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The Privileged and Powerful in the Pandemic

To reader and SkepticTank, et al:

It’s alleged that the US govenrment relies for its legitimacy on “the consent of the governed.” Our job, then, is to find ways to withdraw our consent, and to make it clear, borrowing from Mario Savio, that our consent will not be forthcoming until our demands are met.

Take, for example, “shareholder bailouts,” as ST alludes to above, suggesting that possessing money insulates the shareholder class from our righteous anger. If we succeed in establishing means of exchange that are independent of the cash economy, we can neutralize that advantage. If the 1% can’t hire us with money–to tend their kids, or clean their pools, or “kill the other half of the working class,” in the infamous words of Jay Gould, the playing field has been levelled at least.

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