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The "Pure Madness" of Our Vigilante President

The "Pure Madness" of Our Vigilante President

Michael Winship
Trying to write about the current resident of the White House and his odious pals is like being trapped in a warehouse, condemned to assemble endless Ikea products without instructions or that little hexagon key doohickey. The work never ends, you have no idea what goes where, illogic reigns and there always are extra parts left over. A screw loose, for example…

He is a dangerous fool. Arming teachers? What is a crazed shooter or even a deranged student started shooting the teachers. These people ( the NRA) live in a bubble. They should have their own island ( no animals) where they can use their fake paramilitary sociopath skills and shoot up each other!


Never underestimate the power of notions of twisted biblical “prophesy” about Armageddon. Some apparently feel it their duty to ‘bring it on’. The subduction by Roman emperor Constantine distorting any coherence of the original Christian way of being is manifesting in the ginning of violent chaos in lieu of any sense of life. Stunning that these practitioners of ‘end times’ are so blind to something so simple as the actual practice of the behaviours established in the10 commandments of their own claim to fame. The ‘claim to fame’ being much, much more important than the meaning of the10 - and what it means to be ‘unrepentant’…

Could it be strategic – first he takes a position and the inevitable barricades go up, then he chops and changes to lessen the original impact and garner those crucial good emotional vibrations – because he “understands” and is a proper president after all. But then he doubles down on his original position and makes off with that emotional approval. Like a “three card trick” his feints muddle the issue. Without having read the “Art of the Deal” this cheap flim-flam man sees us all as suckers.

Trump may be unstable and erratic in most ways but he is consistent about one thing: fear. He founded his campaign on fear of Mexican immigrants, moving on to fear of Muslims and any other marginalized non-white group you can name. Fear of North Korea. Fear of dangerous liberals coming to take your guns away. Fear of women who “can’t take a joke.” Fear of non-white people taking your job. Fear of big black football players. His answer to fear is always the same: white men with guns, whether cops,soldiers or now teachers. His followers find him consistent because he is.


Good point, but let’s face it: Historically, fear has been a wonderful motivator regardless of where on the political spectrum it’s coming from.

Fear of communism drove the Cold War regardless of which political party was in power. After the Cold War, there was a scramble for a new enemy or enemies around which to mobilize the population; drugs and “narco-terrorism” partially filled the bill until 9/11–then “Islamo-terrorism” filled it more fully.

And just as Trump has proved quite adept at mobilizing his base with the array of fears you articulate, the fear of Trump and his base provides the complementary motivation.

Your observation that Trump’s followers find him legitimately consistent is spot-on and underscores a fundamental problem you and I might face, and that is from his base’s point of view, he is doing exactly what they elected him to do; as a result, Trump plays to his base and everyone else be damned.