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The Push to Relax COVID-19 Protections Exposes Age-Old Racial Wounds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/10/push-relax-covid-19-protections-exposes-age-old-racial-wounds


The role of the media can not be understated here. For literally decades they would report on the death of some white person of privilege and or the Child of the same endlessly as if it the greatest tragedy ever suffered by any person out there and how all people should empathize and pray for the family and victim.

For every one of these people of privilege dying to 20 and 30 or more poor people dying of the same causes and those deaths never reported on. They are not tragedies. Poor people are supposed to die in such a manner.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same…

When the flu epidemic of 1918 came to Chicago, black people were blamed, and that blame came directly from John Dill Robertson, the city’s commissioner of public health. It wasn’t just white medical officials who engaged in this sort of blame. Robertson had a tremendous influence on the way the Chicago Tribune covered migration, and there, the prejudice was plain. Even before the pandemic reached Chicago, the Tribune ’s coverage of migration was alarmist.



Calling things by their names, USA proudly vaunts genocidal domestic policy on the world stage. Perpetrated against the workers in those Iowa meat-packing plants, in maquiladoras sustaining countless USAmerican supply chains, and right here in Fremont, where we have a South African auditioning for Orangeman Jr in mad tweets about his Tesla plant. Big hurry to build those super-green electric machines, it seems. With Branson as the runner-up, Evil (smells like) Musk has my vote for the title of Orangeman Jr as well as unconscionable green-growth predatory fraud. A complete disgrace to the human genome.

I hate that bastard Musk for putting the screws to my community right now, generating truly lethal shit right in my backyard, I got off track. (Sometimes I take it too personally, when people are trying to kill me.) I wanted to say something about those confined workers.

Our workers, our brothers and sisters, are being ordered aboard another Middle Passage – where the captains neither know nor much care how many die, so long as the cogs of triangle trade keep turning.

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(Sometimes I take it too personally, when people are trying to kill me.) I wanted to say something about those confined workers.

While awfully strongly worded, Aleph, as Derrick Jackson’s educational commentary tells us, these “confined workers,” for sure here in Iowa, by far are Latinx, blacks, and Asian Americans. When you add the Muslim workers at the Tysons in Waterloo, and the Latinx around the state, you have the two groups Trump has vilified for the past 5 years.

It’s hard dealing constructively and effectively with age-old racial wounds, but it would be helpful if we had some leadership that was constructive and effective. Perhaps in some future time?


Like what you have to say generally, and about " confined workers " getting the shixxy end of the stick in Iowa. However, in 1981 the Great Midwest Recession had descended upon the old unions in Iowa, and the union memberships which supported those quaint mid-sized towns in Iowa, were crushed like so much cornmeal. It was hard to watch, so hundreds of thousands of good people just left. Who really needed the second kick from that mule, anyway?
As to the actions of yet another Republican governor from your state, showing her and the Iowa business community’s true orientation regarding people of color, it will always be " some future time ".
Leopards, zebras and Iowa Republicans can never change their patterns. In point of fact, most of them don’t even want to.

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Very true, Ann. Iowa Governor chose Congressman Steve King as her campaign director in her last election, and she won.That says enough about her and Iowa Republicans right there.

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“Meanwhile, some states are moving to aggressively reopen malls, retail stores, restaurants, gyms, bowling alleys, parks, and hair parlors and even ordering people to go back to work.”

None of these businesses will see me darken their doorsteps. I’m especially not going to sit down at a restaurant - do neither carry out or delivery as well and go to church, family or other social gatherings. I’ve cancelled my hotel and airline stays for the rest of the year. What money I do have will be spent on bills and food. I am also boycotting all meat producers and their affiliate companies. I already don’t buy beef, pork, or farmed fish. Chicken is now added to the list. My money will be used to stimulate my bills only and not the economy at large - malls, movies, restaurants, large or small gathering events.