, a lonnng time ago, as I read what the white man had done to Native Americans. I wonder what truly happens to us if we refuse to pay taxes. Wasn’t that a tactic back in the 60s & 70s?

And now it’s not just shame building up suffocatingly more; it’s outrage and real fear.

Agreed. 100%.

One of the things that shocks me is the narcissism and SOCIOPATHY, real sociopathy, in elected officials. The lack of conscience and compassion that we have today in all elected “leadership” knocks the wind out of me. And I’ve never ever had a lot of respect for those people to begin with.

Shadow speaks louder and louder to me as my hatred (fear) and outrage multiply exponentially every damn day under these monsters.

We can’t even storm any Bastille—their armaments against us are mind-numbingly homicidal—WMD summa cum laude. Give our own lives for our country? Ha! They’d make a canned hunt look civilized.


Israel under Benjamin Natanyahu is worse than Iraq under Sadam Husseirm. We invaded Iraq, but we are sending arms and other aid to Israel. I’d really like to hear an intelligent defense of this policy.

I feel great shame in the knowledge that my country, Australia, is persistently “sucking up” to the U.S.; making Australia a “Target” with its ill-considered support of the U.S., with military bases, all around the Globe, and their frequent deposing of democratic Governments, accompanied with the installation of despotic, unelected, undemocratic “regimes”. However the warning bells should sound very loudly, whenever that Nation, calling itself Israel, has any involvement in World affairs. Israel is totally without legitimacy; it has usurped the lands and lives of the whole Nation of Palestinians, and even blind Harry and his dog can see the literal extermination of Palestinians, proceeding exactly as this Jewish Peoples have been advocating over this past century; plus this so called state of Israel is in breach of every United Nations resolution calling upon them to desist. And if you are one of those that trots out the propaganda subterfuge that this is God’s Will, then, I demand that you explain, and justify, all the evils that God’s “chosen” are perpetrating on the “Lives” of millions of God’s children, the Palestinian’s. Taken in isolation, the Jewish Peoples Israel, is but a tiny inconsequential speck of the World’s populations, they should not be a “guiding” or controlling force determining the fate of other Great Nations of peoples; The Jewish State of Israel was conceived and created through bribery (Winston Churchill’s biographer) and the illegal actions of their own terrorist organisations, using terror, murder and destructive force. The names have changed, but the terror processes are still there for all to see. The Jewish state of Israel will never be allowed to bury all this infamy, they will be known as pariahs for ever. Finally,in respect of China; it is the U.S. spending billions on armaments and destructive mayhem around the World; it is China spending/financing billions of development infrastructures, material, concrete and steel, functioning additions to the World’s economies, not randomly bombing and destroying the towns and cities of whole Nations. Which would you rather support?

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If memory serves, I think it was a loop hole in the code, pretty sure it’s been closed.

Like so many good things we should support or oppose, our system of government is going to ignore our demands. Making demands, writing letters, engaging in marches, doing social media campaigns, calling up members of Congress, even primarying them doesn’t do anything except make us feel better.

It’s like standing at the edge of the Gulf Coast and yelling out at the approaching hurricane, “I demand you stop being a hurricane and instead be a gentle storm!” The thing is, it doesn’t matter if it’s one lone person yelling into the wind or millions along the coast from Brownsville to Fort Myers- the hurricane doesn’t listen and isn’t impacted by those making the demand.

We need a much more radical approach. We need to jettison this corrupt, plutocratic system masquerading as a democracy. This is the difference between a liberal, who wants to make the system a little less unfair to the people and a little more just in foreign affairs, and a radical who wants to replace this system with something else.

I see no point in demanding anything from my representative or Senators, all good establishment Democrats. I did it for years and it had no impact, ever. Millions of us marched against the Iraq War. Millions flooded D.C. with cards, letters, telegrams, and phone calls against the Big Bank bailout. It made no difference.

Demanding is pointless. We need to shut them down. We need to occupy them, not in the mall or the streets, but the very halls of government itself- which of course is illegal and a revolution. I’m still convinced there can be a revolution and it be mainly non-violent.

That may be being naive. But it’s no more naive than thinking we can demand our current system do justice and peace.


There is no justification for what the US has done and is doing, much less an intelligent one. US Hegemony. Period.
HUSA…Hubristic United States of Amerika.

So if we opposed the war tax and withheld that “portion” of our taxes…or all of them…what could the dipsh** Nazis do to us? Especially if we had a big enough mass movement to do it? No way we can stand against what they deployed at Standing Rock, and that was probably peanuts compared to their real arsenal…

I’ve looked…but can’t find this info - can someone help me?

  • Are there any Common Dreams articles about the thousands of missile attacks coming out of Gaza against Israel’s civilians? I can’t find those.

  • Are there any Common Dreams articles about the many tunnels dig into Israel which are meant to allow Hamas terrorists to enter and kill civilians? I can’t find those.

  • Are there any Common Dreams articles about Hamas’ constant calls for the destruction of Israel? I can’t find those.

So, when tens of thousands of people are encouraged to go into the no-go zone, some with tires meant to be lit on fire which the obscures the attacks coming behind them, what would you suggest that Israel do? Let the infiltrators enter? Let the attacks against civilians continue to happen? Let these people make holes in the security fence would cause far more death to the very Pals that you’re suggesting that you care about.

Wow. Ur a reel sweetheart.