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The Question Isn't Whether Trump Obstructed Justice, But Whether Congress Even Cares

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/question-isnt-whether-trump-obstructed-justice-whether-congress-even-cares

Excellent article.

I thought the democrats were well organized in covering the material and how they asked “Questions”. Muller did a great job of re-direction to his report, duh, just read it and yes it is real. It has a future plan on how to deal with this, that not being his decision, he did leave options. Bravo.

You know what?

I’m beginning to finally believe what Trump said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue, and shoot Nancy Pelosi (name added for effect), and get away with it."

This country had gone to the dogs.

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“Has gone to the dogs.” Of War.

By the title, I thought this piece would be about whether Congress cares – how, why, why not, etc. I’m still left wondering why they don’t seem to have the stomach to do their job.

If Speaker Pelosi would bring articles of impeachment as a simple bullet list of Trump’s many objective transgressions, the American people (including hesitant congress persons) would have something specific to either agree with or not. Laid out as brief articles, Trump’s bad acts are impossible to deny. Ms Pelosi needs to lead, not just to follow polls.

Sure, the McConnell Senate wouldn’t convict. But the impeachment alone would be helpful at election time to show to undecided voters that it was not just a “witch hunt.” An impeachment would be an official badge of shame on Trump, such that a fair number of undecided voters would have a hard time checking the box net to his name. Those voters are the ones who will likely decide the election.

As to the notion that the impeachment proceedings must be at their peak shortly before the election so as to be foremost in voters’ minds, well, the proceedings will take a long time. If the House were to start on Monday, it could well not be finished by November 2020. Tell Ms. Pelosi to get the ball rolling.


The Republicans in Congress DO “care”.

Their foremost “care” is that Trump continue to be able to lay golden eggs for the GOP and their corporate owners as well as he has since January 2017. No matter how many people he shoots on 5th Avenue they will never get in his way or bear witness.

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Wehle sez:
“Congress either needs to exercise its oversight prerogative, or voters need to elect a different president in 2020 …”

Pity there’s no option for
c) both of the above

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a nicely written post but it still leaves me thinking its a closed call about starting impeachment and I think reasonable people can well disagree about the best strategy.
What is less in doubt is to secure elections from improper intrusions, both foreign and domestic.

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