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The Racist Underpinnings of the American Way of War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/07/racist-underpinnings-american-way-war


The “Very, Very Bad Hombres” in government and military have derailed Democracy for the People and geared our country towards permanent war.

They are the few, We are the Many.

We must overcome the direction the few are pushing the entire country in and put them in the minority where they belong.

“Our Silence Is Violence Against Us All.”


this article reminded me of reading wikipedia’s article on the american philippines war. the war as described in this article, when america defeated spain and took it’s place as colonizers there. reading it, i was struck by how very similar it sounded to the american invasion of vietnam more than 60 years later. the brutality, the disproportionate casualties and sometimes indiscriminate mass murder of civilians.

america could have used it’s vast wealth to eradicate poverty and war for the whole world after ww2. instead, it has developed a grossly bloated military and repeatedly invaded other nations and supported other foreign wars in support of corrupt right wing dictators. it hasn’t even tried to eliminate poverty or injustice within itself. america has become the world’s true ‘rogue nation’, outlaw nation, rationalizing and legitimizing torture, conjuring up false flag attacks (including 9/11) to justify it’s aggressive warmaking. and now, it has perhaps the most racist president since woodrow wilson, who screened the ultra racist film THE BIRTH OF A NATION in the white house. america is very, very sick. it seems it always has been, and probably always will be.


Everything I know about war and its negative effect on aII of humanity is captured in that one Video “CoIateraI Murder,” Seeing how the photographers and citizens just waking on the street became targets so easiIy. And then when the van with the chiIdren inside drove up to heIp the victims----and the soldiers shot at them too. The worst part was when one of the soldiers declared that they shouldn’t have brought their kids.
Wow, America’s finest. War to them is shooting fish in a barreI Or maybe it’s a video game. Shooting citizens on a street and kids too—is that a war crime—or just usually business in America’s war? Yes. Genera SmedIey Buter was right…“War is a Racket.” and war appears to be America’s most important product! : (


I saw much the same in the first Iraq war. A pilot in Aviator shades was leaning against a Jet Aircraft and boasting how they slaughtered tens of thousands of the Iraqi Military as they were retreating from Kuwait. This qualified as a war crime yet he got a laugh as to how they were running helter skelter in all directions to escape the bombs and how it like “shooting fish in a barrel”

Under UN resolution 660 the Iraqis were directed to pull their forces out of Kuwait. The Iraqis complied with these directions and began to withdraw along Highway 80 (later called the highway of death). The US Military took this as an opportunity to slaughter them.

There was another video presentation to the media during that war where the Pentagon was showing off its latest technology. They showed how they used a PGM to fly down an air duct to take out a bunker deep below ground. The media ooohed and aaahed about how cool it was.

The bunker was filled with women and children who were taking shelter there from the bombs.

What would the US Government and Military call a person with brown skin who blew up a school were women and children taking shelter? We all know the answer to that yet those US Soldiers that blew up women and children were greeted as heroes.


Very good piece, but it is almost certainly not true that the US would never have used nukes against the Germans because they were white. Development of the bomb was initiated in 1942 with Germany, not Japan, in mind. The Allies conducted massive city-bombing against Germany with the conventional bombs that were available at the time, killing tens of thousands; Churchill tried to develop anthrax as an indiscriminate biological weapon against the German population, though this proved impractical; and the US has had thousands of nuclear weapons poised for instant launch against the primarily-white cities of the USSR/Russia for over half a century now, which we have very narrowly refrained from launching on a number of occasions. There can be no question of the willingness of the US (and other nation-states) to annihilate people of any race en masse. The racism of the American way of war is real, as reviewed in the piece, but racism is not its only characteristic. Nationalism authorizes all atrocities against, potentially, all persons. No one is ultimately immune.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
sigh— I totaliy agree. America is one big kiIIing machine and that kind of kiIIing has become so popular that the military now gives its war toys to the police. There’s a bi in Congress to stop that too!

Excellently written - agreed on all points, Mr. Bello