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The Public Won't Be Served at Obama's State Dinner for Trudeau



Reading too quickly, I at first thought that the beginning list would be on the agenda, and was happily surprised.

Read it again and realized that now it looks like Canada has Obama-light for a leader. Too bad. He could have been a real light for the world, but has chosen to throw his lot in with corporate rule.

Guess he might be better than the alternative, Canada?


Note how "NAFTA on steroids" (TIPP and TPP) is being yet again (falsely) framed as beneficial to Labor and the Environment:

"I know Justin has to agree with what’s happened, but we think that after that process has taken place, Canada, the United States and the other countries that are here can establish the high-standards agreement that protects labour, protects the environment, protects the kind of high value-added goods and services that we both excel in."

I hope Sanders gets in before this crap gets codified into law.


Had Bernie not entered the race we would be witnessing a repeat of 2012 when no Democrat or Republican in the presidential race ever mentioned TPP despite the issue being widely discussed during concurrent 2012 elections in Japan. Although Trump is on record opposing TPP, he may not have highlighted it if Bernie had not waved the anti-TPP flag early on.

Obama and his Congressional rubber stamps are planning to finalize TPP, TTIP and TISA after the November election and before the January 20 inauguration. Lets hope that Bernie (and perhaps Trump) amps up the anti-TPP siren for the rest of the primary and derails that plan.


I agree.

Just as I view Bush as EVIL for being part of an apparatus that willingly unleashed War of Aggression that's now bludgeoned 6 nations... and counting; I view Obama as EVIL for pushing this homage to the corporate masters just when life, itself, hangs in the balance.

The way these treaties are structured, civil liberties, human rights, environmental activism, and any capacity for public citizens to attain justice will be rendered null and void.

It's like consigning the planet's citizens to a literal ecological HELL just so that the corporate masters can what, have another yacht each?

Their hatred of human life and animal life is off the charts.

BTW: Yesterday I was listening to Catherine Austin Fitts (I am not a fan of hers) on Greg Hunter and she made the argument that 8 trillion dollars have disappeared; and she believes much of it went into what the "Project Camelot" interview subjects term "A Secret Space Program."

It seems that not only are certain elites building underground tunnel bunkers to survive a WW III and/or a major catastrophic set of climate events, some are planning on settling on other planets.

There is so much info on this subject from such a diverse body of sources. As is true of much on the Internet, it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff... the manufactured lies from what's really true.

I'll see if I can find the link:


"The public won't be served..."

In the famous closing line from the classic Damon Knight short story, adapted by Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man":

"It's a cookbook!"

The public will indeed be "served" at the state dinner...


The actual discussion items delineated in the article are less than token when you consider that irrespective of what Obama and/or Trudeau decide, the corporate tribunals enabled by TPP, TTIP and TISA will have the ability to sue the enforcers, effectively nullifying them.

Ever since his election last October, US media has concentrated on his celebrity to distract us from the fact that Trudeau is an Obama rubber stamp.


Agreed. I keep hoping that someone, somewhere will have the power to throw sand in the gears of this monster. If only hardworking folks knew that HRC is actually a Yuuuuuge support of TPP and all of its cousins.


When Bernie forced her to take a stand , Hillary qualified her remarks by noting that TPP didn't turn out to be the gold standard agreement she had worked on. On January 21, an inconsequential tweak in one sentence in one of the 30 chapters will miraculously push TPP over the gold standard threshold, meriting Clinton's signature as one of her first acts as president.


Who needs NAFTA when you have the TPP? I can here future presidents, with more make believe sincerity, promise how TPP will be reviewed and possibly amended.


Seeing how Canadians will be negatively impacted by TPP more than Murkins will, the morsels cooked rare on the platter represent Murkins, the morsels cooked medium represent Canadians, and the well done morsels represent denizens of third world nations who will (as usual) be screwed even worse.


Great idea. When can we expect them to leave?


Perhaps I should not have told readers to boycott Amazon, seeing how Jeff Bezos' personal space craft business may be the best means of evacuating them. Send Amazon more dough so Jeff can get these people off of planet earth ASAP.


Ambassador David MacNaughton sez: “We are working hard (on an exit/entry system that will track the movement of everyone who leaves the US or Canada with the information available to authorities in both countries) ... "

Well, isn't that comforting. Do we get a free magnetic transponder for the underside of our vehicle when we cross to visit family?


Only until you receive your implant.


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