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The Prospects for Peace Talks in Afghanistan


The Prospects for Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Fatemeh Aman

Since the announcement by Afghanistan’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, in Moscow in February that the Taliban is willing to engage in direct negotiations with Kabul, there have been conflicting reports of the progress of the talks. These would be the first direct talks between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. In February, the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, also announced his country’s offer to facilitate the talks.


From Ms. Aman’s article:

“Even if a peace agreement with the Taliban is reached, the situation in Afghanistan is likely to remain volatile for some time. In this light, it is encouraging that the United States has decided to keep a relatively large military force in Afghanistan until the end of 2016.”

While it’s helpful to have someone familiar with the region explain the various alliances and antipathies, the quote above is chilling. One can summon the many reports from the likes of altruistic Kathy Kelly to get a better sense of WHY the U.S. MIC footprint is anything BUT consistent with peace or stability for so many people residing in Afghanistan (or Pakistan). Note that there is no mention of the abounding drone warfare…


Peace talks?

I say drop neo-cons on them until they scream for mercy!

The Taliban that is. The neo-cons can scream all they want on the way down. They started this mess.

Once we’ve run out of neo-cons, then we should start negotiations - if the Taliban haven’t already surrendered.