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The Quality of Black Lives Matters Too


The Quality of Black Lives Matters Too

Regina Mahone

#BlackSpring is here: the uprisings happening in cities nationwide as part of a collective fight for racial justice in all areas of Black lives.


“We tried to talk it over, but the words got in the way…” (I forget if these lyrics come from Gloria Estefan or George Benson).

Words have become tricky. What really is FAR from the way Mother Nature intended it now sits on grocery store food aisles boasting advertising labels like: Pure, Natural, Healthy, etc.

I have difficulty with this statement in the same way that I challenge anyone who places a warmonger like Hillary Clinton or a pro-corporatist like Obama into either a “left” or “Progressive” frame:

“Whether unions which represent police officers, correctional guards and other law enforcement officers are the same kind of workers’ organizations as other unions, which can potentially be used to further the interests of the working class as a whole, has been vigorously contested by many progressives and leftists over the years.”

If anyone contests unions, they’re likely not Progressive or Left of center.

When language becomes as infiltrated as a captured corporate media, words can be divested of their value–as the collateral of intellectual exchange–when a taint is too often put to them.

For instance, since the whole point of Feminism is to establish the VALUE of women within a society that HONORS EQUAL input, agency, and participation… women who identify with the MIC or predatory systems of economics or things like “porn being liberating to women” are undermining the true nature of Feminism.

I find the trend dangerous and distressing; yet 90% of what’s promoted these days as service, product, political policy, candidate, etc. is completely deception-based. Discerning the GENUINE from this pool of fraud is as difficult as taking the toxic taint out of formerly pure ground water systems… thanks to Big Coal, Big Nuke, Big Oil, Big Agri., Big Pharma, and big Frack.


Buzzwords and slogans are devised to distract the 99% from the root causes of the 1%'s manipulation of just about everything.

Racism is one of the more visible symptoms of income and resource inequality. Racism rises and falls with the prevalence off inequality. The 1% want us to focus on racism so we ignore their systematic expansion of inequality.

The most recent glaring example of distraction is Obama tossing out anti racism and anti-inequality platitudes as he heads off to his next meeting with his corporate paymasters to assure them that TPP and TTIP are in the bag. TTP and TTIP will exacerbate increasing inequality that breeds racism.