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The Problem of Sexual Harassment is Much Bigger Than Hollywood's Vile 'Casting Couch' Culture?


The Problem of Sexual Harassment is Much Bigger Than Hollywood's Vile 'Casting Couch' Culture?

The Times Editorial Board

When will we stop tolerating sexual harassment?

Women — even if they too are smart and accomplished — often feel humiliated or too scared to speak out.


Assault and rape of women will not stop unless and until the law is changed.

The changes needed reverse the onus of proof, that is the women’s story is true unless the male can prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is not.

Automatic fifteen years jail on conviction, with additional 5 year blocks for injuries or intimidation.

Group assault, life, that is term of their natural life.

Juries will not convict? Run the trial before a judge.


Ugly sexual behavior has long existed, particularly in places like Hollywood, as is admitted in the article:

Of course, Hollywood has long been known for its “casting couch” culture, even back in the early days of the movie business.

I would have to say that the sexual abuse of minors in Hollywood, depicted in An Open Secret, is far worse than what I’m seeing here. So, why now? What’s the political purpose of this case being trumpeted right now?


But the problem of sexual harassment goes well beyond Hollywood. Today, even though America has supposedly had its consciousness raised — and even though school officials and human resource administrators are routinely required to teach people what sexual harassment entails and how wrong it is — this behavior persists… &etc.

Yes, right as the liberal, pseudo-left orthodoxy is being challenged.

We live in the midst of a sexual hysteria, which is particularly pronounced on university campuses. For anyone who wants to look into it, I’ll just link to my previous post on Title IX, mentioned in Reich’s article.