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The Proselytizers and the Privatizers


The Proselytizers and the Privatizers

Katherine Stewart

How religious sectarian school voucher extremists made useful idiots of the charter movement  

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos


The American Taliban’s own Madrassas.


Betsy DeVos and her dominionist “christian” theocrats are a Clear and Present Danger to what little is left of “our” Democracy!!   DeRail DeVos — Before it’s too late!!


It gets a little more radical at Christian camp. It borders on child abuse in my opinion.


Wow, that is one of the most informative articles I’ve ever read! A long story, but well told.

That lady should NOT be in the federal government.


This is education and religion as white washed mafia manufacturing, financing pyramid scheme - with the taxpayer milked every step of the way.

There is an interesting, nebulous, floating gray area that appears to be consciously fostered thanks to very tight controls in the fielding of ALEC bills. If nothing else this political model is the pinnacle of opportunistic feudalism masquerading as governance. ‘Failure’ is its reason for being, but proving incapable of breaking from a hyper-colonizing rut.

There is a generational blindness like that of the morphings within the financial / hedge fund -make-something-from - nothing TIMING of wham-bam-thank-you-maam. It demands subservience and “loyalty” coerced under recitation of - and here is the fun part, taken from the financial model - ‘derivatives’ cherry picked from education, religion and economics that spirals into self-referential gobblety gook feeding a feudal structure backed by …tada!!! its ultimate wing - not of an angel, despite Eric Prince’s attempt to glomm onto such through re-branding each time he so dependably screws up in his mercenary fairy tale death dealing.

There is no science here. There is no learning, query, questioning and exploring of literature, no breadth of vision. It is doomed to failure because it is everything that must be left behind and ACTUALLY LEARNED FROM!


Religious education [noun] def: see oxymoron


No, it is not! It is ironic how "the Founders are always brought into this conversation in order to bestow a faux legitimacy to this march of theocracy. Many Americans do not even know or understand that the words of the “Founders” sprang directly from Enlightenment thought, one of the primary targets of these people.


The extreme right is CLEARLY ascendant politically and culturally. The Corporate State can package almost any propaganda to this ascendant demographic who will lap it up without question.

Trump with this right wing Congress from hell are perfectly positioned to expedite the carnage.

Oh yes, I forgot. Trump is anti-establishment, and the Deep State hates him.



NO, It Is NOT!!!   As I said several weeks ago –

“Men’s Rights” are a cornerstone of the perverted version of funny-dementalist “christianity” that DeVos & Co. want to impose on all of us when their Dominionist Theocracy replaces our Constitution.*  She has been brain­washed with this bullshit all her life, just as she wants to brainwash all of our children by destroying public edu­cation and turning our kids over to her church-affiliated charter schools.  As Wereflea pointed out a couple of days months ago, DeVos version of “christianity” is the diametric opposite of the philosophy of Jesus – a return to the Old Testament values of Patriarchy, strict rules & harsh judgement in place of brotherly love and forgiveness.  IMHO, it’s a corp­orate wet-dream of survival of the fittest and anything goes – or Ayn Rand on steroids.

* IIRC, the RePooplicans control almost thirty state legislatures and/or governorships.  Just a few more, and they’ll be able to convene a Constitutional Convention – for which there aren’t any rules – so a “Christian” Theocracy in place of our pseudo-Democracy is a real possibility!  And if it happens, you can forget the First Amendment – that’s for sure . . .

I said it the first day:  Betsy DeVos must be stopped!  Why is the country so damn inattentive to what this woman is?  She’s already pushed millions back into a poverty script with her instant dismantling of the student loan repayment program that took DECADES to get and yank control from the predators.

And now this. What will it take for this country to realize DeVos is potentially as threatening as any Cabinet member Trump chose.

She’s every bit as dangerous as Pruitt, maybe more so. What will become of our children – the future of our nation – if our public schools are destroyed and replaced with right-wing “religious” brainwashing that Global Warming is God’s Will and punishment for our “sins” (along with a lot of other crap)?


Profits for Prophets . . .   Stolen from YOUR taxes, at the expense of Rational Thought

Using OUR tax dollars to support this CRAP is so blatantly in violation of the First Amendment that its perpe-traitors should be in prison – but don’t expect “our” funny-dementalist Attorney General or “our” 5/4 right wing “Supreme” Court to do anything about it . . .     SAD!!

Like I said, “DeRail DeVos” — before it’s too late!


Well and truly spoken, Fester!


But . . .  But . . .  We don’t have rational rules or objective law, we have a perversion of justice where the Fat Cats have purchased our law-making bodies lock, stock & barrel, and the result is IR-rational rules and NON-objective laws which allow the haves – who can afford fancy lawyers – to stretch those already perverse laws
to favor their already-wealthy clients to the great detriment of the average citizen.  Religion, which is based on Fraud and resorts to Force when its lies are exposed, was rightly constrained by our First Amendment. DeVos and her fellow funny-dementalists are determined to remove those constraints and allow Religion to wreak its perverse and irrational havoc upon us all.

If we really had rational rules and objective laws which treated all men as equal before the law, Tweetle-Dumb would have been imprisoned for fraud decades ago, and – as a felon – prevented from even running for, much less holding, public office.  Ditto DeVos and her AmWay pyramid-scheme ancestors.