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The Propaganda War With Putin


The Propaganda War With Putin

Renee Parsons

If it had not already been apparent, the net effect of the DNC email hack has been to kick open the door to a deep American antagonism towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In what has become an old fashioned American pile-on, President Barack Obama, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and what seems the entire political establishment as well as the MSM, have united to undermine Putin as if to prime the American public for war with Russia.


"Keep your eyes peeled as the “Putin Info War” concept is sure to catch on."

Like on yesterday's HBO Sports documentary.


By the way , in a recent interview Mr Assange stated that the information he is publishing from the DNC did not come from a hacker , but was the result of a leak.

When Chelsea Manning released that information on Iraq it was not a hack, it was a leak.

Here in Canada the press tries to work the same angle and the public is not buying it. This a concerted worldwide effort to demonize Russia.


Part of this "Russia did it" hysteria is actually intended to deflect the really damaging evidence likely to be forthcoming from Wikileaks on the arms smuggling between ISIS in Libya and ISIS in Syria, with Clinton's knowledge. She denied such knowledge under oath in her testimony to Rand Paul, so she would finally be shown to be guilty of perjury if proven to be a liar. If Obama tries to protect her, either the voters could override him, or the new Congress could even bring immediate impeachment charges against her if she takes office, assuming Obama doesn't pardon her as he leaves office. Therefore, she and her media allies are planting the idea of a Russian plot to make Trump president in advance of the leak, which she will denounce as a "commie" forgery. That's Madam Joe McCarthy ...


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The moving finger writes and having writ moves on, and not all your tears nor all your pleas not all your Freedom of Information requests can cancel the name off the "round up if identified as a potential threat" list nor all your tears wash away the false information included thereon
--The Rubiyat of OMG Come On


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Thanks to Renee Parsons for her work with nuclear power, but this piece is perplexing enough that I am afraid that I am missing the sarcasm.

One effect of the DNC email leak--there is to date no excusable reason to call it a "hack"--has been to reveal gross conspiracy and fraud by the DNC to abort the democratic process and nominate Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, "American antagonism towards Russian President Vladimir Putin" cannot possibly be "the net effect." To say so demeans the fine work and possibly the substantial risk and courage of whoever leaked these.

It is also a severe insult to Democrats to imagine that not one person within the entire organization would have leaked these. I have known very sincere and sincerely populist and leftist Democrats over the years. Some are still with the party.

Beyond that, is there really much "American antagonism towards Russian President Vladimir Putin"? I don't read about it anywhere but in Democratic Party sorts of sources. That includes some broad publications, like the NYT and WaPo, who participated in the DNC fraud. With whom do these organs still have credibility, after their serial lies.

If you will pardon the expression, I think it's trumped up.

I am not angry at Putin. I don't think he's much for democracy, but American rulers are not more so, and they are much more warlike. I am relieved at his parries against American aggression, which might yet save us from more serious confliclt. And I am furious at the DNC for stealing the nomination for Clinton. I am appalled that elected officials within the party have said nothing against this. Tick tock tick tock---no, apparently my senators and governor are not interested. Not too very long ago, I was a lifelong Democrat, the son of lifelong Democrats and the grandson of lifelong Democrats on one side. I may never vote for a Democratic candidate again.

The Putin thing is only spin, presumably to distract from guilt. The large commercial so-called "news" outlets are among the guilty, and therefore doubly unreliable sources.

If Russia did indeed hack the DNC emails instead of this being, say, an invention by the DNC and media sources thereby caught in serious crimes, Russia did not thereby interfere with democratic process, but interfered with the DNC's interference with democratic process, though this is likely largely by coincidence.

When Clapper says that cyber warfare is like what went on during the Cold War, did he mean during the McCarthy era, when the government so ferociously turned on dissenters?

Might he have meant that, like the Cold War, it is an excuse for all manner of imperialist abuses?

Why should I take Clapper seriously when his position is that I must be lied to?

Is the old saw "All's fair in love and war" not a way of saying that very little is fair in love and war? Do people really want to give up being treated fairly?

Don't give up, folks. Just leave the abuser: it is not this bad all over.


'Squirrel!" Look away from the content and become hysterical about the possible hacker. What a transparent ploy.


Actually WASP along with their Jionist bag holders want to create artificial enemies at any costs. Both will be heavily profited from it. Except the young millenial generation, the superannuated lazy intellectually challenged Americans do'nt have any clue about rest of the world. They rely on main stream media news or its other counterparts, the news papers who lie and distrot the news to an extreme length. So the tradition of war making would follow for a long time even the homelessness and joblessness is soaring everyday. Considering the exponenetial decay, the economy is at the asymptotic level. But the relentless lieing is spreading as usual. The city of Worcester, my town is explod ing with homeless folks despite making many shelters by raising the property and other taxes. Compared to others, the state of Massachusetts are slight better in shape financially, but for how long. Look at the midwest and southern states. Soon, Hillary and her neocon follwers will start new wars from which they will earn unlimited profit. So creating more enemies and challenging them by war are the necessary factors for the Wall Street, Pentagon and Presidential elites. The people on Main street would roam around homeless. It's really a pity that a nation is so hurriedly decaying just due to a gang of arrogant, greedy and egotistical morons.


Excellent piece. The anti-Putin propaganda is laying the groundwork for conflict with Russia.

I guess ISIS isn't big enough to handle the ramp up the Military/Industrial complex is expecting when the Goddess of War takes up residence in the White House.


We're making enemies faster than we can kill them.


Yah, fighting ISIS just doesn't generate the big ticket weapon systems. The recent DOD budget calls for an increase of about $8 billion for the defense of Europe. That is just the start. Obama has been pushing very hard on NATO countries to meet the objective of having around 2.5% of their GNP for defense. Only like 5 countries meet that number. Increased NATO defense budgets means increased purchases from American military suppliers.


The propaganda war has been around for easily the last two years. In Europe it has reached the most
hysterical levels as Putin was even accused of sending Russian thugs to Euro 2016 soccer matches to start fights which would lead to pro-Brexit votes. These types of accusations were not coming from conspiracy theory types but from government officials. The Poles have accused Russia of orchestrating the Paris terrorist attacks.

I take the recent accusations against Russia/Putin as having achieved total victory in the propaganda war. The propaganda campaign laying the foundation for the acceptance of war with Russia by the American people has followed the same pattern from justifying the invasion of Iraq. The dogs are war are now fully awake.

Create a cartoon demon who is a very threat to the foundations of America. Project onto the cartoon villain world destructive beliefs and made up threats and instant rebirth of Hitler. Another aspect is the total lack of a debate or every opposing view points in the mass media. Pre-Iraq invasion the only voice
in the popular mass media opposing the invasion Phil Donohue was fired. The mass media has become nothing but echo chamber for whatever the administration wants to put forward. The mass media has lost all standards of journalism repeating without proof any accusation against Putin no matter how irrational or without proof. The Nation magazine warned that the debates around Russia are becoming a repeat of the same sorts of attacks during the McCarthy era.

Let's remember, something like 70% of the American people supported Bush's invasion of Iraq. Mass propaganda does in fact work.