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The Propaganda War Against Voting by Mail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/01/propaganda-war-against-voting-mail

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I used the email option, which also required hard copies returned by mail. I needed to be able to print on legal size paper, scan the signed pages, convert the jpg files to PDFs and airmail them to an ambiguous recipient. Very tricky.

I’m sure that republicans felt saddened when they realized that all of the effort put into voter suppression wasn’t enough to to kill democrat’s option of voting.
Republicans are not satisfied with the propaganda catching of dumb voters coddled by Fox and other outlets. They have to kill off even more of the opportunities of voters to vote.
“Forward” Wisconsin.

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You gotta love the blind faith the herd has in the private corps who have been counting the votes since the Hijack America Vote Act was passed in 2004.
Hey man! The fox says the hen house is impenetrable! We’re good to go baby!

Trump is the biggest hypocrite as he votes by mail in Florida (God, it pains me to write that). Do as I say not as I do - King Trump. The military has been voting by mail for decades and no one has ever made any accusations about the vote being fraudulent. Anything to rile up his base. I’m more concerned about his poll watchers who are likely to show up armed. I don’t think I would want to vote in person with that nonsense and intimidation in front of me.

Great podcast at Letters and Politics for October 1, 2020 With Steven Rosenfeld called Voting Controversies: What Could Go Right, What Could Go Wrong