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'The Progressive Movement Has to Fight Back': New Ad Campaign Targets Biden and Buttigieg in Iowa and South Carolina

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/progressive-movement-has-fight-back-new-ad-campaign-targets-biden-and-buttigieg-iowa


Organize for America will also draw attention to pro-industry groups which have worked in Biden’s and Buttigieg’s favor, attacking Medicare for All.

“The progressive movement has to fight back,” Enough said!


The video clip in this article is outstanding. Broadly speaking, since the sixties, when the Democrats were pro-labor proponents of New Deal economics and Great Society social progressiveness, through the eighties, when the party fully reformed into neoliberal opponents of working people, Joe Biden has led the regression (first seated in the Senate in 1973). If you’re not really rich, he’s really not your candidate.


This is where voting “the lessor of 2 evils” gets people. People voted Biden because they were Democrats and Biden was “Not a republican”. He has always been a Corporate tool. Had they refused to vote for him 30 years ago as a Senator , demanding a true peoples Candidate instead , the USA would not have regressed as it has done and it unlikely Donald Trump would be President.


"digital ads"

Unfortunately, that tells me that the ads won’t be reaching those who are older and less technically savvy.


Wow, that picture would indicate that Mayo Pete looks at Biden as a legacy top, and they’re having a sweet neoliberal-bro love affair.
If Joe comes out of the closet in an attempt to get LGBTQ votes, you heard it here first.


Yes, because the lessor evil is usually:" THE MORE EFFECTIVE EVIL"!


Everyone is connected to people in their own lives, and influence each other with the knowledge and passion we bring. There is always a multiplier effect to social media outreach that goes beyond those directly targeted.


Global and internal U.S. Displacement & Homelessness requires a national policy platform for any national political aspirant. Yet, I can recall no televised debate or news reporting series in the U.S. that asks office holders and past policy makers about this now impossible to hide feature of cities:
See Columbia U. Professor Saskia Sassen’s talks on YouTube since we can no longer paste educational links here on Common Dreams reader comments.

U.S. News and Public Affairs broadcasters do not even have a name for these often working and often underpaid\underemployed\de-professionalized Uberized contracting family breadwinners shut out of Family Homeless Shelters or VA programs. These were recently muddle class U.S. natives with long stable work histories now reduced to living out of cars or couch surfing or migrating from shelter to shelter. How can we expect our national policy-makers and legislators to be armed for today’s post Cold War challenges without being cross-examined on policy proposals?

During the Cold War we had to keep up appearances in our battle for global hearts and minds against not only the Soviet Empire and rising post Mao-ist China (whose Mandarins were lining up as clients at the door of Kissinger Associates). We spent Daddy Warbucks money and built low cost housing. Predatory Capitalism up against the Cult of Personalities masquerading as Socialism needed to keep up appearances. Especially as Nordic nations from Scandinavia to Finland found a 3rd way that mixed the most HUMAN FRIENDLY set of policies to protect social safety nets from the Boom\Bust cycles of unregulated capitalism. Please search and read the WeForum dot org agenda 2018 report on How Finland Resolved Homelessness that the generally conservative Finnish body politic refused to “normalize” or adjust to as the “cost of doing bid-net.”

Our current President’s father got rich on Big Government contracts to build low-cost White People Housing in which government kept ownership of the land and Fred Trump the contractor got to own the buildings he built.
Can someone ask these Democratic Party wannabes what happened to the national concern for Keeping Up Appearances with no homeless Hoovervilles on U.S. cities? Did we not care about the humans who were those Cold War ideological symbols that we were trying to sweep clean from our “prosperous economically miraculous” Free (rather than Fair) Market cities? Can someone ask our Business Journalists why they keep reporting on record LOW UNEMPLOYMENT RATES without adding these jobs filling the census studies are part time and at unsustainable minimum wage?

Who is asking any of the Democratic Party candidates to explain the party’s platform on dealing with burgeoning HOMELESSNESS and INTERNAL DISPLACEMENT? Pull the questions straight from CITY LAB online 'zine if you or your own editors cannot think of focused lines of Public Interest questioning. Also, see the English language Swedish TV documentary named PUSH that sources many of these U.S.-based academics on DISPLACEMENT, HOMELESSNESS and MIGRATORY LABOR TRENDS.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters and Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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photo caption:

Biden declined to embrace Buttigieg, or kiss his head - from behind or frontally - due to “the optics thing” - but agreed to rub noses “like Eskimos do to say ‘I like you and your asslick right wing positions.’”


That’s a really good point. “More effective” also means more insidious and more destructive–the rot from within you don’t see until the structure falls down.


Say It Ain’t So Joe, without lying.

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Revolution is in the air, at least for those who think for themselves … if a corporate clown is nominated by the dims, the stakes are too high to roll over and wait another four years. If not nominated, I hope Sanders runs as a third candidate, an independent, not green because most Americans believe they’re “independent” (NO party affiliation - a nice ring without baggage).


That’s like blaming the iceberg for the Titanic going down.  The real reason Tweetle-Dumb is POTUS*
is because O’Bummer, in cahoots with P’Loser, betrayed us big-time in 2009 by:   a. Letting the War Crim­inals off the hook without even any inquiries, much less any trials, and   b. Bailing out the Big Banks while letting the Banksters off the hook, instead of helping their victims.   While it’s true that Biden is a Korporate Stooge, he’s far too much of a non-entity to take the blame for O’Bummer’s (and P’Loser’s) abject failure.


I disagree with your point entirely. The Clinton Administration was one of the most devastating on record for progressives. The Democrats becoming a Corporate party started years before Obama.


Mayor Dung Beetle can crawl back to McKinsey and Status Quo Joe can just go to the home.



Very true. Slick Willy was the ultimate con man and huckster. His most lasting and destructive “gift” to the nation was the 1996 TCA. The creation of the corporate media.


Obama was elected as a true peoples candidate. That didn’t work so well.
Not voting doesn’t seem to either. Neither does voting for a candidate with zero chance to win. We are f - - - ked.

No argument that the Clintons were extremely bad news, but they weren’t bad enough to scare me
off of voting for O’Bummer in 2008 — mainly in hopes that he’d wind down the war in Iraq and hold accountable at least the worst of those who had lied us into it.   When he didn’t even try, and then
utterly betrayed the middle class with his Bailout of the Banksters, he alienated me forever.  Bad as
he is, there’s no way that you can blame Buy-Done for either of those O’Bummer failures.

My point exactly.  Much as I dislike and distrust Buy-Done, he shouldn’t be blamed for O’Bummer’s weakness and many failures.