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The Question in November: ‘What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be?'


The Question in November: ‘What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be?'

Jesse Jackson

For President Trump, the campaign never ends.

He is on the stump, in full campaign mode now. He is intent on nationalizing this fall’s congressional elections. As Steve Bannon put it, “Donald Trump will be on every ballot.” The choice will be for Trump or against.


We want to be a “Free” country.

“Free”, of Corrupt Politicians, and the Government That Facilitates It.


I like Rev. Jackson, some times but here I think he missed the target. He gives trump the ability of thinking (gambling) and having some sort of rational mind that can plan things towards some sort of future. All I can see is a child throwing a tantrum 24/7.


Serial tantrums are one of the methods Trump uses to distract us from Congress moving us rightward and enriching the Trump family fortune.


The presidential election in 2016 was about what kink of country we want to be. In this election the electoral college doesn’t come into play so at least who gets the most votes will actually be the winner and not the loser. However, gerrymandering will come into play so it is likely that Democrats will not get as many representatives as they deserve based on votes.


Yes, and such a kink of a country have we become!

(per Jackson) “Dismay will spread as Republicans use the deficits the tax cut exploded to justify cuts in basic security programs — Medicare and Medicaid, health care, food stamps, investments in schools, and more.”

Some of those may generate some dismay, and ALL of them should. But a lot of T-Rump’s supporters fail to make those connections, or learn of them only through FacePlant or with a Faux spin, or have become so brainwashed as not to recognize the importance to themselves of those programs (especially Social Security, for which many people have for 25 years believed the ongoing lie that it is broke), or “just don’t care,” hearing what they want to believe and closing their eyes to the realities.


TRUMP MUST BE REMOVED. FORCILBY IF NECESSARY. We are now a sewer after 38 years of the Republican pary and Fiesta Clintonista. A cesspool. A gutter.


I would like to live in one where a “former” FBI informant and controlled opposition plant like Jackson is not mistaken for some kind of civil rights activist.


I only wish he would find out that we are better than that. The problem is that I have no faith that we are.


It would be nice, but money always has ruled. Money is the god for america. The rich are admired. There was only one time when the people won against the rich and they stopped fighting for that. So the rich have been taking everything back.
Maybe when it gets as bad as the late 19th century, the people will decide to once again fight back. They are not anywhere near that point yet.


They can’t gerrymander the senate, but the house is heavily gerrymandered to make sure the house won’t be flipped.


How interesting that you forgot Obama in your condemnation.


For Baptist minister Jackson, some verses of scripture to contemplate:
Isa 3:10-12 Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.
Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.
As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

This country is being fought over by a bunch of childish adults (the establishment) and querulous women (the progressive faction championed by CD). The US is being paid back with interest for its wickedness both at home and abroad and all people of the US can do is point fingers at others and plaintively proclaim, “not my problem” or “not my president”.


Explain your specifics on who you are exactly referring to on this point please.


Reverend Jackson, You are the BEST! Are, We the People, moral human beings that love one another or immoral beasts that condone the lust for power? Silence is violence. Not voting, just because the choices suck, is cutting and running and permits cruelty’s cult of followers to exist without pushback. Letting the DNC run the Dems for one second longer is immoral and must be taken on! We cannot be silent any longer! Homelessness. Poverty. Separating families. Someone has made it possible for these injustices. Cruelties, as such, are acts of violence upon the Poor, the Elderly, the Children, the LGBTQIA, all People of Color - all antithetical to who I am and millions of others. The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival ROCKS! And begins a multi-year presence, face-to-face with those who chose cruelty over Love and Justice!


YES! Right now, we are a “fee” country!


You come across as sanctimounius and pretenious. Fucking leave others
here alone.