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The Problem With Health Care Is 'The System'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/28/problem-health-care-system

The infection of neo-liberal economic policies in the medical industry aren’t content with screwing Americans after taking control of big Pharma and insurance industries, they want to export a predatory system abroad. The vampires are feasting on the corpses of the subsumed. And all that’s left are the rotting cadavers of those once living in a scene similar to one in 'The Walking Dead". We, in effect, have be murdered by the “system”. Our healthcare costs the most in the world because the corrupt govt lackeys have been bribed by corporate interest’s to do their wicked bidding. And we are powerless as a people to stop it. Our elections are controlled by the two parties to exclude anyone wanting real systemic, effective, real change. The FBI is active to keep progressives out of political theaters where they might upset the “establishment”. And if one thinks this is a new phenomena, think again. We as youths were fighting these same “establishment” creeps in the 60’s with anti-'Nam and civil rights demonstrations. The FBI was there too fighting for the status quo. We are screwed and have no way to fight it short of an insidious insurr**tion. Not head on, they are far too powerful. It has to be from within and requires strong organization and careful planning. Demonstrations do nothing except look good on TV, they are ignored by the powerful. Keep at it. Peace

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Another great piece by Jim Hightower, every word true. How can anyone maintain a straight face, while defending our rotten-to-the-core healthcare system?


About 15 years ago the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences, whose mission is to advise the Congress on science matters, stated that the healthcare system in the United States is unsustainable in the 21st Century. What makes it so is the large number of uninsured. When the un- or underinsured become ill, they delay seeking care until it is unbearable. Eventually, if they do not die, they end up in and expensive emergency room. These, in turn, shift the cost of uncompensated care to the health insurance companies, who shift it to the insured in the form of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles. As these rise, more individuals and companies are priced out of the system, sending more people to the emergency room, etc. Our system is such that we will not have a publicly funded system nationally until we have it in a state or two. About twenty states are working on it. See, for instance, SPANOhio.org.

Woe to those who believe in a “leader” who denies reality. They will sink us further into the abyss of a world run by greed and fear.

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The title is right, the article is wrong.

It is not our health care system that is the cause of having our health care system.

It is our political system and the fact that it is controlled by the big money interests that makes our health care system possible.

And while Hightower may not realize it articles like this are part of the system.

These articles keep people looking in the wrong place for the cause and give them an opportunity to vent in the comments, but provide no information on the real cause and/or what to do about it.

The main obstacle to solving health care and just about every other problem is big money controlling our political system. So the first step to achieving a solution to our health care system and other problems is to get the big money out of our political process.

But the question is how.

The problem caused by big money controlling our political system is that when the big money legislators pass legislation it is designed to benefit the big money interests and not ordinary citizens. So legislation (including Constitutional amendments) cannot solve the problem because the big money interests have no interest in getting the money out of our political system.

In order to pass legislation to get the big money out of politics you have to first replace the big money legislators with small donor legislators. The problem has to be solved before legislation to solve the problem can be passed.

While most may not realize it, all that candidates that are proposing future legislation to get the big money out of politics are doing is playing into the hands of the big money interests and allows the candidates to not have to take any action now and provides citizens with the same opportunity to not take any action now.

The question is what action can citizens take now to force candidates to take action now.

Citizens can register now at www.onedemand.org that for congressional and senate races in 2020 they will only vote for small donor candidates. The can make the same commitment separately for president.

This commitment will include casting a write in vote in the primaries and general election if there are no small contribution candidates on the ballot which combined with registering at the website will create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.

Citizens can also commit to contributions to small donor candidates. Just 10% of presidential election cycle voters investing 100 dollars in these contributions would total over 1 billion dollars. The contributions will be made DIRECTLY to the small donor candidates and not through One Demand so the participants have control of who they support.

Citizens making these commitments will inspire candidates to run as small donor candidates to get some of the 1 billion dollars in contributions.

I wrote to Hightower about this idea. He (actually his assistant) replied saying Hightower thought it was a good idea.

Yet for some reason he has chosen not to share this possible solution with readers of his articles or listeners to his radio show.

Ralph Nader also said the idea should be heard when I called in when he was on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 and said he would have me on his radio hour to discuss it, but has not made good on his statement yet or explained why he won’t or has changed his mind.

I have submitted many articles to CommonDreams (and many other publications) on this idea and none were published despite their claims or covering things that are not being covered by the MSM or other news sources.

Citizens can continue to buy into the legislation lie, vent their frustrations by commenting on articles like this and be in the same situation election after election or they can take action now by registering at the One Demand website and contacting Ralph Nader, Jim Hightower, CommonDreams and anyone else they can think of that could get this idea into the public discourse and ask them why they have not done so and when they will.

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Yes big money, or any money in our political system is a huge problem, but our healthcare system has big problems besides politics and money also. If you don’t realize this, you haven’t used the system in quite a while.

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I never said our health care system doesn’t have problems besides politics and money.

I said that big money in politics is the main obstacle preventing solutions to other problems with the health care system so the other problems with the health care system can’t be solved until the problem with money in politics is solved.

If you don’t realize this you either haven’t been paying attention, did not understand my comment or think that the other problems with health care can be solved without getting the big money out of our political process.

Good luck with that.

Oh, I’ve been paying attention, I also worked in the system 20+ years ago, it was bad then. Last year had to use the system, now it’s atrocious, and it’s not all about money. I stand by my post.