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The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws: Report Exposes Deeply Rooted Governmental Secrecy—Underscoring Why Obama Should Act Now


The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws: Report Exposes Deeply Rooted Governmental Secrecy—Underscoring Why Obama Should Act Now

Jamie Williams

Kafka wrote in his parable The Problem of Our Laws, “It is an extremely painful thing to be ruled by laws that one does not know.”


Thank you, Jamie.


Why would we expect Obama to do the right thing now?


SAT WHAT? "Underscoring Why Obama Should Act Now"? To even consider Obama might "act" to reign-in the security-state, surveillance laws, enhance freedoms of journalists, or any other thing he betrayed over 8 years is delusion.....he has presided over perhaps the LEAST transparent administration ever after promising the opposite!

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems Obama was complicit (at the very least) to the increase, expansion, further empowerment of the Security-State and its apparatus - including persecuting and prosecuting whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and publishers of info! Habaeus Corpus protections still rescinded......gone like a fart in a windstorm....

Obama's silence on state terrorism/violence at Standing Rock, silence on ending water pollution crisis in Flint, failure to take non-reversible action to fully protect the Arctic from oil drilling/pollution, or appeals to pardon Snowden or Manning, et al, show his contempt for such principled acts - just like the past 8 years!!

Michael Ratner interview


Well, Obama certainly hasn't had sympathy to US citizens during his eight years as President, regarding protecting US citizens' Constitutional rights against mass surveillance.

Obama is being seen as a fucking hero already? In this regard? Are you fucking kidding me?

A hero to the big telecommunications companies whose illegal acts in conspiring with the NSA to do mass surveillance were retroactively made legal by their heroes in the House, Senate, and White House.

A hero to the NSA by chasing down and prosecuting whistleblowers calling out the extent of what was then illegal mass surveillance, which was subsequently codified into law by the Obama Administration working with the corporate owned Congress.

Yes, Obama certainly has hero status at the Big Telcos, the NSA, and indeed the CIA.

He REALLY is a hero to those he protected from prosecution who engaged in the one of the most heinous of crimes against humanity, torture. Torturers in the CIA, and military in general, definitely hold Obama as hero.

Does the whistleblower against torture at the CIA hold Obama as hero? Not so much. Why? Because Obama prosecuted and jailed Kiriakou, the person who blew the whistle on that torture.

Is Obama a hero to secretive Government malfeasance? Well yes indeed he is!

The Obama Administration has prosecuted and jailed more whistleblowers than all other Administrations in US history combined. So far the tally is 751 months of combined prison time, compared to the combined prior total of every other Administration since the American Revolution, which was 24 months.

Yes he is a hero to some, and not to others.

But of course, you have no problem with this right? What kind of person looks the other way in this regard?

I mean, if you can defend Obama on this one, why the hell would you have a problem with Trump on torture?

Do you have a problem with Trump on torture?

I really don't appreciate the comment you made about "watermelon".

I have never made such a racist comment in all my life.

And all of this unassailable power, a lot of it thanks to Obama directly, is left to Trump to use against us.

But for you, no problem with Obama on this.

More BS from Canada. (apologies to actual Canadians)

Dear Reader, now this one trick pony will call me a racist for criticizing Obama.


So you have no problem with the Obama Administrations actions to codify the worst abuses of secretive mass surveillance that will be passed on to Trump?

You indeed are a poser.

Oh yes you libelous jerk. I'm a racist that doesn't know how to be a racist. I mean, I argued for months against the racism of Trump's followers, and I argued FOR the BLM's absolutely correct assessment of racism in policies of the militarized police. (much of that militarization of these racist cops has happened during the Obama Administration).

Yes, Don, it makes just so much sense that I'm a racist who is against racism.

You have ZERO CREDIBILITY on this, AND, actually almost zero credibility on this forum in general.

As to you being banned? Sure, I think you deserve to be banned by repeatedly and intentionally accusing people of being racists when you know that there is no proof, according to comment history.

That is repeated, and intentional attacks on me and others in this community that you know are false accusations. You do know that kind of speech isn't protected, right?

You won't be banned, don't worry.

But I'll make damn sure to call you out on your fucking bullshit. Get used to it.

It is one thing to misunderstand someone and to then with intellectual integrity listen to their defense, and especially if that defense can be backed up by a comment history.

What you do, over and over again, is seriously indicative of the behavior of a sociopath, as you display over and over a decided lack of conscience that allows you to make the most base and false accusations against people, to some end that you imagine benefits you personally.


You have great strength PsyChick, to refute the delusional blather from north of the border (supposedly). The monotone ramblings get old fast. My last attempt didn't even warrant a response, perhaps when black criticism of Obama was delivered it shorted-out the machine - typical of those who are out of their depth and grasp at straws.

I posted a clip of Malcolm on Uncle Toms and referenced Martins "content of character, not color of ones skin" but neither resonated - here is Cornel West on Obama and another - perhaps they will be read....................peace, keep the faith!


What remains to be said following this article is the penalties enacted when people cross the invisible lines drawn. I'm not waiting for Obama, or for Trump. I'm waiting to hear from the media, before we all get shut down.


You really are a wad of ignorant malice, aren't you? - attacking and belittling any here that don't agree with your narrow-minded, obtuse views, using profanity against other CD'ers (not distant politicians & warmongers) - most viewpoints devoid of factual/truthful substance, especially blind defense of "Uncle Tom Obama", the sell-out corporate war-whore, betrayer of progressive issues and environmental failure; a DLC, R'Con collaborator, in (large) part responsible for Trumps dangerous neo-fascist rise to power, his pathology and astonishing ignorance, a threat to all people and our Mother Earth.

It occurs to me that it's you and people like you, who are the "closet Trump voters" you accuse others here of being without any basis, a person filled with arrogance and ignorance - like a 12 year-old that knows they know it all; it's a wonder you write anything accurate or even remotely relevant, an example is Standing Rock - but most often the display is aggressive contempt for the views of others - the perfect little troll provocateur, with a cute "brand" slogan as vapid and idiotic as most of your blathering. Don't be afraid to change...........


My discussions with international figures in the US and Canada tell me that they "have the same system." My travel in Asia and to the United States' neighbors indicates that national surveillance is an international phenomenon, surprisingly uniform in methodology.

There, now , CD, did I say it ok this time?