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The Rain on Our Yes-We-Now-Have-a-Vaccine! Parade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/22/rain-our-yes-we-now-have-vaccine-parade


Another example of what the 1% call " The Beauty of Capitalism".


I wonder what world Sam Pizzigati inhabits.
" We [could have] brought the world’s nations all together, funneled resources into multiple beat-corona approaches, and pledged to share — with researchers everywhere — the latest medical breakthroughs in real-time"
I don’t know who the “we” are, but the “we” couldn’t, or “we” would have. In case Mr. Pizzigati hasn’t noticed the world of medical research is totally predicated on a profitable return and is run by people for whom money is always more important then peoples lives. Plutocracy rules and the needs of the wealthiest will always come before the poorest. And most of the worlds governments are bought and paid for by those plutocrats.
I would suggest the Mr. Pizzigati formulate a practical plan to create a world wide organization that will be willing to remove the CEOs of drug companies and their wealthy donors from their positions of power by any means possible. Writing well meaning and ‘wishful thinking’ articles on Common Dreams, or sitting around your dining room table with a group of like minded friends will achieve nothing…just the squeals and grunts of animals.


Sam has a lot wrong.
The German vaccine doses purchased by US federal government requires an ultra low storage and transport temperature. They are at $19.50 per dose and two are needed for each Medical worker, police, fire, ambulance, soldier, sailor and marine. This is the pfizer story.

Moderna has a higher storage temp and we are already set up nation wide to store this vaccine in hospitals, labs, clinics, etc.

The real story is who gave the germans the vaccine recipe? My coffee and donut bet is it is our CIA.

Sam also looks at the trading market price of a stock and transfers this to individuals. Be careful doing this. Are the individuals involved selling shares? Pfizer president only sold 5 million dollars worth at market. Notice this was not a private transfer, sale - but followed the rules in USA.

We will probably suffer 500,000 dead before we can innoculate all of our people. Probably 475,000 of these war victims come as casualties of Trump’s lying. There are governors who share blame also. Including cuomo!!

Here, neighbors have it, even teens. Butcher and a cook have it. Hospital is full up. I am still wondering if first victims last February and March, 43% black and 37% Mexican heritage were targeted by a specific. Hit based on DNA ??

There are plenty of obese white people walking around and the many have heart conditions also.
The next 14 months of USA deaths may disprove my hunch. Based on previous our epidemics during the past 60 years.


I wonder how human chatter must sound to other animals, meaningless noise to their ears? But I know better.

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“I wonder what world…Pizzigati inhabits…I don’t know who the ‘we’ are, but the ‘we’ couldn’t, or ‘we’ would have. In case Mr. Pizzigati hasn’t noticed the world of medical research is totally predicated on a profitable return and is run by people for whom money is always more important then peoples lives. Plutocracy rules and the needs of the wealthiest will always come before the poorest.”

Yes, “plutocracy rules.” But you’re not getting it: Pizzigati is not simply ‘unrealistic,’ or oblivious to social reality - he is being consciously utopian. He’s saying, ‘Another world is possible.’

Same way ‘Defund the police’ is not a ‘realistic’ demand in the white supremacist, capitalist U.S. we are now trapped in, but a maximalist demand - a demand that is not just ‘a starting point for negotiation,’ but that envisions a better world.

This utopian dimension of “the radical will” runs counter to both post-Berlin Wall capitalist triumphalism and left wing despair - "the needs of the wealthiest will always come before the poorest - dressed up as ‘realism.’


Superb contribution, thanks. After decades of bi-partisan Reaganite / Clintonite neoliberal ideology, this moment of multiple crises is our opportunity to be insistently realistic in our vision, in our organizing, and in our demands.


I like the way you think.

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it does have to be this way. because we’re not brave enough to risk our necks to get these maggots’ boots off our necks–for those of us that have said boots on said necks (I realize many of our posters are probably even wearing those boots).

so enjoy the real-time performance of the Lottery.


I’ve often wondered about that. who is wearing the boots?

By the time we get it we won’t need it???—and from what I understand these effective rates are on the high side-----what if it’s just water???

I think that is part of the issue, the duration of immunity is not well established. Not sure if it is as effective if you have had the disease.

Not water, this is how it works.

“Vaccines train the immune system to recognize the disease-causing part of a virus. Vaccines traditionally contain either weakened viruses or purified signature proteins of the virus.”

“But an mRNA vaccine is different, because rather than having the viral protein injected, a person receives genetic material – mRNA – that encodes the viral protein.
When these genetic instructions are injected into the upper arm, the muscle cells translate them to make the viral protein directly in the body.”



the rich get richer–the rest of us die–this is capitalism at it’s finest


So I wonder how many are going to decry flawed science, crooked politics, and conspiracy when vaccine and previous infection, immunity proves (as most early indications suggest), to be partial or temporary, only lasting for 3-9 months, and that’s not even including considerations regarding issues of mutation which seems to be a fundamental characteristic of all corona virii?

Thank you, webwalk.

I don’t know if the utopian is necessarily realistic…but, as suggested, I think it can have its own idealistic agency.

The uprisings of outnumbered American southern slaves never succeeded in overthrowing slavery as the Haitian revolution did…but…

…impossible to practice in the states as it was, the Haitian example - with its vision of a total overthrow of slavery - may have energized and given meaning to and put fighting spirit into every other kind of day-to-day resistance American slaves practiced on the North American mainland - from breaking tools, to poisoning a slave owner to making the choice of escape.

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“we could have made the condition of the funding that all its findings would be fully public and patents would be in the public domain.”
That is basic common sense. Public funding should produce open source/open systems products. And it is so easy to legislate across all industries, not just vaccines.
In Europe certain countries have that established for certain industries. In the US starting with local governments, to state, to federal etc…it is common place to generate proprietary products with public funding in many areas.

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