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The Primary Contradiction: Corporate Power vs. Progressive Populism

Meanwhile, back at the Mr. Solomon and his article ranch, we the people are still 1/2 a year from the first real indicators of how the 2020 Democratic ( you know, the Party ) Primary contests will shake out and shape up. By any reasonable measures and quantifiable data one thing is clear: this is another " change " election. as far as the rank-and-file are concerned.
So, Joe Biden should be nervous as the frontrunner right now. He’s looking like Jeb Bush without Jeb Bush having a face lift and hair plugs, pretty much.
For the Michelle or Oprah crowd; well, they both understand how much product placement, good will, endorcements and selling books are. To them I say, " Go on, take the money and run (away) ".
Afterall, that Epstein real estate empire will soon be coming up for sale. And you both certainly know some people who know some people.

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My wife and I were wondering the other day about how many more there would be. So jesus, there are 4 more left this year alone. I didn’t think there were going to be that many total.

Warren’s the trojan horse in this. The “progressive” who really isn’t. But it’s about par for the New Democrats that they’d elect a former Republican and call it progress.


In 2008 when the Democrats started with 8 candidates they had 26 primary debates - with the last 6 being just between Obama and Clinton
In 2016 they started with 5 candidates and there were 10 primary debates - with the last five being just between Sanders and Clinton.


“pretty much any Dem will beat him in a blowout.”

So current polls indicate…though it seems every time Biden opens his mouth, he drops in polls.

But, supposing the ‘blowout’ scenario does prove to be true, it gives progressives - and even Sanders-Democrats that voted for Biden in primaries because they wrongly thought he was more electable than Sanders - more freedom to vote third party progressive in a general in non-battleground states (where, whether D’s or R’s are way ahead, 3rd party votes don’t affect the electoral college outcome)…

…with the result that - in the event Biden doesn’t blow it due to personality flaws and Democratic Party hubris - his legitimacy as “the people’s centrist choice” will be undercut.

Not really but I can never pass up a chance to quote a Hank Williams song or…( Steve Goodman, et al ) when an opportunity arises.
At least you didn’t give me the Silent Dr. Jill treatment. BTW, how is she doing these days? I heard she was consulting on John Delaney campaign. Can you verify that?

In 2016, the last thing the DNC wanted was to put Hillary on TV.

Every appearance she made cost her votes.

And from a strategic perspective, she got badly outplayed here in Michigan. Trump’s ads were better, timed perfectly for maximum effect as the voting day approached, and directly aimed at Hillary’s biggest perceived liability in the minds of voters: her honesty or lack thereof. Trump showed up for multiple rallies here – Hillary hung out in Cali, ignoring the alarm bells being sounded by the likes of Debbie Dingell.


Yep - pretty much ignoring the Midwest was one of her many failures as a candidate. Unless they nominate Former Vice President Biden, the Democrats will have a better campaigner this time (not a high bar of course).

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Not if they nominate Biden. If you’ve been keeping up with him at all his mental state is deteriorating at a much more accelerated rate than Trump’s.

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Averaging the last 7 polls (8/26 thru 8/28) it’s Biden 29, Sanders 18, and Warren 17.

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It is extremely difficult for me to Comprehend that Biden is still leading in the Polls.

What the Hell is wrong with my fellow Americans?

Are we no longer aware of his irrational sadistic disgusting Support for the Invasion of Iraq?

The Murder of Millions of Iraqis, Bombing their Homes and turning Millions of Innocent Civilians into Homeless Refugees.

This is the Legacy of Joe Biden who not only Voted for this illegal War but strongly Promoted this disgraceful Carnage.

Have we forgotten his Crime Bill and his War on the Poor throwing Black People in Jail for Drug offenses.

He supported pouring Money into building Prisons and throwing the indigent into Jail rather then pouring money into improving neighborhoods and better Schools.

Have we forgotten that Joe Biden made it impossible to Ever get out of College debt and helped make it illegal to declare exorbitant tuition fees on a Bankruptcy claim.

He sided with Wall Street and Big Banks over WE THE PEOPLE.

Joe Biden was/is a Republican Warmonger and a Wall Street Puppet.

He made sure that Obamacare Did Not include a Public Option so the FOR PROFIT Private Health Insurance Companies could rip us off.

Oh sure he made certain that Everyone would have ACCESS to Health Insurance, but this does not mean it was Affordable.

I have Access to a Rolls Royce or a Mansion, but Access does not equate into being able to afford these things.

Wake Up America, Joe Biden and Hillary left the Middle East in Flames, Syria, Libya, etc., and the Wars are still ongoing.

This man wants to continue his GIFT to the Private Insurance Companies, which are Bankrupting a Half a Million People per Year due to lack of adequate coverage.

We need a President that will represent We The People and not be influenced by Donations/Bribes from Health Care Corporations that are Profit oriented and not really concerned about our HEALTH or affordability.

BERNIE - 2020


Toss the Monmouth outlier and those numbers change. But whatever.

Biden is just Hillary in drag. If the DNC is stupid enough to ram Biden down the voters’ throats like they did Clinton, the result will be the same. Trump will win because voters will hit the couch again and not vote.

Different day; same result.


I’m hoping that with the deterioration that Dump is obviously showing, he’ll be yanked somehow from the 2020 election. Keep pushing his buttons and he’ll collapse into a slimy puddle.
Biden ain’t much better now.

“ . . . in the same situation . . .” — Can any of you verify or refute the report that Biden, speaking to “a group of wealthy donors,” said that if he were elected “nothing would change for you”?

Why ANYONE would vote for anyone making that statement I cannot fathom. If you want no change, why risk Biden? If you do want change, why vote for anyone pledging no change?


It may come as little solace, but I would encourae you to counter your frustration about your fellow Americans.

Some perspectives might well include that polls are but one of many tricks and tools of the system for controlling the public dialogue.

Or that statistical data can be self-reinforcing, as in if one candidate is purported to have a numerical advantage, that could well influence others to identify with, and then subsequently reinforce it.

The simple fact, as is so frequently commented on here and at other sites, is that public opinion is routinely at variance with that being presented by media outlets, in terms of who represents those interestes.

In general I would say the entire campaign/electoral charade is not unlike the government we’ve had for decades now (some will rightly argue we’ve always had), that does not reflect in any meaningful way the will of the people, but only those of special interests.



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Exactly why in my view, Bernie has no chance for the DNC nomination for POTUS in 2020; my $$$$$ are on a Biden/Harris nomination in 2020…but of course, I would love to lose that bet and be proven wrong!

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I think the Dems are overly scared because of 2016, and I’m not saying this is a “given” election. And, like I said above I voted for Stein in 2012 & 2016 ( I live in Ar) but will vote for Sanders OR Warren if she is the nom in Nov 2020. I still even if Trump really melts down and implodes that Ar will turn “blue”, but again ya never know.

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Seems clear that Wall St. prefers Trump to any Democrat. If it must lower itself, it will only accept Biden, and thus do all it can to make that happen.