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The Racial Divide Between Sanders and Trump


The Racial Divide Between Sanders and Trump

Marjorie Cohn

As I sat in the San Diego sunshine yesterday listening to Bernie Sanders outside of Qualcomm Stadium, I was struck by the stunning contrast between the senator and Donald Trump, particularly on the issue of race.


Sad to see those who voted for Clinton in the primary enabling a Trump presidency.


Must YOU do a "blame the people" when the preponderance of evidence is to the contrary?

  1. Mass media lying about Sanders' incapacity to win from the get-go
  2. Super-delegates deciding WHO will be placed as the Democratic nominee
  3. Voting barred to independents
  4. Trump given enormous free media and Sanders largely rendered invisible
  5. The Black Community tends to get its news from the MSM since private Internet costs almost $1000 a year now (in areas like mine)... so it has less awareness of Sanders' platforms (in contrast with Hillary's deceptive rhetoric).
  6. Disenfranchisement of many who would tend to vote Progressive or Democratic, at the least.
  7. Draconian voter I.D. laws instituted in states to ensure that less Democrats (or possible Progressives) have the right to vote.


Can't you ever even acknowledge the possibility that some people and groups have contributed to the anointment of Hillary and the sabotage of Bernie Sanders SR? The role of entrenched forces against Sanders is well understood, as is the failure of "people"!
It's not ALL the DNC, establishment, media shills and organized opposition, there IS a component of idiots and Kool-Aid drinker fools that lap-up all the lies and manipulation! Like PT Barnum said: "there's a sucker (idiot) born every minute".
Yea, Clinton is a woman! Yea, Clinton has experience! Yea, Clinton works for the people! All BS! But "people" ignore the evidence and her record and we can "blame (some) people" for their ignorance and stupidity!
Refusal to acknowledge some complicity is a form of arrogant denial........
Sorry, just feeling angry at the process.....and people......peace.
Yeah, I know, you won't even bother to reply - that's expected at this point.........


Sanders is saying the right things on race but unfortunately, his failure to do this sooner probably has cost him the election. African Americans have vote overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, which is how she piled up a large lead in pledged delegates in the south that Sanders has been unable to overcome. For whatever reason in the early goings Sanders stuck stubbornly to his message of economic inequality and never added the important message of inequality due to race when facing voters in the south. The result was he lost Deep South states by large margins and wound up not winning even a single southern state. This laser-like focus on economic inequality also was part of the problem that he did so poorly in a number of northeastern states. No, the election was not rigged and some things may have been dumb as Sanders says but in the end Sanders has no one to blame but himself for losing.


Sanders is saying the right things on race but unfortunately, his failure to do this sooner probably has cost him the election.

For whatever reason in the early goings Sanders stuck stubbornly to his
message of economic inequality and never added the important message of
inequality due to race when facing voters in the south.

These are bald-faced lies and you know it. From the very beginning of his campaign, on his website AND in all of his speeches during the campaign Sanders has been the most outspoken candidate on issues of race and equality.

This is easily proven, by the way. But you aren't interested in truth.


That's a very dishonest frame.

There is a VAST difference between citing some groups and condemning ALL citizens/voters/humans/Americans which are the coin of the realm in these threads. And since they represent the #1 meme repeated often (as in daily), and are used to cloud the issues of power, and hide the actual actors and authors of unlawful actions, I believe they are part of a covert operation.

BIG MONEY pays for disinformation campaigns.

Sometimes the emphasis is on damning the reputation of an environmentalist so that the issue that individual represents (with integrity!) will remain varnished... by mere accusation.

Lately, any scientist or medical practitioner who dares to challenge the Zika B.S. or that vaccines are safe or that Monsanto's products are safe is treated as a pariah.

There are very real forces that are adulterating this election. The matter of whether a percentage of voters voting for Trump or Hillary are culpable is immaterial. The election process is THE FRAUD.

Therefore, the attempts to lay blame on citizens is as much a canard (and standard PR practice of disinformation con artists) as are attempts to sully the reputations (and often positions) of those who dare to oppose the hegemonic grip of today's corporate titans. These entities are quite literally POISONING our food, ruining the education system, killing the earth, taking public monies to build bombs rather than feed the poor... THEY are the problem. Not "low information voters" as Wicklund puts it.

Obviously, as a teacher, I realize the value of education and few people breathing couldn't use MORE education in at least some subject arenas.

MANY times I've pointed out that there is a vast difference between the individual using trained arts of deception and access to a very potent mass media and those on the receiving end.

As the late Michael Ratner, humanitarian attorney explained it--you either side with the people being abused or with the executioners.

Those who blame fellow citizens ALL THE TIME are protecting power. Period.

This is NOT a level playing field.

Your argument is tantamount to the nonsensical framing that promotes Israel and Palestine as two equal sides in a debate.

The only other explanation for YOUR tunnel vision is that YOU can only see the world through a bifurcated frame wherein people either ARE responsible or they are not. I see the levels of power, influence, access, resources, intelligence, etc. within a HIGHLY controlled apparatus.


I agree with much of what you write, as I often do, and all about elite power corrupting life on Earth for power, money and profits above all else - all except my claimed "tunnel vision" - and that some writing here "cloud the issues of power, and hide the actual actors and authors of unlawful actions, I believe they are part of a covert operation". Really?
Yes, the system is highly controlling, devious, deceitful and destructive, I just don't think we should divide ourselves or our energies to fight the power - I don't think that is a "bifurcated frame wherein people either are responsible or not" - what does that even mean, and why should I or anyone, even you, make such a seemingly meaningless distinction?
I think that there are some people who just don't care and will still support the forces of corruption and usury, and those people are part of the problem, not innocents, but complicit - when I refer to "people" being complicit to corrupt politics often through ignorance and stupidity, it does not mean every person, only some.
We don't have a fight on the issues we both see as critical to justice and actual survival so why do you insist there is?.....maybe its just semantics when I say some people are part of the problem and you seem to say that all people are victimized and thus entirely innocent.......lets agree that many can dance on the head of a pin......but for loves sake at least admit that some people make decisions for one reason or another to be fools and complicit to political evil..........and that reality helps the powers of evil.


To your point, it might be added that Sanders may have somewhat naively placed too much faith and confidence in senior aide Tad Devine. The decision to select Devine has been one, one of many, that's troubled this writer from the start. Devine had no real confidence at the beginning of the campaign that Sanders had potential to win, the result was a safe, timid campaign. Evidence that this was so is now coming to light, revealing aspects of an interesting pattern.of blunders and near sabotage. Two recent articles worth the perusal:


I am saddened by your disappointment in politics and family - betrayal by people we thought we knew is always a shock. Betrayal by our leaders to serve the 1% and status quo is criminal, as this election has been - corruption the keyword by the DNC, media, & Clinton.
The people we relied on and joined our faith with, have been led by a great leader in Bernie Sanders and I am as angry as you at the corruption and idiots who believe Clinton's deceptions or now give-up.
I joined the climate march in NYC with the hundreds of thousands of others and felt the enormous energy and unity - similar to my feelings for Sanders candidacy and integrity and powerful message of change and justice and equality, and those feeling are emotional.
I for one will not "come home to party unity", will never vote for any lesser evil or corrupt politics and 1% domination of society and direction ever again. I will vote my conscience and for the sea change we fight for, regardless the supposed consequences.
The next phase is to think about taking my body to Philly and how to travel to fight for my candidate and our collective issues.......please keep the faith sister!