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The Prosecution of Julian Assange Calls for the Public’s Defense of Free Speech

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/20/prosecution-julian-assange-calls-publics-defense-free-speech

Few things are more revealing of the hypocrisy of so many that claim to value human rights and free speech then the Assange case.

When Wikileaks was producing evidence of the lies around the war waged on Iraq many members of the Democratic party in the USA lauded these revelations. When Wikileaks published information regarding the DNC and how they were rigging the primaries to ensure Clinton beat Sanders , Wikileaks was suddenly a corrupt and criminal organization according to these same people.


The United States of the Duopoly will never free Julian Assange, as their shared intimidation of the People and the press prevents them from acknowledging their crimes.

The American People continue to give this Duopoly their power.

This absolute power has absolutely corrupted these parties.



The plan has changed from extraditing Assange for trial to having him die from torture and neglect in prison.


The news headlines about the awful crimes of President Trump with his quid pro quo with the president of the Ukraine that the chattering classes and the politicos are going on and on about leave me cold. Those are nothing compared to the war crime that Trump committed his first week in office, when he authorized a SEAL team attack on a village in Yemen, a country with which we were not at war, where SEALs murdered civilians.

It seemed clear to me that the war faction made sure to dip Trump’s feet in blood as soon as he entered office, so he could not turn around and investigate President Obama, and President Bush, for war crimes. They’d all end up hanging from the same tree.

It’s people like Julian Assange who keep the criminals running the world from getting away with everything. It is a great indictment of the justice systems of three countries, and an indication of how corrupted they have become, that he has been treated as he has.


Free Assange. That’s the only moral choice. Then imprison everybody involved in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the last 50 years in the Internation Criminal Court at the Hague.

Be a HUGE line waiting to be hung by the neck until dead. Dig up Reagan and have him swinging, too. Henry Kissinger is still alive…oh my I think we’d have to put them all on an island somwhere. There ain’t a single prison big enough to hold that many people!

disclosure: I am related to Henry Kissinger through my dad who was adopted in 1931 by a Kissinger. Hang the murderer!


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Assange rots in prison because his journalism was effective.

He rots in prison because the government that exists does not have the consent of the governed, only a tacit and foggy approximate obedience.