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The Pro-Worker, Pro-Growth Experiment in Greece Is Under Threat


The Pro-Worker, Pro-Growth Experiment in Greece Is Under Threat

Bernie Sanders

While the wealthiest 85 individuals on the planet own more wealth than the bottom half of the world’s population – and when the top 1% will soon own more wealth than the bottom 99% – the people of Greece and the anti-austerity party, Syriza, they elected to lead them are struggling to rebuild their economy so that ordinary people there can live with a shred of dignity and security.


Greece needs more pro-growth policies?? Greece needs a new system that works for everyone, and that’s not growth but sustainability. Listen to what a 98 year old crank says about this:


I was OK with this article until the next to last paragraph:

“A more heavy-handed approach aimed at “teaching the Greeks a lesson” would not only be an economic mistake but, perhaps more importantly, a political mistake. Anything that weakens the Greek economy and undermines democracy could strengthen the Greek neo-Nazi movement and do real harm to economically vulnerable people in Greece.”

A political mistake for whom? The oligarchs who detest democracy and favor fascism with which they have always had a loving and trusted relationship? Or do I have it wrong? Perhaps the banksters were among the fighters against Franco’s fascism in Spain, and didn’t collaborate with the nazis in France before and during WW2. Was it the CEOs who struggled against the nazis and later the fascists in Greece and Mussolini in Italy? When the CIA conspired to overthrow democratic elections in France and Italy after the war, were there howls of outrage from this same class of domocracy-lovers? And of course who can forget the valiant struggle against Hitler and naziism by the likes of Krupp, Farben, Thyssen and others in Germany itself? And let’s not forget the determined defense of democracy right here by the Brown Brothers, Harriman, and Sullivan and Cromwell Wall Street law firms and their clients, those freedom-loving titans Henry Ford, and the families du Pont and Rockefeller. Among many others. Like Prescott Bush.

Of course Neo-nazis are empowered when democracy is defeated! Isn’t that the point of it all? When you’re gouging every last penny from the working class (excuse me: “economically vulnerable people”) and destroying their standard of living, who else to better administer the state and suppress any and all popular resistance than fascists and nazis?

Bernie, face it: class war IS the fundamental fact of human society exactly as Marx said. Whatever name you call them, the Troika, One Percent, power elite, ruling class, oligarchs etc. etc. will do whatever they perceive to be in their class interests. And preserving democracy isn’t. Not in Greece, now. And ultimately not here either.


The world and the planet need a GREEN TRANSITION - Green transit,
shared public transit, libraries, schools, parks not more privatized
Auto Addiction or consumer junk