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The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools


The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools

Diane Ravitch

Robert Natelson, a retired constitutional law professor who is allied with the ultra-conservative Heartland Institute, writes in The Hill that the Supreme Court may well strike down the state prohibitions on funding religious schools (known as “baby Blaine amendments”) because of their origins in anti-Catholic bias.


Betsy DeVos and her baby brother Erik Prince know that religious instruction is needed to ensure a good supply of crusaders. Think of it as supply-side economics.


And look where all that “religious instruction” took these two: one is an international crook calling himself a mercenary who has moved to Dubai for “questionable” reasons; the other is a bigoted, biased blonde bimbo religious zealot without ONE experience either professional or personal that would qualify her for secretary of education let alone that of a secretary in a car wash. Imagine, the secretary of education HAS NEVER ATTENDED A PUBLIC SCHOOL overseeing PUBLIC education in our nation. Just as sickening as a billionaire who is on the board of the Bank of Cyprus known for its “money laundering” is the secretary of commerce; a known slavish corporatist attorney that fought the EPA at every turn as head of the EPA; a former Goldman Sachs executive is secretary of the treasury and you know the rest.


Hey good one. If parents want their kids to attend religious schools- then they can pay for them. No tax payer should ever fund this nonsense.


And the president is the biggest con job of them all- even sued by the department of justice and lost!


Witty comment there WiseOwl :smile:


I agree. Can it get much worse???


There is no limit to how much worse it can get.


“The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools”

Gorsuch agrees… true, it wasn’t a religious school and the SCOTUS disagreed but it’s pretty close.


When public money (taxes) goes to pay for religious schools, then, it is the duty of every Constitution-loving person to stop paying Fed and State income taxes. Then, demand that those schools (and churches who support them) begin paying all taxes… income, property, investment, etc. etc. Hell, if churches had to pay their fair share, along with the wealthy, the end of all financial woes this country faces would come to a screeching halt.


That this is even up for debate, flies in the face of Logic.


Church Pressures, on Abortion Laws alone, should be reason enough for them to finally start paying Taxes.

(Telling how so few expend that kind of energy against War.)


Amen to that! :wink:


Great comments. Another example of " under god " ( remove this immediately ) getting in a strange bed with a cheesy politician. And under the covers of super-patriotism, predatory capitalism, militarism and the high moral ground, they create a political monster like a Ted Cruz or a John Danforth. Even Hillary went to the Prayer Breakfasts while she voted for the Iraq War 2.0+, killing hundreds of thousands and damn near bankrupting the country.
Enough with the U.S.'s unhealthy love of the " god, guns and guts " mentality; indoctrinated in way to many children at way too young of an age.


Damned Straight!!


Surely, you don’t mean that gelatinous embodiment of orgiastic self-indulgence that is President Donald Trump, do you? (best description of the Orang that I heard… borrowed it from another article on this site)