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The Rapist Is You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/26/rapist-you

With our own Admitted sexual predator in chief

Met with the disgusting Apathy and Impunity of US enabling

The Tragedy continues as they turn and victimize the children

Such is the pathos of our patriarchy and the Great US


And the great sadness is that so many women and children are raped and abused in all nations and among all the many gods and religions. So many religions and social beliefs based on these religious ideas move through societies , and it’s quite hurtful and annoying that women everywhere are seen as second class citizens., or simply as "things. “So, in the Bible a translation reads as, God created them in his own image,” and. " he created THEM. “Hmmm, so god must be a hemaphrodite----to have both male and female sex organs. If a person thinks about sex that way, then there is no distinction between female and male. I like that. Although, this does take on a completely new meaning with the phrase, " Go fuck yourself.” God as a giant earthworm! Another reason to GO GREEN and SAVE the EARTH!!! : )

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The role of the Patriarchy in the way of the Church can not be overstated here. While women as second class Citizens predates the Church the founding of the Roman Catholic church is where it became policy. Back in 400 AD women still played a very large role in society as teachers, instructors and leaders. Hypatia as example was a prominent scholar and scientist who drew large crowds when she spoke. She belonged to the Neo Platonic school and was well versed on the ancient mystery religions. She was dragged off and murdered by early members of the Roman Catholic Church who claimed what she taught was subversive. Shortly after this the Library at Alexandria was burned and the newly formed Roman Catholic Church went on a rampage destroying old books and murdering persons they deemed a threat to the new order. This violence continued for centuries right through to the inquisition where women who had knowledge of herbs and medicines were deemed witches in league with Satan.

When the plaque ravaged Europe many of these women still retained the knowledge of herbs and medicines that could help treat the symptoms of the plague. This was used by the Church as proof they were in league with Satan as the Church concluded that given the Plague sent by god , only prayer and faith could be used to alleviate it. If one succumbed to the plague they lacked faith. If one survived the plague due to science and medicine then one was “cheating god” and thus evil.